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Judgement or Encouragement

Romans 14:19

So then, let us aim for harmony in the church and try to build each other up
How we do we know the difference between judging someone for where they stand with God and encouraging them to dip their toe a little deeper into the river of life?  Sometimes we see bothers and sisters in Christ struggling with so many things and having walked a certain path we know where our help comes from and we have this desire to show them the way to hope, yet they think we are judging them for where they are.  Soon we are arguing about who is right and what is wrong; soon the scene seems to become so hopeless.
There are many hurting people out there and sadly lots  of them are Christians who know God has a plan for their lives and He is their help in present time.  I just want to shake them until they get it, yet I know it is best to just love them where they are at.  I always joke about how I can post something cheesy about God on Facebook and 12 plus people will like it but the moment I mention revival I barely can get any response.  I guess what I am trying to say is that revival changed my life when it came to nearby church.  I have not been the same since I fell in love with Jesus again and I just want others to experience this too.
I wish I could show people just how much can change in your life when you begin to seek a body of Christ to be a part of.  I know the church is not a physical building but rather the church is alive in each of us and moves about the earth proclaiming Jesus is Lord.  Yet I know in my heart of hearts that if I did not have an actual group of Christians to hang out with I would surely have slipped into my old ways.
Let me be real for a moment.  When I separated from my first husband I was so broken and in need of love that I might have fallen into so many traps if I had not been in an actual church.  I might have gone back to my partying days or started sleeping around with other men.  Had it not been for the good group of people I was surrounded by I may have just left God all together.  I was so hurt I would have done anything for love even if it was the wrong kind, yet I was held true to God through the entire process.  I respected the love God had for me enough to know I did not want to wander back into my old style of living.
If onlys flood my mind as I try to convey this message.  If only they would go to church…if only they would surrender it all…if only they would choose worship music to listen to….if only they would stop using drugs and  alcohol as a hiding place…if only they would choose to come to revival….if only they would want to change…if only they would love my Jesus like I do.  Nope, I am not perfect in any way, shape or form, but I know there is a God who loves me unconditionally, no matter where I am at and I have this desire to do the same for His people.
So call it judging if you want to but I just want you to know the love of Jesus in your life.  I want you to allow God to radically change you.  I want you to press in and reach the hem of Jesus’ garment.  I want you to be healed and whole so that together as a church body we can bring the light of Jesus to a lost and dying world.  This is why I invite you to revival over and over again.  This is why I invite you to join our women’s group week after week.  This is why I plaster my Facebook wall with Jesus stuff….it’s not because I am religious but because I want you to feel this love.

The Correct Connection

“Trust in the LORD always, for the LORD GOD is the eternal Rock.” 

Isaiah 26:4 NLT

Ever have God just whisper something into your thought processes that just made you stop in your tracks and say, “WHAT?”  Just the other day this very thing happened to me as I was having a conversation with a former youth student.  I had been praying for this boy to find God and I was ecstatic that he had, but my revival spirit was churning because of the church he had joined in the process.  As I stood there wrestling with “religion” I felt God say this very thing to me, “Why does it matter what church he goes to?  Are you not happy he found Me?”

Wow did that hit me like a ton of bricks.  Who are we to judge how people find God?  Why do we get so caught up in the religious aspect of God that we fail to see God?  As fellow Christians we should just be rejoicing for the mere fact someone came to know the Lord.  We should be there for that person in love and have their back.  We should be willing to give them encouragement and guidance even if they joined a different denomination than ours.  Our way is not the only way to God, how silly are we to think so?

Now of course we can flip the coin and point out all of the differences between their beliefs and ours, however in the end isn’t the end result that God is the common denominator?  I  for one do not want to be in judgement of another persons beliefs for in the way I judge so I will be judged as well.

Matthew 7:2
For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you.

Yes, of course we are not going to agree with everything the other person believes in and we may even feel as if they are being deceived according to what we have been taught, but this does not give us the right to judge God in that persons life.  God is God and He is love and if He loves you and I then surely He will love this person equally no matter what religion path they are on.  Who are we to know everything?  Do we really know all the workings of God?  We should be content in who we are in Christ and trust God to take care of any deception or lies the enemy may be feeding parts of the Body.

In these last days, our focus should be on winning souls not increasing the numbers in our own religious beliefs.  The more who come to know Christ the less who find themselves headed for hell.  I know that from now on I will be more cautious in how I react to where people attend church and how they connect God.  My way to God is not the only way.  I know in my heart of hearts that Jesus is the only way to heaven and it is by confessing our sins and accepting Him as our personal Savior that in the end of all of this, we will find ourselves stepping through those Pearly Gates into heaven.  If one accepts Jesus no matter the religion they follow, they shall see heaven.

Friends, let us strive for taking souls for Jesus and not increasing the number who attends our own church.  It is about the numbers but not ours, His.