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No Matter What, He’s Gonna Love You

1 Corinthians 13:7
Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.

Got sin?  Feel like you fall short?  Perhaps you think you just don’t measure up? Maybe you are riddled with guilt? Or you just are not feeling worthy of any love at all.  You look in the mirror and all you see is brokenness  and despair.  You want to run as far as you can in the opposite direction from God because you feel the emptiness begin to creep in and you have no idea where you are going next.  You want to fix your life and THEN get right with God.  You want to mend all the broken parts of you before you go to the Father and “make things right”.  You want to go back and correct ALL of the dumb mistakes you made so that God will see you as whole and ready to seek Him for your destiny.  Guess who I just described? Yup!  Me.

This is how I felt not long ago.  As I was dealing with a lifeless marriage and going nowhere in my walk with God, I was feeling so lost and not worthy of love in any shape or form.  I felt like I needed to fix all of the mistakes I had made before I could even go before God and ask for forgiveness.  Ten years I walked without acknowledging God was even in my life. Ten long years of doing it on my own, not seeking His wisdom or direction all because I felt  I had made some really dumb choices for my life and until I worked all of these things out, I was stuck and unworthy of His grace.

In the midst of all of my brokenness, God just reached down one day and scooped me into His arms and began to love me back together.  I was unwilling at first as I sat in a hospital room watching my overdosed husband fighting for his life.  In that brief moment, He asked me if I was ready to be loved again.  Surprisingly I did not hesitate.  I had been doing everything on my own for so long, I was ready to give up.  I was ready to surrender. I was ready to be whole again.  How long had God been standing beside me waiting for me to get to this place in my life so that He could show me how much He truly loved me?  From the moment I drifted, He stood closer.  The more I beat myself up, the more He loved me.  Every time I screamed out in agony, He longed to pick me up and hold me close.

Now as I stand on the brink of my entire life changing I am seeking God more than ever and as I do this, He releases me and sets me free.  I have been waiting for my husband for three years, waiting for him to be renewed and find God.  I simple wanted him to be healed from his addictions so that he could love again.  I wanted  him whole so that he could see God in his life.  I wanted so badly for him to cease from being in constant pain and agony.  I wanted him to feel worthy of God’s love so that our marriage could be repaired.  I prayed and I stood in silence, waiting, until  6 weeks ago when God released me to divorce.

I spent two days wrestling with God.  I surrendered my emotions over and over again.  I prayed continuously for direction and answers.  I asked God to show me what was going on and clear as day I heard Him tell me that He had promised me the restoration of my family, not the restoration of my marriage and in that very moment I felt the release from my marriage.  I knew in my heart of hearts I had done my best and now the rest was up to God.

Now as I stand here in surrender.  I am more free than I have ever been. I have found more peace than I have ever dreamed possible.  I feel whole.  I feel worthy.  I feel loved.  I can look in the mirror now and no longer see the past that was holding me back from accepting the love of God in my life.  I now know without a shadow of a doubt that God’s love is unconditional and He is going to love me no matter how far I get of track.  When I find myself in moments of doubt I just pause to reflect on what God rescued me from and I  look forward to what lies ahead knowing He will love through it all.


Dented Can Syndrome

Galatians 6:15
It doesn’t matter whether we have been circumcised or not. What counts is whether we have been transformed into a new creation.

Ever feel like you just keep getting “passed over”?  Like you are damaged goods?  Maybe you think you are so dinged up it is not worth getting off the shelf to do anything.  Perhaps you did not get the latest promotion or invited to the latest party.  Maybe friends left you out of an outing.  When you feel “dented” you feel no self-worth.  You feel dusty and out of the loop because no one is choosing you.  You want so desperately to get down of the shelf and move about to feel useful but the dented thinking is holding you back.  What if you just sat there for days and no one even gave you a second look?  Perhaps they pick you up and speak to you as if you cannot hear them, “My goodness! What happened to this one?” and then putting back on the shelf hoping someone else will take care of it.  This is what happens when life hurts.  When we get dropped and pushed or shoved and stomped on.  When we get “labeled” and it rips and people see who we really are and all of sudden they don’t like us so much anymore.  What they fail to see is that there is still something on the inside.

Whatever it might be, these feelings of inadequacy are just lies of the devil.  I am here to tell you that God thinks you are beautiful, adequate, worthy, whole, complete and undamaged.  To God you are like the rose still on the vine in full bloom because He sees you for who He desires you to become.  It does matter what your label looks like or what your outer looks say about you; what matters is what is on the inside.  If you are carrying Jesus on the inside and you know who you are in Christ then it matters not what the outside world is buying because you are already bought and paid for with the blood of Jesus Christ who died on a cross because He loved you that much!  So start to shake the label off.  Stand up straight and claim your victory today!  Stop sitting on the shelf looking all damaged, get out there and be who God created you to be.

Begin to let people see who you really are and pay no attention to their remarks, only listen to the voice of God. For you see, in the end it will be you and ONLY you face to face with God.  No one will be there to judge you or point out your flaws or label you or even declare that you are damaged goods.  No, God will see you as His son or daughter and based on how YOU reacted and carried His Son with you He will tell you how proud He is of you.  God is the only one who can pass judgement on anyone and yet we just seem to take it all in here on earth and accept it as truth when others judge us.  Yup!  I am sure there are some who think I am positively nuts with the things I put on my van windows, do I care? Nope, I am sharing LIFE with those around me. Matter of fact I was at work today and a customer made me come back to the drive thru window so he could see me face to face to tell me how awesome my van was!

I encourage you today to stop seeing yourself as damaged goods.  You are made whole the moment you accept Jesus into your heart.  You are worthy.  You are Loved.  You are accepted.  You are chosen by God to be His child.  Take a moment and soak all of that in. Close your eyes and really see yourself for a moment like God does.  Okay, now SMILE! Repeat after me:

God Loves Me just as I am! (I can’t hear you) God Loves Me just as I am!

I AM Accepted and Loved, the labels are meaningless! (go ahead, say it)

I am a New Creation in Christ and from this day forward I will stop listening to the lies!

Feel better?  I hope so.  It is time for the Bride of Christ to burn off the labels and see ourselves as WHOLE and UNDENTED, perfect in the eyes of our Maker.  Are you ready to rip of those labels?