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Who Took My Blankie?

My very own

Just recently I had a passionate conversation and I wished I had recorded it, however, I will do my best to repeat the magnitude of what was said.

We are born.  Not by our own choice, but God’s.  We come into this world very unaware of our surroundings.  No clue perhaps in those first few moments of taking our first breaths.  Then as if out of nowhere there is a cutting.  A sudden revelation of a separation takes place.  The life line which you had been connected to for nine or so months suddenly is gone.

Now of course in those early stages of life we don’t actually have those thoughts running through our heads as birthing is a natural process which has been happening in this earth for a very long time.  For those who have anxiety at the moment you can probably close your eyes and imagine that whole beginning scene.  Those with separation issues could also relate.  What you once knew as comfort and connection is suddenly gone. Taken away.

So let’s take this to the next level.  As children we often cling to things such as stuffed animals, dolls or the ever so popular blankie.  These items become very important to us in early life.  You share EVERYTHING with this object, things you probably never told anyone else except for maybe your imaginary friend if you had one around.  I remember my son had a favorite teddy bear.  He went every where my son went.  If it was time for Teddy to have a bath, my son would stand by the washer and dryer until the whole process was complete.  He was clearly attached.

For the purposes of this discussion I am going to use the representation of the Blankie as I move through this next phase.  The Blankie is going to represent things we cling to in life as a comfort: food, family, friends, secret sins, drugs, alcohol and the likes.  Anything which we choose to go to instead of God.  As with the Blankie, we develop a relationship with our source of comfort.  It’s the one thing we know that will never let us down, it does not have the ability to.  We know when no one else understands us, our Blankie will.  It will comfort us.  Keep us close.  Never rejecting us.  Always a true friend and confidante.

What happens when God asks us to let go of the Blankie so that He can be our comfort, our true friend and confidante?  Of course!  We panic.  We cling all the tighter to our Blankie because a fear rises up in us.  How can we trust anyone else with our Blankie?  It knows us inside and out and would never hurt us or reject us or leave us hanging.  How do we know we will find comfort after we let go of the Blankie?

It all comes down to trust.  A trust beyond all thinking.  A trust so strong you have no choice but to cling to it instead of your false comforts.  For you see, a Blankie is just a false representation of love and trust.  In the end, you can’t take it with you.  It will be burned up with the things of the past.  You will step into heaven and God will be there.  Not your Blankie,–your false comfort.

God is calling us to trust Him with EVERYTHING.  Just like we shared our entire early stages of life with said Blankie, God wants you to choose to trust Him.  He wants to be your comfort.  Your security.  You source of Acceptance.

Some of us are still clinging to our Blankies.  We are at a point in our adult lives where we are afraid of being hurt and disappointed.  We don’t want to give up the very thing which has been there all along.  Drugs, alcohol, secret sins, food, bad relationships and various other addictions are not our security.  They are not our comfort.  They are not to be trusted.  Only God. God is the only one who will never let you down.  He will be there from the beginning until the end.  You can take Him where ever you go.  You can share every secret with Him.

One final thought.  In the beginning, we are not the ones who get to choose who cuts the cord.  When it comes to our false comforts we don’t have to do anything but trust God to take them and heal us from the aftermath.  We run around this big earth thinking we have to do more.  Thinking we are the ones who have to fix ourselves before we can go to God.  Those are lies.  God will take your Blankie.  All you have to do is believe.


Dear Lord, Help me today to trust you with my Blankie.  I choose today to trust you with my Blankie.  I believe You can be trusted.  I believe You are my source of comfort and security.  Lord let me learn that the past is behind me and You are right in front of me, waiting to heal me.  I thank You Lord for removing those things in my life which are not of You.  I pray for all those who feel stuck in their sin or addictions that they made find true comfort in You alone and be healed from their wounds.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.


