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A Post-It Would Be Helpful

1 Corinthians 2:9

New Living Translation (NLT)

9 That is what the Scriptures mean when they say,

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard,
and no mind has imagined
what God has prepared
for those who love him.”[a]

Ever just want a big sign from God telling you what to do next?  Or maybe a personalized letter or perhaps a cute postcard with a picture of your destiny?  Perhaps just a sign to show you are the right track?  We follow in faith and hope for the best some times in this life.  How many times have we said under our breath, “I sure hope God knows what He is doing.”?  I have seen so many glimpses of what I thought should happen in certain situations only to be COMPLETELY wrong when God shows up and displays what He had in mind.  I tried to write this blog entry yesterday and somehow I erased the whole thing, so I am trying again today.  This picture I inserted is just an indication of just how funny God can be sometimes.  I was writing about how Post-It-Notes would be helpful and today when I opened my mail box I found these two letters right like this.  My message from God today:  My GRACE is covering your DENTAL bills.  I almost laughed out loud at the mailbox!  If I had written this yesterday, I would not have had the awesome picture to go with it.

As Christians we do a lot of waiting on the Lord for things to happen, often we want to rush things and try to step in and second guess what we should be doing.  For instance, concerning my husband and our separation, God specifically told me not to have ANY contact with my husband yet I neglected to listen.  I sent him  a few letters, texted once in awhile and tried once to talk on the phone.  Each time I told myself, I have kids he needs to know what is going on, I owe it to him yet EVERY time I ended up in tears.  I finally stopped after I received a text from my husband stating that when I was done playing church to come find him and see if he was still waiting for me.  WOW!  Slap in the face and a sorta “told ya so” from God.  Now He sent me warnings through a few different people, however, a Post-It-Note would have been much clearer.

Another example is my son.  The best advice he ever gave to me was for me to let him make his own mistakes, so I did.  Granted he has made some not so wise choices, however, he has learned some valuable lessons.  But this has led him to a place of confusion concerning the things of God.  Just recently through prayer sessions with some persons at my church, I have learned to untie the apron strings and let God take care of my husband and son.  Another WOW!  Hardest thing ever to let go of something you truly love and let someone else take care of them. (tears just start thinking about it)  This is exactly what God did for us, He let go of His Son so we could be saved.  This is where I am with these two people in my life.  I can do nothing to change either of them, only God knows, maybe a Post-It-Note would help them.

We can never fully understand why God does the things He does.  Why did He rescue me from my marriage?  Why has my husband not surrendered to God yet?  When will my son return to the Lord?  I know we live in an instant world, but God does not always work that way.  It has taken months for me to see things the way God does.  He is certainly moving on my behalf, look at the financing for getting my dentures..I never could have imagined such a thing could happen.  God is good to His children and He does leave us signs to see.  How many times do you see a posting on Facebook or a church sign and say to yourself that was you needed to see?  God’s Post-It-Notes are everywhere, we just have to look for them.  Mine was in mailbox today.

As I look back at the things God has done for me, I realize just how much He truly loves us.  His promises are true.  He promises to provide for us and He has done that in so many ways for me.  I laugh when I think about God providing a way for me to get my teeth fixed because I have been praying even harder for a house.  I told Him the other night that I cannot wait to see the house He has for me.  While we are walking in faith and believing God will provide, He is setting things in motion.  The “For Sale” sign posted in someone’s front yard is there just for me, I just have to wait for everything to fall into place.  What are you asking God to do in your life?  Can you believe that He is making a way right now?  He loves you and wants to provide for you, trust in that.  When we stop trying to help ourselves God can begin to work in our lives as He intends to.  We are nothing apart from God and all things are to His glory, therefore we need to step back and let God do His thing!  Maybe we need a Post-It-Note right on our mirror:  God Is In Control.


Yep! Being Real Again!

Psalm 54:4
God is my helper! The Lord is the provider for my life.

Sometimes you just have to step back and say, “WOW, God is really going to do that?”  Ever wondered how He does it?  What I am about to share is quite personal but because I am secure in my relationship with God, I have not much shame left when it comes to the things and thoughts of this world.  For those who are reading this and have not read my testimony, Day of Deliverance, a short version:  Married to a man addicted to drugs for 18 years.  Separated through an act of God.  Left without a working vehicle, a kitchen stove, a dryer and no gas hooked up to the trailer for 3 years.  Within six months of the separation, all those things were restored, mostly given to me or bought cheaply.  God provided then and He once again is doing it now.

