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Orphan, sister to Rejection

Ephesians 1:5-6 [Full Chapter]

[ The God of Glory ] How blessed is God! And what a blessing he is! He’s the Father of our Master, Jesus Christ, and takes us to the high places of blessing in him. Long before he laid down earth’s foundations, he had us in mind, had settled on us as the focus of his love, to be made whole and holy by his love. Long, long ago he decided to adopt us into his family through Jesus Christ. (What pleasure he took in planning this!) He wanted us to enter into the celebration of his lavish gift-giving by the hand of his beloved Son.
This is a story about a young woman who became pregnant at a very early age from a circumstance out of her control.  As the issue of pregnancy was brought out into the open along came with it several thoughts: fear, abortion, uncertainty, turmoil, distress, rejection, abandonment and probably many emotions.  How was she going to raise a baby when she herself was still a child?  How would she be able to afford it?  Would she even know what to do when the baby cried?  As the mother went through all of these thought processes, little did she so know so did the infant being created in her womb. Fear, doubt, rejection, unworthiness:  all off these contribute to the orphan state of mind.  
I am a product of an unwed mother.  I was given up for adoption and raised with parents who were not my own.  I never knew why I struggled with rejection my entire life until about 6 years ago when I began to go through stages of deliverance.  I always felt like the odd man out.  Never really fit in.  Had thoughts that I was never good enough.  My adoptive parents always told me I was adopted and that they always wanted me but it never felt real to me.  Instead I thought I was a throw away, my real mom didn’t want me because I was defective for some reason.(having met my real mom, there is no truth to this thought)  Rejection had a stronghold on me and it really didn’t want to let go, however through pray and surrender I was able to overcome the rejection status in my life.  I became more confident in who I was and began to heal.  Overcoming rejection allowed me to write books and get them published.  Overcoming rejection allowed me to remarry a man again and lead a successful life.  So why am I writing about orphans today?
Because, last night at church someone prayed over me and said, “You are wanted.  You are not an orphan.  You were meant to be born, abortion was never the answer.”  What did that do to my spirit?  I cried.  The pain was unbearable.  I did not even realize I was holding onto this, I thought it went when I overcame rejection.  I was perplexed and grieving at the same time.  How had the enemy held me in bondage for 45 years?
How many of you struggle with rejection and the feeling of being an orphan?  I bet there are many.  Well, I am here today to tell you that you are not rejected.  You are not an orphan.  God has created you for a plan and a purpose and you are not a mistake.  He loves you and has accepted you as His own son or daughter.  He delights in seeing you everyday.  Though the world may be cruel and mean, He longs to protect you from all of that.  He invites you into His presence.  He is willing to listen.  He is waiting for you to surrender the pain of rejection and abandonment so that He can heal you from it.
You don’t have to be adopted to feel rejection and abandonment so this message is for everyone.  I encourage you to take a moment right now and let it all go.  If you have to cry then cry.  If you have to scream then scream.  Do what ever it takes to give this ugliness to God.  Your freedom is right around the corner.  

Taking Vitamins


Ever get a word for God and it just makes you stop in your tracks?  Do you wonder how you arrived at where you are only to discover what you had been holding on to was not God’s actual plan?  Ever been so touched by God that you can only follow after what He opens for you?  Well my husband John and I are at that place in our life right now.  Short catch up for those who may not have been following for long.

I was married once to a drug and alcohol abuser, had two wonderful children who are 23 and almost 21 at the moment.  One dark night following a suicide attempt with a 410 shotgun by my now ex-husband, God made a way for me to be restored in the fullness of life He had waiting for me.  After declaring to the Lord that I did not desire to have another man in my life, John showed up.  No interest at first but God began a work in both of us we could not ignore.  So in 2012 I married a man 19 years younger than myself and we have been happier then two pigs in mud.  Now, we decided that having children would not be an option.  He did not have a desire to have children and I was okay with that, being in my 40s….well God has presented a different plan….