Orphan, sister to Rejection

Ephesians 1:5-6 [Full Chapter]

[ The God of Glory ] How blessed is God! And what a blessing he is! He’s the Father of our Master, Jesus Christ, and takes us to the high places of blessing in him. Long before he laid down earth’s foundations, he had us in mind, had settled on us as the focus of his love, to be made whole and holy by his love. Long, long ago he decided to adopt us into his family through Jesus Christ. (What pleasure he took in planning this!) He wanted us to enter into the celebration of his lavish gift-giving by the hand of his beloved Son.
This is a story about a young woman who became pregnant at a very early age from a circumstance out of her control.  As the issue of pregnancy was brought out into the open along came with it several thoughts: fear, abortion, uncertainty, turmoil, distress, rejection, abandonment and probably many emotions.  How was she going to raise a baby when she herself was still a child?  How would she be able to afford it?  Would she even know what to do when the baby cried?  As the mother went through all of these thought processes, little did she so know so did the infant being created in her womb. Fear, doubt, rejection, unworthiness:  all off these contribute to the orphan state of mind.  
I am a product of an unwed mother.  I was given up for adoption and raised with parents who were not my own.  I never knew why I struggled with rejection my entire life until about 6 years ago when I began to go through stages of deliverance.  I always felt like the odd man out.  Never really fit in.  Had thoughts that I was never good enough.  My adoptive parents always told me I was adopted and that they always wanted me but it never felt real to me.  Instead I thought I was a throw away, my real mom didn’t want me because I was defective for some reason.(having met my real mom, there is no truth to this thought)  Rejection had a stronghold on me and it really didn’t want to let go, however through pray and surrender I was able to overcome the rejection status in my life.  I became more confident in who I was and began to heal.  Overcoming rejection allowed me to write books and get them published.  Overcoming rejection allowed me to remarry a man again and lead a successful life.  So why am I writing about orphans today?
Because, last night at church someone prayed over me and said, “You are wanted.  You are not an orphan.  You were meant to be born, abortion was never the answer.”  What did that do to my spirit?  I cried.  The pain was unbearable.  I did not even realize I was holding onto this, I thought it went when I overcame rejection.  I was perplexed and grieving at the same time.  How had the enemy held me in bondage for 45 years?
How many of you struggle with rejection and the feeling of being an orphan?  I bet there are many.  Well, I am here today to tell you that you are not rejected.  You are not an orphan.  God has created you for a plan and a purpose and you are not a mistake.  He loves you and has accepted you as His own son or daughter.  He delights in seeing you everyday.  Though the world may be cruel and mean, He longs to protect you from all of that.  He invites you into His presence.  He is willing to listen.  He is waiting for you to surrender the pain of rejection and abandonment so that He can heal you from it.
You don’t have to be adopted to feel rejection and abandonment so this message is for everyone.  I encourage you to take a moment right now and let it all go.  If you have to cry then cry.  If you have to scream then scream.  Do what ever it takes to give this ugliness to God.  Your freedom is right around the corner.  

