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What Are You Doing?

“Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 NLT

Boy is that verse a hard one to do!  Are we always joyful? Can we really be thankful in ALL circumstances?  Do we truly believe in our hearts that Jesus has our backs all of the time?  If we have set ourselves apart from the rest, then we should be able to say yes to all those questions.  Even if we encounter sorrow, we know joy will come in the morning because God has promised us that:

 Psalm 30:5
For His anger is but for a moment, His favor is for life; Weeping may endure for a night, But joy comes in the morning.

I feel as though being thankful is a choice we have the authority to take control of in our lives.  The more we are thankful the more doors of opportunity are opened.  If we thank God each morning for life we open the door for blessings.  When we thank Him for our housing or cars we open the door for upgrades because we are already thankful for what we have received.  This differs from begging God to give us new things because we are already grateful for our current provision.  I think we lack due to a lack of gratitude towards God for the provision He gives daily to us.  We often take for granted the little things and when we have a multitude of little things we are not grateful I feel we close the doors to the bigger possibilities God has in store for us.

Let me make this a bit more on the personal side so as not to offend anyone with this particular blog.  Take for instance my trailer.  I loath it on most days with its’ missing walls, holes in the floor, ripped carpet, black residue on the ceilings from the three years of using kerosene and this list could go on. I mumbled and grumbled every day to God that my daughter and I did not deserve to live like this.  I tried getting things organized and cleaned up only to end up with pneumonia.  Yes, it was my choice to not take care of things daily, yet I was not living a normal life.  I was trying to put food on the table, work full time and meet the needs of my drug addicted husband.  There was no time for normal things like housework.

About six months ago, I finally stopped crying about the trailer and decided to perhaps pray to God for a new home and He clearly showed me that I needed to be grateful for the roof over my head, as I was not living in a card board box or my car.  He began to show me things as I grumbled about sleeping on the couch because my waterbed broke and the bed I bought was too uncomfortable.  He taught me to be grateful for little things, such as solid roof over my head.  As I began to change my thinking, I started to thank God instead of crying out for a new home.  Now we have the prospect of a new home right around the corner all because I chose to be grateful and not bitter anymore.

I took me to find the joy in the sorrow and the gratefulness in my heart to see God is a God of provision even if it does not seem like the right place to be at the moment.  I had to get over the “I deserve it” attitude before God could begin to make a new home happen for us. I know wake up thankful for my couch and the roof over my head.  Yes I still get frustrated when some times the light in the bathroom decides it needs some prodding before turning on, but now I just close my eyes and visualize the new bathroom light I will be turning on soon.

Tomorrow’s blog:  Thankfulness continues…….


Breaking Darkness

I usually only post poetry in the Poetry Cloud, however this one is of major importance for me right now.  I have been feeling out of sorts lately and just all around struggling with things.  I am frustrated with my situation, yet I know God is speaking life into it.  I just have not been myself lately so tonight I began to follow the sun rays.  Sun rays were for me I was once told during a prayer time shortly after separating from my husband.  Every time I see them I am just filled with love.  Another sign of God’s love for me is deer.  Whenever I see deer, I am filled with hope and I know things are headed in the right direction.  Well as I was following the sun rays trying to capture a good picture in the freezing wind, I was led to the shore of Lake Michigan where I was lured to the Lighthouse rocks trying to capture shots of the waves crashing against them.  In a sudden moment I was swept up in a moment of release and in a split second as I decided to give it all to God I was freed from my chains I was currently wearing.  In an instant I felt the darkness leave and hope return.  In that one moment of time my joy was replenished and I could see straight again, breathe better and begin to see there was still hope.  As I left the lake I encountered two deer on a ridge.  One male, one female and to me they spoke unity and restoration in that moment of time!  Praise God for His continued goodness!

Psalm 107:14 He led them from the darkness and deepest gloom; he snapped their chains.

Breaking Darkness

 I followed the rays

light raining from the clouds

I sought You

I searched for You

wanting escape from this

darkness surrounding me

Wandering in a fog

not seeing the good

only dwelling on the disaster

feeling lost and alone

unable to shake the shroud of

darkness surrounding me

For days turning into weeks

it bound me to despair

encasing me in a fog

trapped in a sea of doubt, this

darkness surrounding me

Longing for release

I entered a searching journey

I sought after the rays

knowing they were for me

having been designed to bring me from this

darkness surrounding me

I followed them diligently

I went after in delight

the rays led me to the wind

which showed me the waves

telling me it was okay to leave the

darkness surrounding me

I stood at the edge

the water crashing waves at me

the wind whipping my hair

beckoning me to let go

to give it all in this moment, freeing me from the

darkness surrounding me

In a moment

I was swept away

caught in the fury of the wind

flooded by the waves of water

renewed by His presence

releasing me from the

darkness surrounding me

God swooped down

grabbed the chains

snapped them and carried them away

taking my breath away

freeing me from the extended

darkness surrounding me

I stood at the edge

the freezing waters receding

the sand ceased its’ movement

suddenly through the clouds

the sun came through in a haze of red

R E D E M P T I O N!

