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Psalm 103:5

He fills my life with good things. My youth is renewed like the eagle’s!
Ever wake up in the morning, jump out of bed, run around the house and praise God for a new day? For me, even though I am a morning person, this has yet to happen.  Usually I am trying to pry my eyes open wide enough to hit the snooze button for the third time before rolling out of bed to face my day.  Yes I have paused and been grateful for another day but never really have the attitude that I should have.
Each new day means a fresh start at what ever was going on yesterday.  Maybe we really made some bad choices concerning our lives and instead of dwelling on the what ifs or the how comes, we should choose to change our thinking and embrace the new day as a chance to do it again the right way.  Take a moment and just ask God what you can do differently today to make a change for the better.
I know sometimes it seems hard to put the past in yesterday.  We seem to carry it into our new day quite by accident.  It’s like we pack a suitcase the night before just in case we need these emotions for the next day.  God wants us to know that He wants us to live in today.  There is no yesterday and tomorrow is yet to come, for God it is always today and His desire is for us to live in the here and now.  He does not want us to be brought down by yesterdays mistakes but rather for us to lean on Him for answers.
When we begin to change our thinking towards each new day, we allow God to work in our lives.  If we were to wake up each day with the knowledge that what happened yesterday stays in yesterday, I think we could get so much more farther ahead in healing from our past wounds.  I think we would become more free each and every day and as this began to happen we could focus more on the things of God.
I fully know God gives us the strength to get through every day of our lives no matter how difficult we might make them.  He will be there when you first open your eyes in the morning and when you close them at night.  He is waiting to see you through another day.  Trust that He is working on your behalf and that you truly can leave the past right where it is in yesterday because you will not need it where you are going with God today.

Short Circuit

Proverbs 3:5-6

        Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.



Ever been so frustrated with things in your life that you feel as if you are about to short circuit?  I have been there so many times I cannot even imagine describing every incident which has occurred over the years.  I have come close to losing it so many times it is a wonder I am in the place I am today with any sort of peace.  It seems as if every time things are looking really up, something happens and I just want to scream.


Like for instance when I was married the first time and after years of alcohol and drugs running his life, my husband tried to get sober.  He admitted himself to a rehab center.  As I was driving home after I dropped him off I was so excited.  I thought to myself, “Finally!!! An end to the madness surrounding our lives!”  In my mind I started planning for all the things that were going to be different.  I was happy again for just a moment, until the next day I got a phone call asking me to pick him up.  Why?  They said he was not “addicted enough” to be at their facility.  What?  How?


Now, in recent times, we are trying to reestablish credit and moving into a home to rent was suggested by our Realtor so that we can move forward in buying the house we are wanting.  So we go through all of the motions to getting a loan and applying for the house to rent only to discover after 4 days of waiting that the loan was declined.  Man, I had already prepared myself for what was going to happen.  I had all the furniture set up in my head. I had a list of the things we would need right away when we moved in.  I dreamed of where we would plant our flowers and set up the bird feeder only to be crushed again by the failed opportunity of moving.


So, now I am right back to square one with God.  I followed what I thought He wanted me to do and it got me right back to waiting on Him.  Hmmmm…funny how He does that.  So at first I was ready to short circuit and then I thought, well, He closed a door…wonder what He really has in mind for us?  It always comes down to His timing not ours, His planning not our getting ahead of Him.  It always boils down to one simple thing…do we really trust God?


Are you ready to short circuit over something in your life?  Does it seem like door closing after door closing AFTER door closing?  The only advice I can even give at this point is trust in God, He has a plan.  Move forward in the things of God and He will take care of you.  Stop worrying about it and let it go, He will bring so much more back to you!


Brace Yourself

Job 11:13

“If only you would prepare your heart and lift up your hands to him in prayer!
What do we do in preparation for a storm?  We close the windows, seek shelter and make sure our families are all accounted for.  Then we wait out the storm process until the clouds lift and it appears safe to return to whatever we were doing.  Sometimes if the storm is bad enough, repairs need to be done right away while the milder storms just remind us that we need to stay alert.  Is this not how it is concerning our spiritual walks?
I feel that when God wants to change something in us He will send a storm.  First a small one to get our attention and if the changes don’t occur then the storm gets bigger.  Now mind you these storms are not meant to harm but to heal.  God needs our foundations to be stirred sometimes so that we can awaken to a whole new process or way of thinking.  Everything we go through once we commit ourselves to Christ is meant for glorifying God and creating in us clean, pure hearts.  If we never go through the storms, then we will remain just as we are….safe but unchanged.
I welcome storms in my life because I know it will bring  me ever closer to Jesus and the way I need to live.  Storms come in many forms and intensities and so does the changing on the inside.  Sometimes there is a drastic change of character while other times just a gradual steady rain of rearranging our thought processes until they come inline with Jesus.
All in all if we never experience storms in our life, we will never know how to stretch our faith.  The stretching of our faith comes when we know God is tugging at something in our life and we have to be willing to trust that God’s ways are always better than ours.  We have to have the faith that He will see us through the storms and that we will be better for having gone through them.  We  need to stop burying our heads in the sand and waiting for the storms to pass without change.
Are you ready for a storm?  Is God preparing to change something in your heart?  Well, then brace yourself all the while knowing God is in control and you will become a new creation with every storm.  Your faith will grow and your character will ever change into a more Christlike form. And that my friends is a good thing!