Ostrich Syndrome

The enemy hunted me down; he kicked me and stomped me within an inch of my life. He put me in a black hole, buried me like a corpse in that dungeon. I sat there in despair, my spirit draining away, my heart heavy, like lead. I remembered the old days, went over all you’ve done, pondered the ways you’ve worked, Stretched out my hands to you, as thirsty for you as a desert thirsty for rain.
Ever just dealt with something over and over again.  You do everything in your power to fix it and make it work.  You have exhausted every bit of you into the situation with the same results..no change.  What about those situations that come at you so quickly the only reaction you have is to go ostrich and bury your head?  When this happens you are just praying it will go away and quickly.  If you can’t see it, it can not affect you.
I call this the Ostrich Syndrome.  The ability to bury your head in the sand and pretend as if you cannot be seen.  Can you just picture this in your mind?  Even if we bury our heads the rest of our body is open for attack, in fact you would be in for a more fatal blow from the enemy at this point.  When we just bury our senses so to speak so that we don’t have to taste, smell, see or hear our enemies we are still open to him touching us.
A good example of this is when I was in my past marriage I often closed my eyes and hoped it would all just go away.  I no longer wanted to hear the screaming or taste the tears.  I didn’t want to see the pain in my children or smell the rottenness of the mess I had gotten myself into.  There were days when I would just bury my head and pretend I was free from the attacks.  It never worked.  I still felt the stings from the enemy.  My ex-husband still drank. Still smoked. Still searched daily for  his next fix.  Meanwhile with my head in the sand I was oblivious to what was really going on around me.
My children were hurting.  My heart was breaking.  I was slowly being erased by the enemy.  My life no longer mattered.  I wanted to just run away but I couldn’t because my head was buried in the sand. While I still had my head in tact, the rest of me was being attacked by the enemy.  I no longer cared what I looked like.  I had lost all hope in ever having a life.  The enemy had me exactly where he wanted me…buried..oblivious to what was happening..dead to life…hopeless.
Then one day I lifted my head and began to see what was happening.  It was then that I saw this hand reaching out to me and I began to lose the need to bury my head or run away.  Suddenly I wanted to face all of the disaster surrounding me and stop closing my eyes hoping everything would just disappear.  What a feeling as I began to shake the dirt from my head.  I began to hear clearly what God wanted for my life.  I could see a way out.  I started to taste freedom and I could feel the presence of God begin to take over my entire being.  I could smell the fragrance of Jesus in the air.
What caused me to pull my head out? I don’t really know.  I just knew inside of me that I was done with being buried in the sand.  I was done with the attacks from the enemy.  I was just done with all of it and I either could leave my eyes shut and my head buried in the sand or I could break free and run to Jesus.
Today I am grateful for freedom.  I am free to love again even when I thought it to be impossible.  I am free to be me and feel accepted.  I still have things to work through but for the most part I am healed.  I have hope now. No more ostrich syndrome for me!  I want to see everything God is doing in my life!

I Want a Divorce……


Isaiah 40:31The Message (MSG)

For even young people tire and drop out,
    young folk in their prime stumble and fall.
But those who wait upon God get fresh strength.
    They spread their wings and soar like eagles,
They run and don’t get tired,
    they walk and don’t lag behind.


Yes, I am ready for a divorce, but not the type you immediately thought of. I assure you that I am VERY happy in my marriage to my wonderful hubby!  As a matter of fact I was quite shocked when I asked God for a blog idea this afternoon and He said to write about divorce.   I just kinda of stood there for a moment and I am sure to the outside world I may have looked very puzzled.  Divorce? But why would you want me to write on such a subject when there is no truth to that in my current marriage?

I almost heard God laugh through the dead silence in my head and He said, not a marriage divorce, but a divorce from the world.  OHHHHH! I get it!  So here we are writing a blog about divorcing ourselves from the things of this world so that we may have a more intimate relationship with our Creator.  In Romans 12:2 the Bible clearly warns us to not get attached to the ways of the world yet it is so easily done, everyday, everywhere and all the time.

We get so busy in life.  We are always going here and doing that next great thing.  We are taking challenges to jump into bodies of water or pouring buckets of ice on ourselves.  Some are trapped in smoking addictions or going to the bars.  Others are spending too much time earning more money so they can buy bigger and better things.  While all things in moderation can be a good rule to follow in most circumstances there are still some things which are hallways to things not of God.

Now, don’t stop reading just yet…I am not judging or condemning anyone, I am just offering another way of looking at a Biblical principle.  If God is calling us away from the things of this world it is only for our benefit.  The more we decide to seek God then personal pleasures or wealth, the stronger our faith becomes and it allows God to provide all those wonderful things our hearts desire.

I am even feeling discouraged a little as I write this blog, it is tough to not be of this world especially since we live in it day after day.  Often times it easier to flip through the pages of Facebook than it is the Bible.  As humans we are so easily distracted.  We want to be involved in everything and we never want to find ourselves bored so we give in a little to the world here and there.

