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101…Not Dalmatians…Nations!!

1 Chronicles 16:23-27
Sing to God, everyone and everything! Get out his salvation news every day! Publish his glory among the godless nations, his wonders to all races and religions. And why? Because God is great—well worth praising! No god or goddess comes close in honor. All the popular gods are stuff and nonsense, but God made the cosmos! Splendor and majesty flow out of him, strength and joy fill his place.
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1 John 3:17

If someone has enough money to live well and sees a brother or sister in need but shows no compassion—how can God’s love be in that person?
018compassionSo Jesus saved us.  We are covered by His grace from the moment we accepted Him as our savior.  Most of us can remember the feeling we had the moment we entered into salvation.  The joy which bubbled up.  The happiness that flooded our hearts.  We were ready to tackle the world for Jesus.  Suddenly we wanted the whole world to know about what Jesus did for us on that cross.  What happened to our compassion for some of us?  How did we lose that moment we had when we were saved?  When was the last time we even mentioned Jesus to anyone?
I am just as guilty as the next person.  There have been times when I should have shared Jesus with a complete stranger and I chose not to.  How many times have I been too busy to share Jesus?  Too many times to count I would say over the last 37 years since I have been saved.  I keep getting this reoccurring theme in my head:  love one another and spread the Gospel.  Love one another.  It is the last commandment Jesus gave His people.  Love one another.  How do we do this?  Where do we find the compassion to take the time to not walk away when we know someone is hurting?
Spread the Gospel.  Many times I have said, why should I share it with this person?  They are just going to push me away and not listen. What if they don’t even care?  Well, the truth of the matter is if people reject what you are sharing about the gospel then they are not rejecting you, they are in reality rejecting Jesus.  If this happens then move on to the next person.  If we don’t start sharing the gospel, how many will perish in hell?

If Jesus had enough compassion to die for us then we should have enough passion to share the story so others may feel the joy and happiness we once felt.  We need to begin to search our hearts and relocate the passion we once had burning for others to be saved.  I know I get shy sometimes and I hold back but every time I hold back what good is it doing?  We need to come to the realization that yes we have families and jobs because we are a part of this world, however once we are in Christ our responsibilities increase concerning the Kingdom.
I pray right now that all of us receive a dose of passion to increase our compassion. There are so many hurting lost people out there that need to hear some Good News.  We need to be so tired of seeing pain and agony that our hearts swell up with this overwhelming desire to share Jesus with everyone we meet.  We need to stop passing up opportunities and trust God to have already opened the door before we pass that person on the street.  Close your eyes after you read this and remember the moment you chose to let Jesus into your heart……don’t you want to open that door for someone else?

Shed Some Light

Isaiah 58:10

Feed the hungry, and help those in trouble. Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon.
Alright, Christmas is over and we celebrated the birth of Jesus.  Now Easter has come and gone….now what?  Do we just pine away at life until Christmas rolls around again so that we can start all over?  It seems as if perhaps we just set our Christian lifestyle aside for a little while when there is no “religious holidays” to contend with.  We just live our daily lives and pay no attention that we should be celebrating the life and death of Jesus every morning when we awaken from our slumber.
Whether it is the season to be giving or the one of reverence for what God allowed to happen to His son so that we may have eternal life, we should be shedding some light on what it’s really like to be a Christian.  We should be living daily as an example of what God really did for us by giving us His Only Son.  We should be kind and loving, giving and grateful, but most of all we should be sharing the Good News no matter where we go…..EVERYWHERE.
Now I am not talking about becoming Bible Thumpers…..I just mean being who we were meant to be in Christ.  Doesn’t this mean preaching every place you enter?  Do you mean I have to quote Bible verse after Bible verse AFTER Bible verse all the time?  Does it mean you won’t ever sin again?  Nope, it just means you have to share the Good News of Jesus with those you come in contact with.  Sometimes this just means praying for a certain person who does not know the love of God and is closed off to it.
Being a Christian does not mean you have to to walk up to each person you meet and ask them if they know Jesus or tell them that they are going to hell if they don’t believe.  Many of the conversations I have had about Jesus have come about because I started  a simple, normal conversation with someone.  We talk about one thing which leads to another and pretty soon I can’t help share something about what Jesus has done in my life.  It really is a simple thing to do.
I encourage each of us to press into God and allow Him to use us in tremendous and creative ways to spread His Gospel story to those who have yet to hear it.  If we just share our testimonies with those we encounter, God will take care of the rest.  We have two commands from Jesus in this current hour, love one another and spread the Good News to everyone.  Let’s go be fishers of men and shed some of His Light so that all might be saved.

Treasures on Earth

Matthew 24:14
And the Good News about the Kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world, so that all nations will hear it; and then the end will come.

Ever just had someone randomly tell you something that you know they could not have known?  Ever felt the need to share something off the wall with some stranger?  How about just feeling drawn to someone, feeling you have something they need to hear burning in your spirit?  That’s God.  He is using others around us to speak to us and He urges us to speak into the lives around us.  How often do we ignore these things and just walk on by?  What if God was trying to use us and we second guessed His voice and just ignored it?  I feel we do this a lot in some circumstances because it is so hard for us to get out of our boxes and spread the Good News.

Now the purpose of me sharing this is not to judge or make any one feel less of a Christian because they don’t, it is merely to show how God wants to use us.  Tonight I went on a treasure hunt with the revival group.  We prayed together at church and listened quietly in silence for clues which would lead us to speak to others about Jesus.  We listened and looked for five categories:  Location, Appearance, Unusual things, A need and Names.   We then divided into groups, compared clues and picked locations and persons we were looking for.

Our group headed for a local store and we began our search.  Sometimes the clues don’t always lead us to someone but having them with us and just talking to random people helps.  As we approach others we can explain we are on a treasure hunt and just begin talking about the purpose of our mission, to share Jesus.  Tonight my friend and I split from the group and we talked to a few persons.  One was not really open for prayer but we chatted a few minutes about God and then moved on.  Our purpose is to share not be pushy.

We then ran into a young lady who was on break and we were able to minister and pray over her.  I cannot describe what a blessing it is to bless someone else just with a word of peace for their lives.  To know that you can speak life into another person is just amazing and when you realize it was all God it’s even more Glorious!!  I encourage you to begin to listen to the still small voice in your spirit and begin to step out of your comfort zone and be brave enough to walk up to a complete stranger and share the love of Jesus.

Sometimes it is as easy as, “Hey, do you know Jesus loves you?”  I think sometimes we as Christians make it seem so complicated when in reality it is just simple truth which wins souls to Christ.