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Taking Vitamins


Ever get a word for God and it just makes you stop in your tracks?  Do you wonder how you arrived at where you are only to discover what you had been holding on to was not God’s actual plan?  Ever been so touched by God that you can only follow after what He opens for you?  Well my husband John and I are at that place in our life right now.  Short catch up for those who may not have been following for long.

I was married once to a drug and alcohol abuser, had two wonderful children who are 23 and almost 21 at the moment.  One dark night following a suicide attempt with a 410 shotgun by my now ex-husband, God made a way for me to be restored in the fullness of life He had waiting for me.  After declaring to the Lord that I did not desire to have another man in my life, John showed up.  No interest at first but God began a work in both of us we could not ignore.  So in 2012 I married a man 19 years younger than myself and we have been happier then two pigs in mud.  Now, we decided that having children would not be an option.  He did not have a desire to have children and I was okay with that, being in my 40s….well God has presented a different plan….

A few months ago John and I attended a conference at our church and as we were standing at the altar afterwards just basking in His glory, a man of God looked straight through me as he was putting his guitar away.  I immediately knew God was up to something.  He approached us and asked me if I was a mother.  I said yes of two grown children.  I got excited suddenly as if I was going to receive a great word of encouragement for one of my children..nope..not at all what I expected happened next…He says to me and my husband, “Well, the Lord says He will make a way for you to have another child, financially and all other things included, but you have to be in agreement.”

What happened next?? Tears and tears and tears and more sobbing tears.  I did not know how to respond so I just stood there and cried knowing that my husband standing next to me was not going to receive the word of knowledge very well.  To make a long story short, God spoke to John and melted his heart and he now desires to be a daddy.  For you see, John being afraid of making mistakes as a father, had no desire to have a child of his own. We also had another issue..my tubes have been tied since 1994.

So what has happened in the last few weeks?  Well, my husband got a new job with great potential, I got a raise at work, I just got around to adding disability to my health insurance and financially we are coming in line.  Then today it was like the icing on the cake when I went to see an OBYGN, because my personal doctor feels I am high risk for pregnancy.  So when I arrived at my appointment I was filled with doubt.  I was prepared to just hear bad news and reasons why I should not even try to get pregnant.

Once again God blew me away with His wisdom.  This doctor was amazing.  She offered several options from operations to fertility doctors but it was like she sensed I was not going to choose any of those ways to get pregnant.  The minute she said, “There is this one option.  It’s a herb from the Health Hutt.”  I knew that God had set me up!  He knows the cry of my heart.  He knows that I have complete faith in Him.  This herb she told me as gotten two persons with completely tied tubes (medically proven)  pregnant–she called them the miracle babies.  She said it cannot be medically explained.

So what now?  Well, we take prenatal vitamins and folic acid and this herb and we pray!  I was just amazed this afternoon when I connected the dots of how everything has taken place in order.  Then to top it off I thought about the doctor and her knowledge of this herb–she had found out about this through a patient.  The fun part about that is, I did not get to choose who I was going to see..God did! So now, it’s all up to God because there is no other way!


Got Love?

“For God loved the world so much that He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16 NLT


Tomorrow is Valentines Day and all I heard today was sad stories about people having no Valentine…..how has this day become such a tragedy for so many people?  Why do we get so bound up about a silly holiday in the first place?  Yes I will admit I am happy to be sharing my first Valentines Day with my new hubby tomorrow, yet my heart is saddened by the amount of people who will be hurting because they have no one in their lives to share this day of love with.

My deepest desire as I am on this earth is to touch hearts for Jesus.  I wish I could show people how Jesus could be their Valentine.  My heart breaks for the ones who have arrived upon this season in their lives without any hope of every finding love.  My heart longs to show them that Jesus is the only true love to begin with and it is from His Father that we even have an understanding of what love is all about.

Love is simple.  God created it and we just took it to a whole other level.  He, the One who made love, IS love.  If we could only wrap our minds around this simple concept.  We were created solely for a relationship with God and through the love of the Father pouring into us we are able to love others as it is written in the Bible.  God never intended for us to create a day which would leave so many people hurting and hopeless.

Valentines Day should be a day when we share the love we have with others who are hurting. I am challenging anyone reading this whether you are married, single, divorced or separated or perhaps not even having a clue what real love is, to step out and show the love of Jesus to someone.  My prayer in doing this is that we will touch someone with the love of Jesus. John and I made Valentines on one of our date nights and we are taking them to a nursing home tomorrow as part of our Valentines Day.  I am excited to see what God will do with some simple paper Valentines.

So go buy a box of Valentines or some candy and find yourself out in public on Valentines Day and go where God leads you.  You will be surprised at what He can show you.  Search out the lost and the hurting.  Look for the down and out.  Sometimes all someone needs is a smile, a hug or a simple hello.  Are you willing to make a difference this Valentines Day?  Are you ready to do something about being sad this year?  It is time for us to get our of our comfort zones and see what God has in store for us as we step out in faith.