I guess maybe the key to all of this is keeping your eyes on Jesus and His purpose for your life.  For example, my husband and I are dedicated to making ministry our top priority and as we serve God, He blesses us.  Just recently my husband started his own  Power Washing and Home Specialties business and God is just opening door after bigger door after BIGGER door.  We stand in awe at what God is doing.  So what are we missing out on? The latest television shows, yet gaining the friendships of people everywhere.  While we are not bound by every sporting event imaginable we are able to see God’s handiwork at the beach and in the woods and develop a stronger marriage.

When we decide to be a follower of Jesus and separate ourselves from worldly things, God makes a way and fulfills our happiness at the same time.  I really cannot ask you to do what my husband and I do….however, I don’t miss a lot of the things of the world.  As I have learned who I am in Christ, it really does not matter.  What matters is relationships…not just with the Creator but with the broken-hearted people of the world.  They are the ones who really need less of the world and more of Jesus and His unwavering love.  The world will only love you for a minute and then it’s on to the next big thing….You will always be God’s son or daughter and He longs to pour out blessings and favor upon you.

Burn Those Bridges!!!

Luke 11:33-36

“No one lights a lamp, then hides it in a drawer. It’s put on a lamp stand so those entering the room have light to see where they’re going. Your eye is a lamp, lighting up your whole body. If you live wide-eyed in wonder and belief, your body fills up with light. If you live squinty-eyed in greed and distrust, your body is a dank cellar. Keep your eyes open, your lamp burning, so you don’t get musty and murky. Keep your life as well-lighted as your best-lighted room.”
Do you remember people in your life telling you, “Don’t burn that bridge?”.  Well, I am hear to say in my own opinion…Burn Them!  And here are the reasons why I feel it is the right thing to do in order to move ahead in your walk.  One:  It’s the past.  Two: It’s not worth walking back into.  Three:  Moving forward means forgiving and forgetting what is behind you.
There are so many things in this world which lead us to our own bridges.  Sometimes bad marriages lead us to bridges. Other times it’s a work related issue.  Maybe the bridge is simply becoming more like Christ.  Whatever our bridge is, once we choose to walk over it, we have to decide not to look back and I feel to keep our minds away from looking back, we just need to burn those bridges after we have crossed over.  Does that make sense to anyone else?
Often times our bridges from disaster to perfect peace are long, tedious walks.  Sometimes there is so much pain in taking the next step that for just a moment our flesh just wants to go back to the familiar, less painful edition of our life.  I remember the EXACT moment when I started out on my bridge away from my ex-husband.  I had 22 years of destruction behind me, that mind you, I was quite comfortable in for whatever reasons.  When God told me to get an order of protection instead of picking my husband up from the physc-ward, I wanted to stomp my feet back to the beginning of that bridge because my natural mind could not understand how I could live without him.
Do you see my confusion between flesh and spirit?  I knew in my heart of hearts that I had no desire to return to the mess I was in before God gave me a way out, yet my flesh did not know how to live any other way than how it had been.  My spirit on the other hand, knew there was freedom on the other side of that bridge and it wanted nothing to do with what my flesh desired.  It knew there was something better just ahead.  So, I did what I knew best and forgave.  Yes, forgave my ex-husband first and then I forgave myself.  As I began to feel the release, the beginning of the bridge just disappeared and I no longer wanted to go back to my comfort zone.  I was ready for my new edition of life.
So to me, burning those bridges brings freedom.  It allows our flesh to die and our spirits to thrive.  Forgiveness is the match that starts the flame.  Freedom comes from forgiving not only others by ourselves.  Once we lose the temptation to look back, our steps become easier and the desire to be renewed is so strong.  A passion begins to burn in our spirit for God that nothing will put out, not even our past.  So, go ahead!  Burn those Bridges!  Move forward in the things of God one bridge at a time.

