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I am Seed

just be

Just recently I have realized how much easier life is when I just sit and stay.  Like a dog learning new tricks I am.  To be still and quiet.   To be content with just slowing down.  Smelling the roses.  Picking up pretty rocks.  Exploring new paths.  Waiting for the sunset.  Reading a book.  Painting a picture.  Slow walks along the beach. Taking 1,000 pictures of a cricket or flowers or water.   Just the simple elegant things of life.

So many times in my life I have been way too busy with other things to even notice that God was trying to keep up with me.  Sometimes I have so many projects going at one time that nothing ever gets completed.  I get so dang excited about ideas I sometimes want to dive right in even though I still have other things in the works already.

Psalm 1:3 in the Message Bible says:

Psalm 1:3 The Message (MSG)

2-3 Instead you thrill to God’s Word,
    you chew on Scripture day and night.
You’re a tree replanted in Eden,
    bearing fresh fruit every month,
Never dropping a leaf,
    always in blossom.

When I first read this, I felt such an excitement with it and then I realized we were discussing a tree here.  Something which is non-mobile.  It is a seed planted meant to just be.  To just sway in the wind.  To allow the soil to house its’ roots.  To just grow and produce leaves and sometimes grow fruit.  To just be and depend on God to feed and water it.  To just be dependent  on God to shelter and protect it in all stages of growth from the seed to full maturity.

It is only when we slow down that we can truly depend on God.  It is in the slow moments we are reminded that God is in control.  It is in the slow times we see just how good God truly is and how He really does take care of our every need.  He feeds us with the Word.  He waters us with His Presence.  He protects us from all weather conditions life throws at us.

When we stop to just be, all fear dissolves.  After we have discontinued our pursuit of taking care of our own needs, God shows up in all of His splendor and we can be content with just being.  

At some point we need to come to the realization that we are merely the seed.  We have nothing else to do but just be.  Think of seed planted in the ground.  It sits.  It waits.  It is broken.  Then it beings to grow.  It grows both above ground and underground.  We don’t see the roots as they grow and often that is how we are as humans, we hide the roots, yet above the surface everything looks good.  Our trunks our sturdy and our leaves look just right yet underneath it all, buried deep inside are roots some good some bad.


I encourage us all today to just be.  Take some time to just sit.  Stay.  Marinate.  Accept God is in control.  Be content in the stillness of God.  Begin to know that He meant it when He said, Be Still and KNOW I am God.

Dear Lord, I thank You for taking care of all of my needs.  I thank You that I can really just be.  I desire to get to know You better.  I look forward to just being more in Your presence.  I thank You for allowing me to just be.  Lord, I also thank You that You will begin to show others what it really means to just be so they too can find peace in just being still.  AMEN


Fruity Facts on Faith,

Genesis 12:1-3 The Message (MSG)

Abram and Sarai

12 God told Abram: “Leave your country, your family, and your father’s home for a land that I will show you.

2-3 I’ll make you a great nation
        and bless you.
    I’ll make you famous;
        you’ll be a blessing.
    I’ll bless those who bless you;
        those who curse you I’ll curse.
    All the families of the Earth
        will be blessed through you.”


When we give to God, how do we give?  What heart do we operate with?  Are we giving to just get something? Out of obligation? It’s the right thing to do?  Because the Bible or our pastors say we have to?  What if we just gave with a heart of faith believing in outrGod for the harvest?  We have to look at giving as a process of building faith.  First we need to plant seeds in faith that they will grow whether it be into a certain ministry or our personal lives.  Secondly we need to tend the seeds by praying in faith that they will grow and produce a harvest.  We have to believe in our seeds.

This may seem silly to some but God had me look up some facts about fruit:

Sunflowers:  1 flower produces 1,000 to 2,000 seeds and takes 80 to 100 days to harvest

Pumpkins:  1 gourd produces on average 3,900 seeds and takes 75 to 100 days to harvest

Mustard Seed:  1 plant produces 8-10,000 seeds and takes 60-90 days to harvest

Peaches:  1 peach, 1 pit, tree and 1 tree produces on average 925 peaches which takes 3 years to harvest

Cherry:  1 cherry, 1 pit, 1 tree averaging 7,000 cherries but takes 3 to 4 years to harvest

Apples: 5 seeds per apple, 5 trees averaging 700 apples, however 4 to 5 years to harvest

(I feel the apple tree takes the most faith to plant because it takes so long to produce fruit, plus I thought it was cool that 5 is the number of grace (seeds) and 7 in the number of completion (700))

Whether the harvest is immediate like the sunflowers and pumpkins or years down the road like the trees, we still need to see it as provision from God.  God started the multiplication process in Genesis 1:11-13 and He will continue to multiply our seeds because its a part of His creation and what is in the Word, God has to provide.  So when we accept the truth that multiplication was started by God we need to take the truth of the seed and plant it.  We have to believe in God’s multiplication process and decide how big of a harvest we desire and plant accordingly.

