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Facing Reality

Psalm 66:12

Then you put a leader over us. We went through fire and flood, but you brought us to a place of great abundance.
Time to be real…hate that.  I am really great at pretending everything is just fine when the reality of the situation rears its ugly face and I come to the strange realization that I have been hiding again.  Each time I think I have things all figured out, something sneaks up and grabs me out of no where and it shakes me until I stare it in the face and deal with it.  Sigh, some call it walking through the fire, I like to call it a cry in the wilderness.  No wait, SCREAMING, in the face of distress.
I spent a lot of my life making everything on the surface seem fine.  I held a full time job, raised two kids, went to church and made the world think things were just honky dory when the reality of the situation was I was falling apart piece by piece and no one even noticed.  I lived each day the same as the one before and it seemed as if I did not know any different.  As I began to seek God in my life, things began to change.  I cried every time the worship started at church.  I began to share my story with the people God had placed in my life.  God began cracking my shell and soon I was spilling my guts out everywhere and this is where God could finally take over.
Once I was an open book so to speak, God could start writing new chapters again.  He created a new life for me and it was if I slammed the first book closed, right when I thought things were all in alignment again.  I moved into a whole new book even though there were unfinished chapters in the first one.  For you see, I moved on with me and what God had set in motion for my life and left my kids behind in the other book.  Hmmmm, I wonder how that happened?
Today, I faced the reality of a split family face to face, nose to nose.  Though I have moved out of my life of disarray I seemed to have left my own children to fend for themselves…who does that?  In light of all of this, I can see hope.  Now that things have been brought to the surface they can be dealt with.  Now that each party has been forced so to speak to spill their guts, things can change for the better.  Facing reality may not seem like a fun thing to do, however it opens up our hearts for the possibility for change.
Facing reality can be labeled as toxic, not to be messed with our hearts are not open to the possibility of things being set right.  Facing reality means you have to stop pretending everything is okay.  Facing reality means there are some changes that will occur.  Finally, facing reality means coming to terms with rejection, pride, self-worth, pain, brokenness, heart issues, run-a-way emotions, anger issues and so many other ugly things about ourselves.  Is it time for a reality check in your life?

The River is Calling You…YES YOU!

Psalm 1:3
They are like trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season. Their leaves never wither, and they prosper in all they do.

Wow! So much going on at one time in my life, I seem to be slipping at this blogging!  I have been promoted at work to General Manager and as I am getting my feet wet, I am in that balancing act of trying to re-platform my life.  I am sure I will get back into the swing of things soon, yet it just seems out of my grasp.  Then today in a moment of wondering what is happening at the court house with my husband I get the text from my editor telling me she is almost done!  So excited!  I cannot wait to see what doors God will open while I am just here resting in the peace that He has provided for me.  I feel as though the more I rest, the more that happens!  I have never felt like I was on top of the world before, but I feel very close to that at the moment.  My final dental appointment for now is May 17th and I will once again be able to smile like I used to!  My book is about to hit the bookshelves and the hearts of those who need to read it.  I am settling into my new role as General Manager and the prospect of moving into the new house is getting closer.

So I use the reference verse for this blog because it is the one read at my past owners funeral and it has stuck with me and resonated in my heart for so long.  As my roots in Christ grow stronger and I drink in the Living Water, things just begin to grow and spread.  My branches become stronger and I am able to reach out to others even while I am just standing in His River of Life.  I have wanted to have this peace for as long as long as I can remember.  Even when there are storms bashing about, I am in such a firm location, I cannot be shaken.  Sure I have my moments but they are few and far between.

My wish today is for all of you to come to the river, plant your roots in the already prepared soil and just relax.  Trust God to provide.  Just look at my life, and none of it is a lie, it is truth.  It seems like a fairy tale at times, yet it is so real.  My dentures. My home. The book. The possibility of my husband beginning his walk with God even though the circumstances seem dim.  My promotion.  All of these things are happening while I am resting in His peace.  Resting in the trust.  Resting in His glory.  I pray each of you will bury your roots in the warm and just feel Him surround you.

Below is a picture of a rock I discovered on the retreat I was just recently on.  It was like a love letter straight from God!  May I always be buried in His love, surrounded by His peace.  It took quite the journey to get here, yet I am completely satisfied with what has happened because I know God has been in control.  Will you start now to let Him have control?  The River is calling…..