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Fire or Water?

Deuteronomy 5:2-5

God, our God, made a covenant with us at Horeb. God didn’t just make this covenant with our parents; he made it also with us, with all of us who are alive right now. God spoke to you personally out of the fire on the mountain. At the time I stood between God and you, to tell you what God said. You were afraid, remember, of the fire and wouldn’t climb the mountain.


I love fire and I love to look at water….swim..not interested.  I have been contemplating what I want to do differently this year and I cannot decide if I want to walk through the fire or walk on the water.  Each are of equal interest and will provide excellent strengthening for the tasks ahead yet I am at my wits ends deciding which route to take.
Walking through fire means I have to be willing to change..ugh..change means I have to choose  a different way of thinking.  Fire means consuming that which is not of God in my life and allowing God to renew my thinking and behaviors.  I will really begin to learn the difference between respond and react.  Take for instance the fact that 90% of my job is dealing with people whether they be co-workers or customers.  How I treat them matters both in front of them and behind the scenes.  It’s tough to accept everyone for who they are, yet as Christians this is what we are called to do.  For instance, there are things in your life which you have changed and you just wish others would do the same in their own lives…but that’s not up to us.   We need to learn how to love people right where they are in their circumstances and live a life of example.  Tough with some people I know.  There are times when I just wish I could shake some people until they change.
If I choose the fire then I have to make sure that I am committed 1,000% to it.  I can’t stick my finger in and say “Ouch!” and go on to the next easier thing.  I have to be willing emotionally and mentally for a change.  I need to be prepared for a challenge because we all know the flesh does not like change, it like comfort and boxed in living.
If on the other hand I choose to walk on water, I will begin a deeper journey of faith and trust.  It is by our faith that things are revealed to us.  It is our trust in an unseen God which strengthens our very spirit.  Though walking on water may appear to be a easier choice than going through fire, it too has it’s obstacles.  Having faith means tithing that 10% EVERY paycheck and WHEN you get a raise you give the increase.  Faith means trusting  God with all of our finances and when He says give a certain amount we have to be willing to do so, knowing He will provide.  Walking out on the water means no going back and now sinking thinking.
So if you were presented with this dilemma,  which would you choose?  Fire will change you from the innermost part of your soul.  Walking on water will build your faith like you have never seen before.  As for me, well I am still seeking the choice I want to make. I know I have things in my life which need to be burned out and replaced with Godly principles and I also know there needs to be an increase of faith as I journey down this road.  Perhaps I could flip a coin to decide or draw straws. I know the real answer is to seek God in prayer while surrendering my life to His purpose and will for my me.  Who knows?  Maybe it’s just time to rest IN Him right now in preparation for the fire or water.

Hole Perspective

So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus. And because you belong to him, the power of the life-giving Spirit has freed you from the power of sin that leads to death. Romans 8:1-2 NLT


Raise your hand if you have every been picked on in your lifetime.  I can pretty much see by the show of hands that we have all been there before.  Lies and rumors and hurtful names can cut at you worse than actually being stabbed with a sharpened knife.  Kids tease and parents ridicule.  We get told we are not good enough or that we will not amount to anything.  We are bombarded with comments about our weight and overall appearance.  These are truly Satan’s attacks on our lives, especially since most of it occurs when we are very young and once the rejection sets in we begin to believe it to be true because it is all we know.

I was teased a lot in elementary school and it really destroyed me as a person until I got to high school.  I was called names and teased for my clothes.  My parents were not financially blessed but they did their best.  My mom shopped at Goodwill when it wasn’t cool, it was considered a place where you went when you were poor.  The other piece to the destruction to my self image was my dad at times would call me chubby and it quickly became who I was and I struggled in junior high to get rid of that feeling.  I ended up staying skinny but it wasn’t because I had healthy eating habits.  I still struggle sometimes today about my appearance but because I have learned to see myself as Jesus does, the pain is not there.

Just like a tree that has been pecked at over and over by the woodpecker, our souls begin to get holes in them.  The more we get teased, the more holes we accumulate and then pretty soon part of us begins to die and sometimes no matter how much someone tries to pour life back into us it just seeps out the holes.  We just no longer know how to receive anything good about ourselves, we have accepted all of those crazy lies and we have no idea how to stop the pain.  Just like in my blog the other day, we have to expose the roots and start forgiving those who have hurt us.

For me, it took forgiving a lot of people in my life and finally accepting myself for how God saw me.  I had to read His promises for my life to fill in the holes from the enemy and it was the only way for life to begin again in my soul.  If we dwell so much on what others say about us we will never see what God made us for.  We will never be able to experience love and acceptance.

Today, choose to forgive those who have put holes in your soul.  Begin today to see yourself as God does.  Let those who truly love you, pour into your soul and help you heal. Allow God to show you how He sees you.  Give yourself another chance to be a living member of society knowing where you stand with God.  You are a Son or Daughter of the Most High and He delights in everything about you!