Past the Past

2 Corinthians 5:17

New Living Translation (NLT)

17 This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!


Just like when we are born from our mother’s womb, we are a new creation, so it is when we accept Jesus into our hearts.  The moment you choose Him as your Savior and begin to believe in the depth of His love you are a new creation.  You get a new lease on life.  A new beginning.  A chance to start over.  A chance to change your habits and old ways of thinking…..so…why do so many of us carry the past right into the present and let it permeate our future?


Perhaps we really do not have the full understanding that when Jesus died on the cross He took away our past, present and future sins, which in my book means we are forgiven of EVERYTHING and we need to adjust to a new way of thinking.  How many times do we bring old relationship issues into new ones?  How many friends and family members do we no longer associate with simply because we feel they will not understand the new us?  I feel we really hold ourselves back from living to our full potential as a daughter or son of God because we cannot simply wrap our minds around the fact that we are truly forgiven.  God cannot even see our sin through the blood of His Son.  We need to begin to wrap God around our minds, that would make more sense.


When I met my present husband, I had spent three years not in a relationship. During this time I learned a lot about myself and really dug deep into what God wanted to do in me.  He wanted me to be healed and whole.  As I attended the 54 day revival, I began to renew my mind and allow the healing to begin.  This process allowed me to enter into a new marriage free from the baggage of the past.  I did not have to bring my past hurts and pains into a new relationship because I took the time to renew my mind with the Word of God and I chose to let God show me who I really was as a person.


Now I am not saying it is all forgettable,  however I am willing to admit that without this healing process my new marriage would be a mess.  If I would have carried all the baggage from my previous marriage into this new one, John and I would have had so many issues to compromise on that we would not be able to enjoy each other at all.  Since we both went through a three year process of God changing our hearts and minds, our marriage is on solid ground and the compromises we have to make are not like any other married couple we have met.


So long story short, the past is the past.  Leave it behind you and move forward.  The past whether good or bad has no place in your present or future relationship.  Every person is unique and at different levels, yet God has a way of just meshing things together.  I pray that anyone reading this will take just one minute to examine their current situation…..are you living your past in your present life?  If so, choose to renew your mind.  Spend some time seeking God.  Trust me, it will do you a world of good and set you in motion for a past free future.

Panic Mode

Zephaniah 3:17
For the LORD your God is living among you. He is a mighty savior. He will take delight in you with gladness. With His love, He will calm all your fears. He will rejoice over you with joyful songs.”

The car won’t start.  The kids are late for school.  Now you are going to be late for work and your boss is going to be there for your review.  The electric bill was due yesterday.  You might overdraft at the bank.  The dog might need to go to the vet.  Aunt Mary is having surgery.  You forgot someones birthday.  As panic begins to settle in you are about to go into self-destruct mode…..why didn’t I get the oil changed? Why did I hit snooze this morning?  I am going to be fired for sure.  Not going to have electricity come tomorrow.  The dog is going to die.  I can’t even remember what time Aunt Mary’s surgery is.  Susan is going to think I hate her. Why do we do this to ourselves everyday?  Where is our trust, in us or God?

As Christians we are not promised an easy life but I feel we make things so much more difficult on ourselves when we do not realize that God already has things planned out for us.  Our steps are ordered by the Lord and even though we have a free will, eventually we will end up at our destinies just like God said.  We get our own selves into such panic attacks over trivial things.  We give Satan the reins to our day and off he goes with our emotions, dragging us as far away from God as he can.  How can we stop this viscous cycle in our daily walks?  It really is as simple as surrender.

God will never give us more than we can handle and it is up to us to choose what we want to hold onto and what we want to let go of.  As we begin to learn how to surrender even the  tiniest of things to God, we will begin to see how much easier our days become.  As we ask God to show us how to react and to send help, He is faithful to provide.  An example that clearly sticks out in my mind was when my finance ran out of gas in his driveway and he was panicked about how to get to work.  As he surrendered it he heard to just start walking with the gas can, so he did.  God sent someone his way who took him to get gas and John was able to make it to work.  Had he not surrendered it and just stayed in panic mode he may have given up and perhaps lost his job.  But because he surrendered and trusted God, things worked out.