We need to come to the realization that sometimes it takes time for the return to happen. Take for example my husbands new truck that is blue-book valued at $6,000 but he got it for $3,000 with no issues….he has no idea which seed of faith he sowed to receive that..to me that was an apple seed.  And example of a sunflower/pumpkin seed harvest would be that sometimes we sow a seed and the return does not come as we expected.  Think about apples and the multitude of ways you can get it:  apples, applesauce, apple juice..ect.  Sometimes we sow a seed and it comes back to us how God sees fit not how we want it.

Final example is a mustard seed harvest.  One Sunday night my husband was deciding how much to put in the offering and he felt to give all that he had on him which would leave us with no money until Monday afternoon.  He did and that SAME night he received a card from someone thanking him for doing the sound for a funeral and it had MORE money in it than he just gave.

So what can we do with all of these fruit facts?  One:  plant seeds…we have to do something in order to activate a harvest.  In Genesis 12:1-3 Abraham had to give up his country in order for God to fulfill His promise to him, all we have to do is give up our offerings as seeds to God, trusting Him with our finances.  Secondly we have to pray over our seeds, like I saw in the planting of seeds some took as little as 60 days while others took up to 5 years to harvest, pray until we see something happen.  Thirdly, we have to trust God with our seeds and believe in His promises.

If we look in Genesis 15:5 we see how God teaches Abraham multiplication with the starts and again in Genesis 22:17 with the grains of sand.  We have to believe that God will do what He promises in His Word.   We need to believe that what we sow will produce a harvest simply because His Word tells us this is truth and God does not go against His Word.  In conclusion, it is up to us to have enough faith to believe in the multiplication process and to decide in our hearts that we serve a God who will multiply any seed we sow accordingly to His plan and purpose for our lives.

“Offerings are the spices that give you the fullness of life”

Hidden Seeds

Galatians 6:8

The Message (MSG)

7-8 Don’t be misled: No one makes a fool of God. What a person plants, he will harvest. The person who plants selfishness, ignoring the needs of others—ignoring God!—harvests a crop of weeds. All he’ll have to show for his life is weeds! But the one who plants in response to God, letting God’s Spirit do the growth work in him, harvests a crop of real life, eternal life.


How many of us have sat in church service after church service and gleaned valuable information about God and the Bible?  Now, how many of us have taken that to the streets and shared it?  The New Testament tells us to tell all the nations. Share the Good News with everyone you meet!  Why do we find it so hard to share the Awesome News of Jesus everywhere we go?

We are like squirrels.  Yup! Squirrels.  We find a seed. Stalk it out. Make sure no one is looking and then we bury it, often not knowing where it is in a few months time.  In Michigan we have an abundance of forgotten about seeds call Oak Trees.  I think it might just be God’s humor but they multiply and so do their leaves.  Any way, I digress I bit.  God gives us seeds to be planted in others.  We accept Jesus, go to church and learn how to teach others about Jesus.  Why does it seem like the message stops at the pew?

This is a plaguing question for many of us.  We want everyone to be saved yet we know there is rejection out there and we have had enough of that so we are going to just bury that seed in our hearts and we will use it when necessary, when we come across just the right person.  Now I know that we are to keep the Word of God hidden in our hearts so I am not talking about that at the moment.  I mean spiritual truths that might win somebody to Christ.  Words of wisdom that may make a person go, “Hmmmm, that does make sense.”

So I encourage all of us not be like those squirrels who gather and bury all day long.  Let’s be doers of the Word and start planting seeds which will grow into fruitful trees of life which can be found resting along the river banks.  If each one of us planted one seed the moment we left church say at the grocery store or the local park, could you imagine how many people could be reached for Jesus?  Plant seeds, remember where you plant them and watch life happen right before your eyes! Oh, and one more thing…..someone once planted a seed in you.

