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Receiving, Accepting and Shipping

Proverbs 8:35
For whoever finds me finds life and receives favor from the LORD.

How often does God try to enlighten you with wisdom or healing or just a gentle touch to let you know that He is there?  How many times do we not accept His Love because we are broken and feel as though we are unworthy of acceptance even in the presence of our Creator?  Why does it seem to be such a difficult thing to stand in surrender, to cry out to God or place our hope in God as our provider in all circumstances?  What is it that stops us dead in our tracks making it so hard to move forward?  Past woundedness.  Bad choices.  Lack of faith.  No hope left to have. So many things that are not of God which we allow to hinder our walk.  This is exactly where Satan wants us to reside so that we become more lost and farther away from God than ever before.  Well, in this moment let us choose to say, “Satan! Get behind us!”

I have been through many years of loss. Years of my life have been spent in denial.  I was good at hiding the brokenness and pretending like I had everything under control.  I hid myself from God and I knew the moment I had it all figured out I would allow God back into my life.  Tormented by wrong decisions for my life and unbelief, I was not able to receive or accept God’s love which hindered me from setting my ship sailing on the calm waters with Jesus.  Oh how I longed to be in His presence having surrendered it all and resting in peace, yet I could not get past the guilt and shame of my past.  I felt unworthy of any kind of love, especially God’s.

Having been blinded to love for so many years, I find it hard in this moment of time to receive.  I also find it difficult to accept love of any kind.  Amidst my brokenness I found self-blame.  I assumed the responsibility of my wrong actions and I placed a wall up that only God knew was there and He was waiting for me to just let my guard down so that He could love me back together.  He had to wait until I was ready to give up.  He had to wait until I was shattered enough to want to give up.  As I stood in one final surrender just recently, God has allowed my spirit to be filled with a right love, a love like nothing I have ever experienced before.  What did it take for me to overcome?  Surrender.  Grace. Pure love.

If we can only learn to give it up the minute it happens, brokenness can no longer hold us down.  If we would just choose to give it up instead of taking it in, God can work some awesome things into our spirits, allowing us to flow IN Him and be about the Father’s business: sharing the love of His Son.  Oh to reside in this place for the rest of my days, surrendering daily my brokenness so that God can love me back together which will enable me to receive and accept His love, thus giving me the opportunity to ship His love to those who are broken and lost in this world.

Choose in this moment to surrender.  Choose in this moment to give it all up.  Choose in this moment to let God mess up your life!  I did and now I am sailing clear waters.




Are You Attatched?

Luke 8:23
But as they were sailing along He fell asleep; and a fierce gale of wind descended on the lake, and they began to be swamped and to be in danger.

Not quite sure of where you are headed?  Storms raging all around you and you are griped by fear?  Thought maybe you were sailing along just fine only to discover you are alone?  Often we are plagued by so many uncharted waters, we can not make heads or tail of any of the things we encounter.  Questioning why we chose the way we did and doubting God in the process.  How do we get so turned around?  Why do we not choose to “anchor” ourselves in Jesus, allowing Him to “steer” us in the right direction, so that we may enjoy smooth sailing”?  Let me paint a picture for you:

We are born.  We survive childhood, hopefully intact, and begin to have a sense about the world.  From the time we are little, we know we are seeking something greater than just what is in front of us.  Sometimes we grab the anchor at an early age and hold steadfast to the things of God.  Others do not find anchor until years later.  Now the true question to ask at this point, concerning the anchor:  Are you anchored to Jesus or is He anchored to you?  I am not sure I know how to correctly answer this, but let me give it a shot!  If you attach yourself to the anchor, you are then destined to go where it goes.  Picking up and moving at the will of the anchor.  If you attach the anchor to your life, then you are still in control and get to make all the choices without even thinking.  Now of course when we apply this to Godly thinking we have to take into consideration we have a free will, however lets just look at the big picture, not the tiny details!

So now, which anchoring would you choose?  A life where you are led by God or one where you decide how you are going to live, pulling God along with you? Tough thing to actually think about, huh? It was a wake up call to me just as I am writing this.  Our free will actually allows us to choose how to be anchored, I certainly am choosing to by anchored to Jesus!  By choosing to be anchored to Jesus, we can then allow Him to take the wheel and steer us into the right direction for our lives.  When we do our own steering (thinking) that is when we end up in so much trouble!  God knows the direction we need to go and will lead us into His charted waters for our own safety.  When we are left alone in the water, not following the map (ie Bible) we certainly will end up in deeper waters where the dangerous stuff lurks.

If we are wise in our choice (to be anchored not anchoring) then surely the goodness and favor of the Lord will be upon us and we will suffer less shipwrecks and hardships.  How many times do we find ourselves in a storm all panicked out only to realize it was our choices which led us down that path?  During my marriage, I was not anchored to God, I most definitely just dragged Him along.  And then as the storm raged, I bit my nails, cried out in anger and pointed fingers at God for where I ended up.  Boy was I in for a rude awakening when I made the realization I had not followed God at all to get where I was, I had been doing my own  “steering” into the wrong direction.  I had no one to blame but me!  I chose not use Godly wisdom in choosing the direction I wanted to go.  I thought my ship was ready to sail and nobody was stopping me.

So how do we turn the situation around so that we become calm in the storms?  Let go of the anchor, surrender your life to Jesus and let Him grab a hold of you, anchor you into Him, restore your ship, take the wheel and sail into a life of victory!  Sweet is sailing when the waters are calmed by the One who calms the raging seas!  How awesome is the feeling as you are birthed into the favor and blessings of God.  I love the breeze that comes when you are right with God.  The feeling of things being under control (peace).  The unexplainable things you pass on the way.  The joys which come from smooth sailing.  I never want to go back to anchoring God to my life, I want Him to have full control over my life so I may walk in peace 24/7.  No more freaking out.  No more cries of desperation for even in the trials which come, I am no longer uncertain of where I am headed.

So choose today to let go, surrender and let God take you where He wants you to go.  You may not understand some of the changes of direction at first, but you can be certain He is taking you to charted waters and He wants to bless you abundantly.  Trust me, I know.  Once I learned to let go, I have not stopped receiving blessings.  My life is being restored and God is just placing things into my life.  For instance, having someone paying for the restoration of my teeth.  I am confident God has a house already in the works for me.  He has placed another career opportunity to fill in some of the gaps with a Godly company.  He surrounds me with good friends who have wisdom concerning the things of God.  I could go on, however my simple point is:  Let Go,let God and sail in freedom and without fear for God is calming the waters, steering the wheel and taking your ship exactly where He has you destined to be.