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Easy Breezy

Psalm 23:3

He renews my strength. He guides me along right paths, bringing honor to his name.
Gently the breeze blows over me and I can feel the old just being gently taken away.  I can close my eyes and breathe knowing God is removing all the old stuff and replacing it with new things so that I can be fully focused on what God has set out for me.  Knowing I am grounded in the things of God and that He pours refreshing waters over me daily, I can grow more confident that God is in control.  Knowing that He has healed all the inner pain makes facing the next moments in life a little easier.  As I allow God to remove the old stuff from the past I am free to be who I was designed to be…whole and loved!
 This is what I wanted my husband to see from the portrait I painted for him on our last date night.  As I saw what God wanted me to paint for him I was filled with such joy.  I could see the water gently falling and the roots going deeper.  I could feel the changing breeze taking the old things far away.  I also could see that God was showing me to paint the roots on the dead side of the flower in red to represent the blood of Jesus.
As I pondered on why the red for the roots, God showed me that even though the past is gone and He removed the pain and guilt from it, it still needed to be covered by the blood of Jesus.  As He washes over us He not only cleanses but He brings healing to the inner soul.  Sometimes others don’t see all the changes which come when God does a work in someone, however the person going through the renewal process knows exactly what God is healing on the inside.
God can do this for everyone who is willing to receive His love and correction.  Some say we just need to be uprooted and restarted, however God showed us clearly that He can heal you right where you are.  He can mend the broken roots and bring life back to what someone once thoughtw as dead.  When we open ourselves up in surrender to the possibilities of what God can change in us and come to the understanding that we can just breathe and let Him do all the work.  We can’t change ourselves, we can only chose to be changed.
Are you ready for change? Do you know that all you really have to do is chose to be changed?  All you need is a heart willing to let go and mind that is willing to be changed and renewed, God will take care of the rest.

No Matter What, It’s Valentine’s Day

Psalm 13:5
But I trust in your unfailing love. I will rejoice because you have rescued me.

This blog is for all those who find themselves without a Valentine this year.  I know the world has just suddenly burst into shades of red, pink and purple.  The aroma of flowers wafting through the air, leaving its’ trail of perfume.  The sight of chocolate in a heart shaped box brings excitement to the taste buds at a glance.  There are cards galore and little surprises popping up everywhere.  Some may be asked for their hand in marriage and still others celebrate anniversaries.  Children are excited about their little valentines and about the party at school.  AND then, there are the broken hearted, lonely, unattached people who seem to either be angry because it is Valentine’s Day or just terribly depressed.  Some are so numb because it is there first holiday without a loved one who has passed on.  Others still just want revenge on those who are happy today or are so blinded by jealously they can’t see straight.

No matter the circumstances, it is still going to be Valentine’s Day from 12:01 am and for the next 24 hours after that.  You can’t avoid it.  It will come every year you are alive.  Sure you can hide under the covers or runaway to some secluded piece of land in the next town, but it will still be Valentine’s Day everywhere.  So, now that we decided that…..let us examine and come to a conclusion on how to find some peace in this day.  When my husband and I were together we had agreed that Valentine’s Day was not something we would really celebrate.  Sure we got something for the kids and sometimes we would get each other cards, but for the most part we did not see the sense in this holiday, yet I watched the rest of the world fall in love every February 14th.  And suddenly I felt all left out.

Even though we decided not to celebrate, I have to admit I would have liked some flowers at work or a big box of chocolates.  I always said that Valentine’s Day was over rated and just another way for someone else to make money, but I think somewhere deep down inside I was the jealous one watching from afar as others got taken out for dinner and got beautiful roses and tasteful treats.  Perhaps I was just like the rest of the world, looking for love in the superficial worldly view of love.  Not the real stuff, but the kind of love that money bought.  Momentary happiness and temporary acceptance.  Why was I so interested in that?  What I really needed was true, unbiased love from my husband but he was strung out on drugs most of the time and I never had his full undivided attention.  I don’t know who I was fooling anyways, we never had any money for anything fancy on Valentine’s Day, but I wanted more than what I receiving.

Wow!  I hit that on the head just now…..we always want more than we are receiving.  We see what the world is offering everyone else and we want it too.  Maybe all I needed was a hug or someone to stay up long enough to watch a movie, but I wanted a dozen yellow roses delivered to work instead because it would make it seem to the world that everything was alright.  I wanted a mushy card to read in my lonely times that would remind me of what love used to be for me.  I longed for what I no longer had a hold of and that is why I had to find a new approach to Valentine’s Day before I lost my mind completely and my broke into a million pieces.  I needed an answer to my loneliness and the feeling of emptiness I was experiencing.  I desired something substantial and long lasting, something that did not come in a red velvet box or come wrapped in a pretty bow and cellophane.  My heart ached for something more, glad I found a solution.

John 3:16.  For God so LOVED the world.  Bam!  Just like that, I had all I needed to make Valentine’s Day tolerable and it really began to change my mind set about this holiday forever.  Instead of celebrating the world’s idea of love, I could share the love of Jesus with those who need it more than they needed a fancy Valentine.  Jesus is with you all the time and He never leaves you or forsakes you.  He gives you the desires of your heart and brings you new beauty each morning.  He delivers flowers to the meadows everyday somewhere in the world.  He orchestrates the birds to sing melodies.  He heals the hurts we have inside and does not take it personally.  He is always listening and finds time to spend with you.  He does not hold a grudge against us if we don’t spend enough time with Him.  He accepts us for who we are and gives us more than we deserve at times.  What better Valentine is there?

So now when the Red Holiday comes around, I think about the blood of Jesus and how it covers it all.  I no longer get jealous when someone gets this huge bouquet of flowers or a big stuffed animal; I actually get happy because it is making someone else smile.  I appreciate the little things in life more.  I am able to tell others to have a Happy Valentine’s Day and actually mean because my thoughts are higher now and my eyes are on Jesus and I know He loves me right where I am.  I have all I need because I am secure in my relationship with the One True Valentine, Jesus.  Won’t you let Him be your Valentine too?