Tellin’ It Like It Is

John 8:32

New Living Translation (NLT)

32 And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”


Ever have anybody in your life that just needs to hear the truth so that they can be set free from the chains they have put on themselves?  Someone who has pity parties every weekend only because they have chosen to place themselves where they are.  Persons who no matter how much you love them and try to protect them, you know in your heart of hearts you need to show them the truth.  I have several persons in my life I wish I could just sit them down and tell them like it is without hurting them, but that is easier said than done.

There are so many broken people wandering around this planet it’s hard to comprehend how any of us ever function properly.  The idea of love is so warped by society that it is hard to figure out how to approach people on a one to one basis to offer any kind of help.  Many people were severely hurt in their childhood and have placed themselves in chains of bondage because of a lack of trust in people.  Other people wear chains because they are hiding their true identities as protection from the danger of actually being who they really are.

Today, I just blurted out to someone exactly how I felt about a certain situation and it was not easy.  The love I have for this person is great and out of love and a desire to see this person happy, I unleashed it all.  Since I was driving I did not have to face this person so the unleashing went pretty well on my part.  As I turned to see this persons face I saw a clarity I had not seen in awhile, my “lecturing of the truth” had set them free from some chains.  What I said was not meant to be hurtful, however, it was for the truth to be told so that they would no longer be held back by lies the enemy had been whispering.

When things are in need of being said to someone, the first step is to come from a place of love.  If you operate out of love you are more apt to be careful not to use hurtful words or force your beliefs on the person you are trying to free.  Furthermore, when things are done in love, truth can be seen and freedom comes much quicker.  When one begins to expose the lies of the enemy and bring them to light, there is no room for the person to argue because when you have the truth, there is no need for argumentation.

Are there people in your life in need of some chain breaking?  Are you willing to set this person free by telling them the truth about something you see in their life?  It will take some prayer and courage in some cases, however, when the urge to see someone set free from pain or unneeded destruction in their life, somehow a force not your own often takes over.  Choose today to seek God in this matter.  Begin to pray about a certain situation to see if a good dose of the truth would set a person free.  Sometimes the truth will set you free as well when you are no longer bound with the burden you carried for that person.  Two freedoms for the price of one truth, priceless!

Every Grace Counts

Romans 5:20

God’s law was given so that all people could see how sinful they were. But as people sinned more and more, God’s wonderful grace became more abundant.
How many of us have family members or friends that just drive us to seek God’s grace for their lives?  I mean it seems like every time we see them, we have to brace ourselves, stay in the love of God and just listen to them rant and rave about whatever life has thrown at them this time.  Ya know those people who can’t say a nice word about anything and feel like the whole world is against them.  Or what about the ones who are in sin and choose to stay there while there lives are falling apart?  Lastly, what about the persons who think they have it all together but you can clearly see the unhappiness in their lives?
All of these people need grace…not our grace, but God’s grace.
I have several persons in my life that I feel I need to give grace to on a daily basis.  Some of this borders with compassion, yet I feel without God’s grace I could not have the compassion to love.  I know people talk about me behind my back and some may even despise me.  Some don’t get why I divorced and remarried.  Others are perhaps envious of how happy I really am.  In the whole scheme of things, it is not I who needs to take care of these situations, it is Jesus.  God will never leave or forsake me and He will take care of my enemies, I am called to love and love means grace, forgiveness and compassion.
When you combine love with grace you are able to forgive and when you forgive you can find room in your heart for compassion.  If you melt all these things together you find freedom.  With freedom comes peace.  Sigh!  What a relief to discover that the root of all we have to do is love.  God is love and it is through Him that we even obtain grace.  If He gave it to us and it freed us from our sin then why would we not want to free others around us with His grace?
Who are the persons in your life that are in need of grace?  Are you withholding grace because of offenses?  Do you desire to be free?  I urge us all to seek out the grace God gave to us to give to others.  We are called to love and sometimes that means just keeping the peace in certain relationships.  Sometimes grace needs to be from a distance and that’s perfectly okay.  Just remember grace comes from love and all the love you need is in Jesus.