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New Every Time

Acts 20:24

But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus—the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God.
Ever feel like we are just doing the same things over and over again without any changes? We go through the seasons of our life Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall and still nothing seems to be any different.  Why do we not take advantage of the seasons of change in our  own personal lives?  Why are we happy to stay in stagnant situations without wanting any of it to change even though we are fully aware that we are going nowhere?
My personal opinion is that we get to comfy in our own zones and we have completely forgotten what it is like outside the box we have built.  Did we not take risks when we were younger?  Did we not find happiness in trying new things?  I know of the things we choose not to do anymore is out of wisdom, however, what about meeting new people? Trying new restaurants?  Walking in a different neighborhood?
I know a few years ago when I chose to attend a revival for 54 days, people thought I was crazy.  I still worked my 43 to 45 hours a week and raised my kids all the while letting God “mess up” my life.  I still look back and wonder myself how I made it through but I can also see the fruit of my sacrifice   Just like Abraham I had to take my Issac (my life) to the altar and trust God with all of it.
Now here I am years later, happy, healed and whole.  I am living a life of happiness and I am closer to God than ever.  I chose to take my Spring season and allow new life to burst forth.  I have let Jesus take control of the tending of my heart and the renewing of my mind and I can honestly say I could not have ever asked for this.  Often God gives us what we need before we realize we need it.  We think it’s not something we want and once we allow God to show us His love, then we come to the realization it was what we really wanted all along.
Will you choose to embrace Spring?  Will you be willing to take your life to the altar and give it all to Jesus?  Trusting in Him is the first step and second one is letting Him water and nurture you into a new creation.

Some Peoples’ Children!

Deuteronomy 11:5
“Your children didn’t see how the LORD cared for you in the wilderness until you arrived here.

Some peoples’ children are rude. Some peoples’ children are kind.  Some are disrespectful, while others surprise you with their manners.  Some peoples’ children are greedy and others are giving.  Some are stubborn and rebellious while others are rule followers and go with the flow.  Still other peoples’ children are mean and careless while others are friendly and caring.  Are you getting the picture?  All people are different and we all come from different walks of life.  As the above scripture verse states, no one knows what God has done in our lives, it is between Him and us.  Once I made this realization, I was astonished to discover…..I some peoples’ child!  Someone probably has muttered that statement about me when I did something they were not happy with.  I have been judged by others around me and sometimes it may not have been accurate.  How many times have I done that only to have God show me later the error of my ways? (Many)

Once again I am on a road where I must learn to be less judgmental of others. Why as Christians do we find this so hard to do?  It’s even in the Bible that we are not to judge others for that is reserved solely for God. Now of course I am not speaking about those who do wrong in society and have to go before the court system, I am merely speaking of us in general as Christians.  I know that once we accept Jesus into our hearts we become different and begin to feel as though we are aliens among the land.  We suddenly see things in a totally different light and we get easily frustrated when others just don’t seem to get it.  We get irritated when others swear or gossip.  Frustrated when others violate the rules of the road.  Angry when we see parents mistreating their children in public.  And the list is endless!  Yet in all of this we lose sight of the human, flesh characteristics we all have.  Remember my blog a few times ago?  God loves us all equally.  No one person is better than another.  He loves each individual the same.

I am really trying hard to be more like Jesus.  I am aspiring to be more like the gentle lamb than the angry, squawking screech owl.  I want to be slower to anger and more fair to everyone.  I want to take the word “judgmental” right out of my dictionary so that I can’t even use it.  If only I had a secret key to use.  If I could only unlock the part of my heart which  sees with Jesus’ eyes instead of mine.  What a dream, to love like He does. To show compassion the way He does.  To be kind and gentle and accepting of faults, like He is.  Now, I admit that I may be asking the impossible, yet I know I can work on getting better, not perfect.  Watching my words and treating others ALWAYS with respect.  Stop judging people by their actions and begin to get to know the reasons behind the reactions.  We can never begin to see what God has done in someone else’s life, therefore we cannot start to assuming how they will react in different situations.

Where do you stand?  Are you aspiring to change anything in your life?  I invite you to share your ideas and insights.  I feel our journey here on earth as Christians is to change our hearts daily to become closer to the Father.  We should be headed towards greatness and helping others do the same.  Once we learn the secrets of being like Jesus, we should share them with others so the world can slowly begin to change in preparation for the coming of Jesus.  It’s a daily renewing of the mind.  A moment by moment seeking of God in our lives.  It is also entails worrying more about our own actions and not the actions of others.  It does no good to continually point out the faults and failures of others when you can’t even see you have flaws of your own.

So it’s time for me to take some deep breaths.  Meditate on those things of God which will unlock the part of my heart to see like Jesus does.  It is in this coming of Spring that I will begin to widen my horizons and keep tabs on my own actions and reactions to those around me.  I will try to shut my mouth even before it opens and think for just a second about what is about to spill from it.  Is what I am about to say true? Is it uplifting or degrading?  Will it be judgmental or encouraging?  Only I can make the choice to choose to monitor myself and be accountable to the things I speak into life.  I alone must be seeking God for direction and wisdom.  I myself must desire to be more like Jesus before things can change in my life.  It will take time, energy and silence!  I want to be know as Somebody’s’ Child, God’s!

