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2 Shoes

choose to believe

Today started out with all the classic signs of a bladder infection.  Woke up in pain and kinda of connected the dots over the past few days and decided to call the doctor after praying about the pain.  I just had a partial hysterectomy a week ago so it is hard to decipher what is normal pain after a surgery and what’s not.  I had a one and half pound fibroid removed as well so one cannot quite discern what pain is what.  I know at this point the title may seem a bit off topic, however, hang in there I promise you God has turned this day into joy rather than pain.

After calling the doctor she directed me to go to the nearest lab and be tested, to which my beloved husband said, “Okay, let’s get this day started.”  After guzzling like 20 ounces of water we started on our journey.  First stop was the gas station (after all I did not feel the need to go just yet as it had only been 15 minutes since I got the direction to go to the lab) where we got a snack and much needed coffee (decaf of course).  While there we had the usual chat about the weather outside and then the attendant asked if he wanted any lottery tickets to which he declined BUT clearly stated she could always up-sell a car wash to him in the future.  This led to a conversation with the manager who gave us 2 free car wash passes.  Here is evidence of the firstDouble Blessing.

After following the direction to go to the nearest lab to give them a urine specimen, I noticed my hubby was getting a little frustrated with how the day was going.  Being off for two weeks with no short term disability to back us up, things are a bit tight.  While in the parking lot still we discussed our recent blessings:  phone bill was much less than expected and a few other things where he had actual over saved to make ends meet.  Then we received the text from the pharmacy  the medication to numb my bladder until we find out the results of the test was ready and the kicker was it was $40.  Ikes!  I quickly reminded my husband about our conversation a few moments ago after I freaked about the cost.

As we were driving to the pharmacy we have to pass this expanse of highway with beautiful river flats where I often look in the trees to see birds and what do my wondering eyes see whilst I am in mid conversation??  Two eagles on a tree branch watching the rising sun!  This caused my heart to leap with great joy because I knew God was already all over this day.  This was DoubleBlessing number two.

We get to the pharmacy and the girl says she is even nervous to tell us about my prescription so right away fear arises BUT then she says she can’t allow us to pay $40 for a prescription when the same thing can be bought over the counter for $3.  What? Jesus is so good!  Praise God that whether she is a believer or not, the Holy Spirit convicted her heart in our favor.  Even though we were in the drive thru she went to the aisle and retrieved the medicine for us.  She came bearing two boxes because they were buy one get one half off (of course they were Jesus) and the kicker was the total of $5.07.  Five is the number for Grace and Seven is for Completion.  So here is Double Blessing number Three!

As we drove away we prayed for God to bless her just as He had blessed us.  Next up on the agenda was getting my husbands tags for his car done.  In our city we travel to other places to get things from the Secretary of State because there is usually a long wait, so we drove about 30 minutes to do so.  During the drive many internal things came up in conversation including some from personal issues I have with intimacy.  I firmly believe when God does a physical healing there is always an internal one to coincide with it.  A friend of mine who promotes essential oils sent me what a fibroid represents in the spiritual aspect of things and I had not really dealt with seeking God about it. In the car ride I revisited it after my husband said a few things which had reminded me of the text she had sent me.


Wow!  Here was Double Blessing number four.  God not only removed the physical thing which was causing much unnecessary pain, He was also leading me into a time of inner healing.  In a simple conversation with my husband He was revealing the next steps to my healing as I fought back tears knowing it was not going to be an easy.  I am just as excited about walking this out as I was about seeing the eagles.  Yes I will have to face the past.  Yes it will be painful.  Yes I will have to look at things about me internally that I have buried.  AND Yes God will be with me every step of the way as He has been throughout my entire journey with Him.

Okay the final Double Blessing, blessing number five and the reason for the title of this blog.  Sometimes we expect God to just bless us and other times He does it just because He can.  To go back to the beginning of the day during the conversation about finances we began to thank God and let go of our worries.  It was in that moment of time that God grabbed our worries out of our hands and sent us on a day of Double Blessing which we will not soon forget.  Like my husband so wisely put it, “How do you feel when someone is thankful for what you have done for them?  You are willing to bless them even more.  Willing to give them abundance because they are so thankful.”  Well friends that is the God we serve and His word is always true.

Oh!  The shoes!  I almost forgot….My hubby has needed new work shoes for some time now but just not on our priority list, however, it was on God’s and today (not sure of the details) he received a free pair (two) of work shoes in his exact size…tell me God did not do that for him?