Project Apple Cart

Deuteronomy 8:3

Yes, He humbled you by letting you go hungry and then feeding you with manna, a food previously unknown to you and your ancestors. He did it to teach you that people do not live by bread alone; rather, we live by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord.
How do we know when we are really off on the wrong track?  Whether it is concerning your job or your marriage or your child raising skills or your church attendance or even your communication with God, we get off track…..after all we are human and not perfect by any means.  What happens when we get our apple cart neatly arranged and ready for market only to have something bump in to it and knock it over or upset our arrangement.  Notice I said OUR arrangement.  We spend hours and days on projects in our lives concerning the things I mentioned above and then out of the blue something happens to upset the whole scheme of things.  How does this happen?  Is it us?  It is others around us?  What if it’s just God?
Once upon a time I thought I had marriage figured out only to discover that I really was suppose to still be myself.  I was suppose to be free in my relationship with my husband to be honest about everything.  I was suppose to share my feelings and hurts and wants and needs openly instead of bottling everything up on the inside until everything just tipped over and spilled out everywhere.  I thought I had my marriage cart all set up and perfect until I began to break apart at the seams and my apples starting falling out one by one.  I felt as if I had done a pretty good job keeping things all together.  Furthermore, I felt as if I had done a pretty good job on my own, without God.  It was as if God said to Himself one day,”Time to tip Brenda’s cart over!”
In doing so, God was able to show me many things, I had the concept wrong on a lot of things in my life.  I did not have to submit to my husband when it wasn’t  the right thing to do.  I did not have to just accept the destruction that surrounding me every day.  I had the right to be happy.  As God began to show me who I was designed to me, the more I could see just how wrong of a concept I had of marriage.  Little by little as He pulled me out of my pit, I needed to toss out my old apples (old ways of thinking) and plant new trees.  The more I learned about God’s love the easier it was to get rid of the old apples.
So when I began planting new seeds, with the new knowledge I had, the trees grew very quickly.  Now I can glance over and see orchards of what God has done in a very short time.  He has given me a marriage with a harvest so great I at times don’t have a clue what to do with the overflow.  As I harvest each apple I feel God’s love just pouring into my life as if He desires to ingrain in me what a true apple looks like.  He shows me everyday what a true marriage should be based on.  And everyday I am given sufficient love from my husband as He seeks God for how much to give.
So, how neat is your apple cart?  Did you design and fill it all on your own or did you allow God to show you His master plan?  Are you reaping a good harvest from your trees?  Are you ready if God decides tomorrow to tip it over because you are headed in the wrong direction with your cart?

I Wanna Be A Tree!

1 Chronicles 16:33
Then the trees of the forest will sing for joy before the LORD; For He is coming to judge the earth.

Psalm 96:12
Let the field exult, and all that is in it. Then all the trees of the forest will sing for joy

First things first, I apologize for the breaks between my blogs, life has been kind of “valleyish” lately.  Stepping back into old patterns and just plain not with it!  But onward I trudge through the valley knowing that at the end there is wisdom, love and peace.  Also I know God is standing right with me during the testing and showing me how to overcome my currently situation with grace and unbitterness.  I pray God will see I am trying and honor I am still seeking His wisdom through it all.  Okay onto today’s blog!

During a recent devotion at church, our pastors wife held up sheets of lamented leaves she was sending to her grandkids.  As she shared them with us she pointed out several things like the colors, the shapes, the variety comparing them to us as humans.  She showed some that were blemished and had spots, showing how this could mean cancer in one’s life.  Also from a distance we often cannot see the brokenness but once we take a closer look it is right there.  As she was talking I began to think about my dear friend who has been listening to tree references everywhere she goes and God gave me a reflection to write.  (yes, sorry pastor, during church again..)

Trees grow upwards towards heaven and are calling heaven down….what if we are the trees that are pulling heaven down to earth?  As we stand our ground (regarding the things of God), saturating our roots in good soil, soaking up the sun (Son) and surrendering our arms (limbs) if to say, “Here we are calling out to You oh God, hear our calling.”  As we learn to grow our roots become our foundation and what if at times God just sprinkles some miracles into our lives (just like miracle grow), at this point we grow so quickly that those around us are amazed by the mighty Hand of God upon us and how He is moving us that they begin to gather at our feet to hear the Good News.  They stand in awe so that they too may become rooted and and soon are gathering around to take our seeds of faith so that they too may begin to pull down heaven (His Kingdom come).

As we bend and bow with the winds of change we are brought to a fulfillment of our person.  We will go through seasons and our weathering will show.  Scars will appear and others will see the knots we endured.  Even with all of this, yet we will reach up in surrender asking God to help us grow.  We seek the Son (sun) turning out leaves (souls) upward to receive all that God has to offer.  When it rains we stand and receive.  When it snows we soak in the warmth of His love so that we may remain sturdy for the new growth which is coming so that in summer we can enjoy it’s pleasures.  We are continually standing, rooted in the things of God preparing ourselves daily (reading the Bible) for the next change in our lives, shedding the old (fall) and growing green again (spring) so that we can shine for Him in all of the seasons of our lives.

So I urge you to close your eyes and imagine yourself as that tree pulling down Heaven to earth.  We need to stand in upright positioning trusting God to meet all of our needs daily.  Trusting Him to bring caretakers (pastors, friends, evangelists, teachers prophets) into our lives to give us strength and encouragement. Acknowledging that sometimes our damage comes from ourselves (not enough sun and water/Son and Bible),  other scars come from the actions of others (carvings and other destruction/wounds and hurts), and lastly, storms take a toll (lightening and wind/things we cannot control).  All of these things try to shake our foundation and knock us over but when Jesus comes from Heaven He will not see our lightening strikes or our bare limbs or the knots or the scars, He will only see what you are in your heart.  So get your heart right and thinking straight and you will become a tree of good bearing fruit, one which draws people to your foothold and ask, why so blessed?