Always remember:  Some peoples’ children are famous.  Some peoples’ children are in pain.  Some peoples’ children are dying. Some peoples’ children are lost.  Some peoples’ children have no hope.  But all peoples’ children are Children of God.

life is ugly.

Psalm 96:6
Honor and majesty surround him; strength and beauty fill his sanctuary.

Jeremiah 12:10
“Many rulers have ravaged my vineyard, trampling down the vines and turning all its beauty into a barren wilderness

1 Peter 3:4
You should clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God.

Today’s blog was inspired not by the sermon at church.  Not by a tugging on my heart to write about ugliness.  But instead it comes from reading a facebook posting from a teenager I have come to know and love.  It simple said:  life is ugly.  Boy there is so much truth spoken in those three simple words.  Life is not the most beautiful thing, unless you gaze upon it with with an accurate eye.  I even spoke to my daughter yesterday about how this winter has just been glorious to me. The beauty of the snow is just a wonder to me this year.  I have never just driven around to capture pictures, traipsing through almost knee high snow to grab just the right angle.  I did not want to miss anything.  I could see past the coldness and the torture on my body to the beauty which surrounded me.  I was actually in awe as I ended my photo journey at the shore of Lake Michigan.  My daughter said perhaps my joy of the snow this year is because it took so long to get here, hmmm, I think it goes deeper than that.

As I read that life is ugly, I remembered in my minds eye about how things begin to look in the fall.  The pretty leaves are gone.  The grass is no longer a vibrant green.  Even the rivers and lakes look gloomy.  Everything seems dormant and forgotten about, left to die.  Then comes the snow.  The white powder which covers everything in it’s path covering the ugly browns and dirt colors.  Then it lingers, as that which is under it becomes transformed.  Then spring arrives and the colors begin to pop out every where. The birds are singing.  The crickets are chirping.  Everything just comes to life again.  Joy as re-birthed itself in the earth.  Wow!  Can you just see how all of this points to God?

Before God has entered our hearts we see life as routine, bothersome, difficult and…..ugly.  We cannot see through the mud of our lives the beauty which surrounds us. We are stuck in the mentality that beauty does not exist, that perhaps it is just in the eye of the beholder.  Surely there is some truth in this for the eye of the beholder I speak of is God.  He is the creator of this earth and He only sees the beauty of His creation, however when we do not have God on the inside, then we cannot see what He sees.  As we draw closer to the point in our ugly lives to choosing God for it, we often find ourselves in a moment of gloom.  What we thought was life in us turns brown and then dies.  Then as we begin to shed our “leaves” and reveal our true selves to the Maker.  It is this broken moment when we turn to Him, ask for forgiveness from our sins and accept Him as our Lord and Savior that He covers us and as white as snow we become.

Isaiah 1:18
“Come now, let’s settle this,” says the LORD. “Though your sins are like scarlet, I will make them as white as snow. Though they are red like crimson, I will make them as white as wool.

I think that’s what gets me about this winter snow!  He is renewing the earth under all of this snow, preparing the life which awaits underneath to spring back to life.  This is how it is when we repent and accept and are washed, we are covered in Him only to be revealed with new life and a zest for life like never before.  Experiencing this wonderful snow is like God just spent some one on one quality time with me and He is working to reveal a whole new me soon.  As I undergo major dental work, publish my book and seek a new home, God is working on the inside to correct my wrong thinking so that when I am revealed, I will be whole and see what He sees.  I long to be like Jesus and it’s a process, yet one of the first things is to see with His eyes.  To view the earth and all who dwell here like He would see it.  Being the Son of God He only sees beauty everywhere.  I want to be like that.

I want to see beauty in the summer, fall, winter and spring in people, no matter what stage people are in their lives, just like Jesus I want to meet them where they are.  This is not easy, however the more my eyes are focused on Jesus, the more I see like He does.  Just the other day I posted a post on facebook,  “As I walk out on the water with my eyes of Jesus there is nothing to fear.” and my comical son said I should probably give Jesus His eyes back.  Sure it sounded funny and it was a mistype but after further examination I thought to myself, what if we did have  Jesus’ eyes for just one day?  Would we see things more clearly?  Would we be moved to greater compassion?  Would we be broken at what we saw? Would we be able to see where grace should be given? Would we begin to understand where people came from?  Would we be able to heal the brokenness all around us just because we see the hurt?

God calls us to see the beauty in life.  Yes, life is hard.  Yes life is unfair at times.  But it is always filled with beauty if we use the right eyes to see it with.  If you are the beholder, see what God sees.  Look past the clothing.  Look past the radical hair.  Look past the tattoos.  Don’t even see the piercings and the language used.  Look at the heart.  Love with the Fathers love which is all accepting.  God loves you just as much as He loves me.  He loves the beggar as much as the drug dealer.  He cares for the window just as much as the drug abuser.  God does not see the bad, He only sees His destiny for you and will do whatever it takes to get you there.  Believe in Beauty!