A few months ago John and I attended a conference at our church and as we were standing at the altar afterwards just basking in His glory, a man of God looked straight through me as he was putting his guitar away.  I immediately knew God was up to something.  He approached us and asked me if I was a mother.  I said yes of two grown children.  I got excited suddenly as if I was going to receive a great word of encouragement for one of my children..nope..not at all what I expected happened next…He says to me and my husband, “Well, the Lord says He will make a way for you to have another child, financially and all other things included, but you have to be in agreement.”

What happened next?? Tears and tears and tears and more sobbing tears.  I did not know how to respond so I just stood there and cried knowing that my husband standing next to me was not going to receive the word of knowledge very well.  To make a long story short, God spoke to John and melted his heart and he now desires to be a daddy.  For you see, John being afraid of making mistakes as a father, had no desire to have a child of his own. We also had another issue..my tubes have been tied since 1994.

So what has happened in the last few weeks?  Well, my husband got a new job with great potential, I got a raise at work, I just got around to adding disability to my health insurance and financially we are coming in line.  Then today it was like the icing on the cake when I went to see an OBYGN, because my personal doctor feels I am high risk for pregnancy.  So when I arrived at my appointment I was filled with doubt.  I was prepared to just hear bad news and reasons why I should not even try to get pregnant.

Once again God blew me away with His wisdom.  This doctor was amazing.  She offered several options from operations to fertility doctors but it was like she sensed I was not going to choose any of those ways to get pregnant.  The minute she said, “There is this one option.  It’s a herb from the Health Hutt.”  I knew that God had set me up!  He knows the cry of my heart.  He knows that I have complete faith in Him.  This herb she told me as gotten two persons with completely tied tubes (medically proven)  pregnant–she called them the miracle babies.  She said it cannot be medically explained.

So what now?  Well, we take prenatal vitamins and folic acid and this herb and we pray!  I was just amazed this afternoon when I connected the dots of how everything has taken place in order.  Then to top it off I thought about the doctor and her knowledge of this herb–she had found out about this through a patient.  The fun part about that is, I did not get to choose who I was going to see..God did! So now, it’s all up to God because there is no other way!

She said What?????!!!!


When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.
So did you hear about the pastor who said this about grace? How bout that minister who just does marriages for first timers? Maybe you heard about the priest who has been visiting people in bars?  Did you hear about that church couple who have been fighting?  Can you believe that so and so are searching for a divorce lawyer?  Did you know that Mr. and Mrs. Busybodies are no longer attending that church?  Did you hear about that teen in youth group is pregnant and it’s by another teen student that goes to another church?  
Why does anything I mentioned in the first paragraph matter to us?  If I am correct the Bible clearly states that we are to love one another.  Why is that so tough? Probably because we are human.  Maybe because when we go through things and are set free we expect everyone else to have the same views.  Maybe we have this belief system that because we were set free from certain things that others should be able to also with no issues.  What we fail to recognize is that we all have come from different walks of life and some things which were easy for us to break away from may not be so easy for others.
Now clearly, there are some folks I would just like to drag right to Jesus’ feet and make them sit, but we all know that is not a reality in any situation.  We all have to find God in our own way.  We have to be the ones willing to be changed from the inside out.  With our free wills, we have to begin to allow God to cut us like that rough diamond and create in us a clean, precise image…one just like Jesus.
So what do we do when someone is speaking about another person?  Choose not to get involved.  Offer prayer as an option instead of standing in judgement.  Begin to show how God’s Word instructs us to love…no where does it say to speak ill of anyone.  I know it is really hard to separate ourselves from the world, yet if we are going to show the love of Christ to anyone then this is something we need to be able to do, love.  We at times seem to be incapable of loving others and this stems from being unloved in certain situations in our own lives.  
We have to go against everything within us sometimes and push to love.  Push aside pain.  Push aside distrust.  Push aside offenses.  I like the analogy I have heard about PUSH.  Pray Until Something Happens.  This is what we need to do in situations where we just don’t want to love.  This is what we need to do when rumors need stopping.  We just need to say, “Because God Says….”