Dear Heavenly Father,  We come to you today with a Thankful Heart.  We thank You even when we don’t see it coming or the full view of what is happening You are right there ready to shower us with blessings.  As we seek Your face in our lives we praise You and Thank You ahead of time for blessings.  We Thank You for turning our pain into joy.  We Thank You for healing our bodies and our souls at the same time.  In Jesus Name we pray.  AMEN


Tellin’ It Like It Is

John 8:32

New Living Translation (NLT)

32 And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”


Ever have anybody in your life that just needs to hear the truth so that they can be set free from the chains they have put on themselves?  Someone who has pity parties every weekend only because they have chosen to place themselves where they are.  Persons who no matter how much you love them and try to protect them, you know in your heart of hearts you need to show them the truth.  I have several persons in my life I wish I could just sit them down and tell them like it is without hurting them, but that is easier said than done.

There are so many broken people wandering around this planet it’s hard to comprehend how any of us ever function properly.  The idea of love is so warped by society that it is hard to figure out how to approach people on a one to one basis to offer any kind of help.  Many people were severely hurt in their childhood and have placed themselves in chains of bondage because of a lack of trust in people.  Other people wear chains because they are hiding their true identities as protection from the danger of actually being who they really are.

Today, I just blurted out to someone exactly how I felt about a certain situation and it was not easy.  The love I have for this person is great and out of love and a desire to see this person happy, I unleashed it all.  Since I was driving I did not have to face this person so the unleashing went pretty well on my part.  As I turned to see this persons face I saw a clarity I had not seen in awhile, my “lecturing of the truth” had set them free from some chains.  What I said was not meant to be hurtful, however, it was for the truth to be told so that they would no longer be held back by lies the enemy had been whispering.

When things are in need of being said to someone, the first step is to come from a place of love.  If you operate out of love you are more apt to be careful not to use hurtful words or force your beliefs on the person you are trying to free.  Furthermore, when things are done in love, truth can be seen and freedom comes much quicker.  When one begins to expose the lies of the enemy and bring them to light, there is no room for the person to argue because when you have the truth, there is no need for argumentation.

Are there people in your life in need of some chain breaking?  Are you willing to set this person free by telling them the truth about something you see in their life?  It will take some prayer and courage in some cases, however, when the urge to see someone set free from pain or unneeded destruction in their life, somehow a force not your own often takes over.  Choose today to seek God in this matter.  Begin to pray about a certain situation to see if a good dose of the truth would set a person free.  Sometimes the truth will set you free as well when you are no longer bound with the burden you carried for that person.  Two freedoms for the price of one truth, priceless!

Rock Hunting

1 Samuel 17:40

He picked up five smooth stones from a stream and put them into his shepherd’s bag. Then, armed only with his shepherd’s staff and sling, he started across the valley to fight the Philistine.
???????????????????????????????Most of us know the story of Goliath and how he killed his giant with a stone but I always wondered how he chose his stones.  Did he have a special place where he went to get his stones?  Did they have to be a certain size or shape?  How many did he pick up and put back down?  How should we pick our rocks to slay our current enemies?
What would our rocks be in these modern times?  It’s not like we can just go around throwing rocks at our enemies in broad daylight and getting away with it.
I think that perhaps we need some grace.  One of our rocks should be grace.  In order to properly deal with our giants, we need to have grace.  We need to be able to decide if perhaps the giant is the way it is because of past hurts or its upbringing.  Maybe we don’t really need to slay it after all, it just needs a good dose of grace.
Love should be another rock we look for.  Jesus left us with the commandment to love one another.  Perhaps if we could just learn to love our enemies here again there would be no need for any death to occur.  What about truth?  That would be a pretty good rock to have in our possession.  What if the whole issue is that neither of you know the real truth of the matter?
Compassion would also be a nice rock to have in the collection, much like grace it is very powerful.  If we could learn to come alongside our giant and maybe change some mindsets with some pure understanding the disagreement could just be dissolved.  Peace I believe would be one of the best ones to own.  Much like the river it was probably taken from, peace can begin to flow.  When we are at peace because we have sought God in the matter, things are put into better perspective.
Now that we have our five rocks, how are we going to approach our enemies?  With a mindset of GRACE and a heart ready to LOVE, we can search out the TRUTH and find PEACE while using our COMPASSION to allow God to work through us to bring about healing in a persons life.  After all, a giant is just another person with feelings, emotions and a history.  What if you are somebody’s giant, how would you want to be approached?