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Pick Me!


Ever been unhappy with a job?  Dissatisfied with where you are in life?  Not fully on board with your boss?  Feeling unappreciated?  Work load is too much?  Feeling like you can’t just go in and do your job and then leave it behind to go home and enjoy life? Too many hours each week? Physically stressful? Co-workers causing drama?  A never ending barrage of events? All of the Above?

Well, some of those things applied to my job of 30 years.  I started at McDonald’s when I was 16 and I worked there until about a month ago. Over the years this job had its ups and downs.  Deep down I know that ketchup ran through my veins.  I had been in the business long enough to know how to deal with almost every type of customer and crew member.  I loved the busy days.  The satisfaction of good numbers.  The thrill of seeing happy customers.  But….

In 2012 I became a General Manager and things began to change for me.  I had challenges I had not faced before.  I was now the one in charge..of a whole store.  I did schedules and inventories and hiring and firing and paperwork and meetings and training and customer service and customer complaint calls and the list goes on.  I was on call 24/7 in case something happened at the store meaning I could not turn my phone off “just in case” and it was permanently attached to me wherever I went.  As time went on I took on more stress than I probably needed to.

At the same time, I began to love the people I worked with.  They were on my prayer list.  Some called me mom.  I was building relationships and sometimes we even talked about Jesus.  When God began to lift the grace from me to work in this capacity of General Manager I began to question His motives..yes, God’s motives.  I argued that if I went on to something different who would be here for these people?   Where would my ministry field be?

I had back surgery in November and I get a huge dose of disconnect.  The store was not allowed to be in contact with me as this was a work related accident.  So for three months I was off work…the longest EVER in my life for not working.  I had plenty of time to write, rest and live in His Presence.  A very relaxed and stress-less situation.  I was pretty happy-go-lucky and I loved it.

When I went back to work the stress returned.  It was almost like I had been a free roaming horse who just got bridled for the first time.  As I tried to mesh my new free lifestyle with work again I felt so frustrated.  This being on call 24/7.  The people not wanting to come to work.  The drama.  It was too much.  I just wasn’t filled with enough grace to do this type of work again.

Tomorrow I will fill you on the rest of the saga.  But for now just know this:  Sometimes God lifting the grace is the very thing which catapults you into your promise land.

Dear God, Thank You for lifting grace at times.  Thank You that You always offer me a safe place to be.  Help me to see You and what You are doing on my behalf.  Thank You for knowing every detail of what I need in my life to move into my promise land.  Thank You that with every twist and turn of my life you will be right beside me.  Help me to stay so close to You that I can feel You breathing.

In Jesus Name  Amen


Same Page, Different Book

Proverbs 15:32
If you reject discipline, you only harm yourself; but if you listen to correction, you grow in understanding.

Ever feel like you are on the same page as someone else, yet there is no connection?  Did you think perhaps even with the same training and leadership guidance that you aren’t even in the same book as someone else?  I still am baffled on how two children can grow up in the same household and become two totally different personalities.  Surely it stems from the fact God has made all of us unique in our own ways.  We are fearfully and wonderfully made, I just do not understand sometimes why we all have different values about some things if we all have been given the same training.  Lately, concerning work, I just wish I could get everyone on the same page and in the same book, reading at the same level.

Now of course this goes back to tie in with several other recent blogs about learning to accept people for who they are, everyone is different and I need to learn how to get along with all of God’s people!  Some days are harder than others.  Sometimes the challenge is too much to take and I just want to give in, stomp my feet and go home.  I read a status update on Facebook today and it so fit how I was feeling.  “There is a big difference between giving up and knowing when you have had enough.”  How true this statement can be on any given day and how it can fit so many situations.  I work in a fast food restaurant setting and I just get so frustrated when people I work with seem to have no idea that we are serving customers who want their food in a hurry, hence the title “Fast Food.”  Some just work at their own pace with no desire to move faster or improve in what they are doing.

It’s almost like self-pride is gone.  It seems like no one has set goals for achieving better scores or working harder towards better service for our customers.  I know that we are only as strong as our weakest link, but if you just can’t get that link motivated then what do you do?  In today’s workforce it’s not that easy to just fire and rehire all the time, you really need to try to get the people you already have working for you more motivated.  How does one do this? We are big on leading by example, but the faster I move it seems they get slower. The more I step up and work, the more they seem to just let me do.  Back in the day when I was first in this industry, we all pitched in and the system worked, but as the years progressed, peoples attitudes and mindsets changed causing a lack of communal service to our customers.

Maybe home lives are to blame.  More and more people are coming out of broken homes and have no clear understanding of how teams really work.  By not having good role models in the home, how are they suppose to act in the real world?  So many people today are broken hearted and have difficulty loving themselves which leads to lack of self-worth which then carries into every aspect of their lives.  It is a vicious cycle that just keeps getting worse as the end days draw near.  Everyone is out for themselves and there is more value in getting a paycheck than doing well at your job to deserve the pay check. I said something yesterday in hopes of getting some good responses.  I posed the question, “What is the main benefit from being promoted?”  The two answers I got:  power or money.  My answer?  Being promoted means that the company I work for sees something in me and that they trust me to carry out the responsibilities of the job the correct way.   It’s not about the money for me, never has been, it has more to do with self-worth and the value I am to the company.  I am sure we are not  the only industry which faces these issues and I really fear someday people will just stop caring all together.  I too came from a broken, divorced home but I chose to rise above it all and succeed in my job. Pushing forward to be better than the average restaurant.  No it’s not arrogance, it’s pride in what I do.

I have been employed in my current job for 25 years and I still like to go to work.  Yet, I dread being the tyrant some days.  I feel I do nothing to motivate and I am always just correcting and directing, getting frustrated when others just can’t seem to see it my way. I feel as though I should begin to just settle for what it has become, but I can’t. I have this drive in me to keep getting better.  A goal to be the better fast food restaurant.  As desire to do things the right way as often as I can.  I might be on the same page with my co-workers and I try to teach them with the same book, yet I need to have patience and understanding every day.  We all come from different walks of life and we all have different ideas of what work is.  Somehow I have managed to control my frustrations and not lose my pateince all the time yet there are those days when you just don’t feel like you can make the slightest bit of difference and you want to hang up your apron and just go home.

I just want to follow the rules while so many others just want to take shortcuts and do the minimal amount of work for maximum pay.  Work should be something that makes you a better person with a purpose in life.  Work should be something you aspire to do well each time you punch the time clock.  We should all have a focus to improve on a daily basis and  to achieve good results for the day.  We need to get rid of the mindset of “oh well, we just aren’t good enough” or “we have failed today and tomorrow will be the same.”  I am asking God to show me how to lead people in such a way that they will want to take pride in their job and to instill a work place that shows people they can improve and they are of worth.  Might take awhile, but it can be done.  I just pray He gives me the endurance to withstand myself along the way to prevent me from pushing myself to hard in the process.