Everyday we have choices to surrender or to just do it ourselves. I have found on a personal level the more I give, the more God provides and in a greater way than I could ever expect.  Now, surrendering is not always an easy thing to do and sometimes we just want to hold onto it all until it becomes so difficult we have to let it go before it destroys us. Begin today to surrender something to God.  Start small if your are nervous, but begin to trust that He will provide for your entire day.  Surrender is the key to walking in peace.  It is the key which unlocks opportunities and keeps Satan at bay where he belongs.

Protecting the Heart

Psalm 51:17
The sacrifice you desire is a broken spirit. You will not reject a broken and repentant heart, O God.

I have been dealing with picking up the pieces of a shattered heart for a long time.  Piece by piece, shard by shard.  The more I tried to put the pieces back together by myself the less sense they made.  Finally I came to a place of surrender where I just let God start putting me back together.  It has been in that mode of surrender that I have been loved back together in such a way I cannot deny it was all God.

While I was separated from my husband I had sworn off men.  I was going to just stay married and if nothing came of it then I would just do it all on my own.  Being alone wasn’t so bad, I did know how to take care of myself.  I made enough money so I could live on one income.  My kids were almost out of the house, I could do this living on my own thing.  I have been a very determined person from the get go and nothing was about to change.  It’s funny though how God works.  As I mentioned in yesterdays blog, God often gives us what we need before giving us what we want.

In the process of picking up my shattered heart, I realized a small part was missing and I feel we all have this little, tiny piece of our hearts hidden so deep somewhere that no one is ever going to get a hold of it or even see it.  We hide this piece from everyone, even God because we feel it is the one thing we can lock away and protect so that we will never be completely violated or broken.  A part taken apart from the whole heart.  Why do we lock this part of us away?  Because we get hurt over and over again by circumstances and people in our lives and we go into protection mode.  We want a little piece of us to remain untouched, unmutilated, unbroken or exposed to any sort of pain.

When God started to bring John into my life, I thought nothing of it.  He was a friend, a man after God just like me.  We only saw each other a handful of times in the span of year as we attended church together.  It blew me away as I stood there and watched God just work our hearts together.  I did not understand at first and we kept giving God our relationship until He finally got through to us that we were meant to be.  Now, we have gone through some pretty hefty trials in a short span of three months and tonight was a really eye opener for us both.

While pouring ourselves out to each other, we decided to unlock, unwrap and let loose that tiny, little piece of our hearts that we had been protecting.  We are both finally at a point in our relationship where nothing else matters but what God is about to do in our lives.  Was it hard to open that lock?  You betcha!  What did it take?  Complete, full trust in God.  Not trust in John, but God.  I know beyond the shadow of a doubt, God is the reason for me even standing here 54 days away from marrying a man again.  I can assure you I did not want a man in my life, yet God knew what I needed and now that He has given me the man of God I did not even know I needed, I want John to be forever in my life, serving God and ministering with me.

Are you ready to unlock that hidden piece in you?  Do you trust God enough to give it to Him?  Do you have enough faith in God’s protection to share it with your spouse?  It could be the one thing that changes your very relationship.


One Driver

Jeremiah 29:11

New Living Translation (NLT)

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.

How many times do we have several persons in the car at one time and each one has a different way of getting where you are going?  How frustrated do you become as the driver as each person’s gives their valid opinion on which way you should take on your journey?  Is it not near impossible to focus or get a defined direction to go?  This happens every day in life as we seek out answers to our life’s dilemmas.
We ask for directions from several sources and then there are the “people in the car” who just feel the need to tell you where to go even without asking.  We get so wrapped up in needing answers to all of life’s questions and we feel like we need them on demand.  When will we ever stop and ask God first?  When will be begin to stop doubting the things God is doing in our lives?

Stubborn as I may be, I am learning very quickly that my only source for answers should be God.  I know when I hear His voice.  I know I when receive His direction for my life.  I am fully aware of when I am strolling off in the wrong direction; I feel it in my gut.  Until recently I would seek out a bazillion people for answers to my situation and what I discovered was that everyone comes from various walks of life.  Everyone has a different answer through their own hurts and doubts.  I may have been searching for help but really I was just tainting my mind with all sorts of altered directions.  By the time I was done asking for everyone’s directions I was so lost I could not see straight.

As God began a work in me I finally realized it was all about Him and Him alone.  He has already planned out my life and He is the only direction I need.  By diving into the Word of God and seeking His face at church and revival meetings I have learned to zone in on how God gives me directions and lean less on the opinions of others.  I get caught up in Him and nothing else begins to matter.  I value my friends and I know they also hear from God, however, as I am drawing ever closer to God I am depending more and more on my inner spirit to guide me.  As I begin to see what God is unfolding before my eyes, I know beyond the shadow of doubt that I am headed towards my destiny.

So my lesson in all of this is simple.  There needs to be one driver and one driver only in our lives and it needs to be God.  Sure it’s okay to seek friends for confirmation but the main map needs to be straight from God.  Remember that He has your life planned out already and who better to get directions from?  Let Him lead.  Let Him be your roadmap.  Trust in His way for your life.