Gone was the

Darkness surrounding me

replaced by glory

Light flooded my being

freedom had returned

joy was replacing the

darkness that surrounded me!

I could walk again

I could breathe once more

Hope returned to me

we walked together

hand in hand

breaking darkness!

Ha! Settle for Happy?

Nehemiah 8:10
Then he said to them, “Go, eat of the fat, drink of the sweet, and send portions to him who has nothing prepared; for this day is holy to our Lord. Do not be grieved, for the joy of the LORD is your strength.”

You may want to buckle up for the reading of this blog, as I just got home from a revival meeting.  Every time I find myself sitting in a pew receiving what God has for me, I just want more.  I can never get enough and I don’t want to settle for just being happy, I want to be filled with joy!  Now, as I write this some will not understand where I am going with this, but just hang on, the ride might be bumpy, but I promise you, we will arrive safely and with maybe you will have an awakening of the spirit you never had before.
In today’s society, we have a million “Happily Ever Afters”, all the Disney movies have it and the best romantic novels and we all have dreams of having it, however, what strength do we actual derive from it?  In the end, maybe we had a 50 year “Happily Ever After” marriage, but was there a gain?  Was there any real fruit from it?  Perhaps we were just settling for the worlds version of joy, calling it good and just being content to stay where we were so as not to “Rock the Boat”. The world has it’s counterfeits to everything of God, so could it be that happy is just a counterfeit for joy?  Yes I know happy is in the Bible, but joy is mentioned many more times and seems to have a more serious side to it.
Now before anyone gets offended, I want to clearly state that these are my own opinions and just seems to be what is on my heart after the revival meeting tonight.  I myself do not want to just settle for accepting Jesus into my life and living an ordinary “happy” life, I want my life to count for something, which means I will need to go against the ideals of the world and in order to do this, the joy of the Lord will need to be my strength.  Settling is something we all do in the flesh.  Some of us are more competitive though when it comes to the things of God and we cannot get our Spirit Man to just settle for the ordinary, it always wants more. There comes a point in one’s life where they need to make a conscience decision and check their flesh at the door so they can continue forward into the purpose God has for their lives.  So many people get so busy trying to  be happy they never get to feel real joy.  Real joy only comes from God and is found when searching the things of God in one’s life.
Yes, I desire to be happy in life, yet I know there is more to God than just being happy so to speak.  There is this indescribable feeling you get when you are at the altar and worshiping God with all that is within you, joy, unspeakable joy.  Here too we could just settle for staying in our pews and singing songs, not worshiping and appear to be happy, however after some one on one encounters with the Holy Spirit, true joy from worship only comes when one is surrendered in worship and the focus is solely on Jesus and not the band. Happy is going to a concert and seeing your favorite band play, joy is found in worshiping God for who He is and what He has done for us.
Do you see my point in this?  God wants us to be happy for sure, yet He calls us to a deeper purpose and that is where joy is found.  Take for instance my writing “Be Blessed” on coffee cups.  God showed this to me awhile back and I thought to myself, “How silly!  Really God?  What if I offend someone?”.  Well, God has shown me several times that I am actually making a difference in peoples lives with those simple writings on a silly styrofoam cup.  I get reports at least twice a month about stories of how those two words made someones day and that just brings me great joy, a joyous feeling in my spirit that makes me want to dance because it is Kingdom work and God gets all the glory.
So in this short life, I want to increase my joy and find more than a “happy medium”.  I want the fullness of what God has for me and will not settle for just being happy with what have.  I am a child of God, a princess and one who has the favor of the Lord at all times.  God loves us so much He wants to be the Joy that is our strength.  So, don’t worry, you can still be happy, but I think you will be missing out on the true purpose God has for your life.  If your only goal in life is to be happily married with two kids, a dog, a house and a nice car, truly this is not your destiny but the normalcy of the world.  In the end of this life do you want to fit into the worlds standards and be happy or do you want to see the things of God and be filled with a joy that no worldly words can really describe?  The choice is truly up to you, but as for me, I am seeking joy.