During the 18 years of my marriage, I did not have the time, energy or money to take care of myself as I should have.  I focused all of my attention on survival for me and my children, while trying to keep my husband provided for.  Any spare money went for drugs, bottles and cans were taken back for nightly dinner and between work and raising two small children, I let myself physically go.  At one point I had stopped taking my thyroid medication and almost put myself into early menopause.  Yep, sacrificed myself for the sake of others.  Never once did I do anything for me.  Any time we happened to have any money left over it went to the kids.  Birthday money, meant for me, yup spent for someone else.  I never have been a self-centered person but there is a line somewhere when you have to take the steps to take care of you and somehow the line had been erased for me.

Now here I am, a restaurant manager, people person, very out going, youth leader, desiring to be a published writer and public speaker some day and I can’t even smile in public.  I never had good teeth growing up and was always getting fillings.  My dad took care of things until I was 18 and then, well I just neglected to take of them.  One by one teeth were pulled when they got to the point of unbearable pain.  Not having dental insurance we had to go to clinics and the answer always was just to pull the teeth.  Well, here I am at 41 with a broken space between my front teeth.  A few months ago my boss had taken steps to help me get my teeth fixed through his dentist.  I had a estimates done and it was not looking all that great….$5,000 was a rough estimate since I would be needing upper dentures.

I started seeing my boss’ dentist and most of the bottom work has been taken care of except for one tooth which needs a root canal at the cost of $900 and the payment has to be upfront.  Shortly after this was decided my boss passed away and since he was helping me some of the payments, my dental work stopped.  I am now stuck with the same inability to smile and just frustrated that I cannot get myself ahead enough to get to a place where I can make affordable payments.  A friend of mine gave me some money towards getting the root canal done but because of garnishments on my check from past due medical bills that were my husband’s, I just could not get the money to have the procedure done.  So I just decided, I will have to wait until tax return time to get started again….then God stepped in and intervened!

I had gone to a Date with Jesus soaking, where we just sat and listened for  the Lord while listening to music and reading Bibles at the church secretary’s house.  Being a writer I filled a few pages of my journal including a page of just praising God for the things He has done for me recently.  I was getting ready to leave and the secretary asked if I would like to stay for a piece of blueberry pie, I declined because I needed to get to work to do a truck order, but she asked again.  (this is where it becomes a true God thing)  She had said blueberry pie and that is my favorite, so I changed my mind and said yes.  (the pie was actually made by another church member…see how God works?  He knows blueberry pie is my favorite)  Long story shortened, the conversation turned to discussing my teeth.  We had prayed before about my teeth and so she was aware of the situation.  She asked me if I had an estimate because someone in the church who also knew about the situation said the Lord had laid it upon their hearts to help pay for my teeth.

My jaw dropped and I sat in amazement at what had just happened.  I gave up on getting my teeth fixed for awhile and the moment I did, God went to work on my behalf.  I tear up every time I think about it and I can just feel how much God loves me.  I know He has great plans for me and this is just another step towards the end goal.  He has also promised me a new home so that I can finally step over the last hurdle to becoming free of my old life and it’s memories.  I cannot explain to you in great enough detail the love God has for you.  He truly cares for His children and will do anything to provide for them.  He has done so much for me in such a short spanse of time it is just amazing.  As I am entering into the final stages of my book, the healing process has just been wonderful, God knows what He is doing.

I urge you take a moment and examine your own life.  What are you holding onto that God wants you to let go of so He can take care of you?  So often we hang onto things because we feel we need to fix them ,since we are the ones who made the wrong choices in our lives to begin with.  Let go.  Let God work out your testimony so that He may be glorified!  I am not sure where I would be if He had not stepped down and gently picked me up out of the mess I was in.  Where would I be if He had not placed persons in my life who urged me to get an order of protection so my husband could not come back home after only 4 days in a mental hospital?  I know where I would be…wandering around in the desert for another 40 years.  Surely God provided in the desert but destinies where not being reached. Let go of it!  Allow God to work it out on your behalf in ways that you could never come up with!

He truly loves us all like a Father.  After all if one of is lost, He will come searching and I can pretty much guarantee He will scoop us up no questions asked and continue to love us, holding us a little bit closer than before.