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Spoiled Princess

Philippians 4:6 Do not fret or have any anxiety about anything, but in every circumstance and in everything, by prayer and petition ( definite requests), with thanksgiving, continue to make your wants known to God.

How many times have we read that verse and then just shrugged it off feeling like God was talking to someone else?  Why do we find ourselves in such deep sorrow that we cannot acknowledge that God really does love us and He wants to bless us?  How is it possible we can believe Jesus died on the cross for us, yet we don’t ask for anything in faith that we really want because we feel undeserving of it?  When I was in the middle of my marriage and we were fighting to keep our heads above water I was looking at the ground and seeing the disaster I was in when I should have been looking to heaven for help!

Put your hand in front of your face about an arms length away.  What do you see?  Your hand!  If you want to see what is on the other side you have to move it away, but it is still there.  If you want to look to either side you have to bend your body in uncomfortable positions to see around it.  Now let us imagine for a moment that your hand is your battle.  We cannot see through it.  Without moving it out of the way we can not go around it.  Because it is attached to you it goes before you where ever you travel.  Why would we want to live like that, always focusing on the pain right in front of us?  Constantly reminding us of what we have to face every day?

Okay, now if we take that hand away and join it with the other and offer them in surrender to  God, our gave is lifted upwards and our focus is taken off from our hands, our battle.  We now can focus on something else and begin to regain sight of what we really should be focused on, God’s provision.  When our eyes are free to gaze upon our loving Father, things become clear.  We suddenly can hear His voice.  We can begin to trust Him for the things we need in our lives.  God wants to step in and save us from our battle, but we have to be willing to give up the fight.  We have to finally get so desperate we just throw our hands into the air in total surrender, claiming no more, the battle as our own.

In the past few months I have been trying to figure out why I am so happy, even though to the outside world I should be going slightly insane.  People say I should divorce and start a new life with someone else.  Financially things are still not in perfect order and some say I should file for bankruptcy.  I am refusing to go down the worldly road when God has taken me by the hand and lead me a path of trust and blessing.  Why would I not listen to God and move in a direction I know He does not desire for me?  If we take things to God in prayer and make our requests known to Him, then and only then can He begin to move on our behalf!

I am choosing to stay near God and away from worldly desires and distractions.  I am focusing on becoming the vessel God needs me to be.  Sometimes He wants me to do crazy things, but I see the vision and press on for completion of the task and He just keeps blessing me!  I told my friend this morning I was going to buy one of those necklaces that says “Spoiled Princess” because that’s how I feel some times.  God loves me.  God loves you.  Anyone can receive the blessings they desire if they just lay down their lives and start renewing their RIGHT relationship with God.  Not just a superficial love, but a deep, trusting love that nothing can break through!  Start today to believe in that verse above, maybe reread the prayer of Jabez and start today working towards seeking God for all things in your life!


One Button

“Hurry with your answer, God! I’m nearly at the end of my rope. Don’t turn away; don’t ignore me! That would be certain death. If you wake me each morning with the sound of your loving voice, I’ll go to sleep each night trusting in you. Point out the road I must travel; I’m all ears, all eyes before you. Save me from my enemies, God— you’re my only hope! Teach me how to live to please you, because you’re my God. Lead me by your blessed Spirit into cleared and level pasture land.” Psalm 143:10 MSG

Life can be so frustrating some times and often it is the little things which bog us down the most.  The slow car in front of us.  Having to stop at every street light on our way to work.  The person who does not have enough money at the grocery store and has to put things back when we only have two items to pay for.  Our cell phone is not working properly.  The internet sever we are using is too slow.  The kids not ready fast enough int he morning.  I could list several things that just get under our skin on a daily basis.  Ever stop to think for one moment, God might be using the little things to make BIG changes in our personalities?

At some point in time we have to stop the nonsense and learn the lesson.  Stopping ourselves long enough to see there is a problem is the real issue.  The next time you are the grocery store, watch the people around you.  What are their reactions to things?  How many sighs, strange annoyed looks and complaining comments are taking place?  Now take it a step further and see it from God’s perspective.  What is He seeing in His people?  Now deeper still, this one may touch home a little harder, is that how you react too?  Is this the way you and I want others to see us?  I personally can be the “Great Overacter” when things are just not right.  Now I am by no means a perfectionist, just ask my kids, however when things are frustrating me I really lose it sometimes.

At work, I have decided that when the pressure is on, I will be calm instead of increasing the pressure on my fellow crew members.  I am trying harder to be compassionate and understanding; every one works at a different level and may not have the same energy about the job as I do.  It seems to be working and people are noticing.  Now, I need to move that lesson learned into my private life as well.  After all, even though your family loves you and accepts you for who you are, it does not mean we can’t make a conscience effort to correct our flaws.

A perfect example of my over-reacting is as follows.  One day my van stops displaying the time on the radio.  May not seem like a big issue, however to me it was important.  It’s hard to check the time on your phone, as well as dangerous, when you are driving.  I am usually running a tad bit behind and I just NEED to know what time it is.  So for two months now we have been without the time displayed in the van.  I was just beginning to accept it until today when I had this freakout panic attack about not being able to see the time.  Not only was  I frustrated but it also irritated my daughter because she just did not understand why I was so frustrated.  To be honest, I am not sure why it bothered me so much.  Maybe it was because so many other things in my life over the years had been broken and I just wanted this one thing to work.

As usual, being like her mother, my daughter tries to fix the situation.  Low and behold it was one button that changed everything.  All this time the solution to problem was right in front of us, we just had overlooked it and thought it had just become a non-working element in the van.  Wow!  One button?  How can we relate this to God?  How many times have we cried out wanting God to fix something for us and gotten frustrated about it, only to realize He had already provided for us in some way?  God does not wish this life to have difficulties, however through these we grow and increase our dependance on Him.  There truly was an “Easy Button” today to fix the clock in the van and I am positive there are others surrounding me that I just have not discovered yet.  Answers to those questions I feel God had just been ignoring, I am not looking in the right place.

God did not promise us an easy road, but He provides for us sometimes in ways we just cannot see until we surrender it to Him in frustration.  The more this happens in our lives the more we begin to realize we don’t need to freak out about things for we can be assured He has the provision or the answer already in motion.  How many things can we change in our lives right now if we would stop lashing out and just look for that one button that can change it all?  Stop for a moment when things frustrate you and look for the God lesson in it.  Evaluate your life and see what changes need to be made so you can prevent this frustration from happening again. I guarantee you will see a change in less than a month, it worked for me at work and I am certain it will prove to be the same in my home life.