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The Pop Bottle Paper Towel Theory

2 Corinthians 13:5-9

Test yourselves to make sure you are solid in the faith. Don’t drift along taking everything for granted. Give yourselves regular checkups. You need firsthand evidence, not mere hearsay, that Jesus Christ is in you. Test it out. If you fail the test, do something about it. I hope the test won’t show that we have failed. But if it comes to that, we’d rather the test showed our failure than yours. We’re rooting for the truth to win out in you. We couldn’t possibly do otherwise. We don’t just put up with our limitations; we celebrate them, and then go on to celebrate every strength, every triumph of the truth in you. We pray hard that it will all come together in your lives.
Ever just been in a moment where you have exhausted every idea possible and you still don’t have a solution?  You have called 5 different friends asking for advice and followed through with some of their ideas.  You have Google searched for every answer possible and still nothing seems to be working on your issue?
Well just recently we have water leaking into our bedroom in the basement and EVERYTHING is getting soaked.  Just when we thought it was done, 2 am rude awakening when you step upon squishy carpet on your way to the bathroom.   GRRRRRR…you just want to scream, yet you know there is more to this story than just some flood running rapid in the basement!
Today I decided after we had the 15 foot snow pile removed from the side of the house and the water company had ruled it was not a burst or frozen pipe issue that I was going to find an answer to this.  After MANY loads of spinning out towels and drying them only to place them right back on the floor to soak up the water, I sought some answers.
Someone suggested a  pump but because it is not actual standing water but rather just a slow seepage of water, this would not work.  Someone suggested some plastic and duct tape…seemed doable…not so much.  See the problem is you can’t just put  a bucket under the hole in the wall where the water line comes in because it is just dripping down the wall.  So what does a girl with faith do?   She prays.
Lord, I thank you for the towels and the washer.  I thank you for the dryer and the clean basement floor.  I thank you that this is more than a physical thing but also a spiritual awakening.  I thank you for the flood of blessings that I cannot contain.  I thank you for the patience to ring out towel after towel.  Now, I ask the Holy Spirit to ignite my imagination with a solution to catch the running water.  Lord, you promised no more floods and I also know that you will replace 100 fold what the enemy destroys.  In faith I wait on you Lord.  AMEN
Within minutes I saw an image of a baggie and some duct tape along with a paper towel.  Hmmmmm..seemed strange but worth a shot.  I gathered my supplies and applied this apparatus to the wall…no luck.  I thought for a moment thinking I must have gotten the image wrong so I prayed again..waiting on the Holy Spirit…OH!  a plastic pop bottle.  I went upstairs and retrieved a 20 oz bottle and began to cut it to fit around the pipe.  Did not work.  Added the paper towel and to my amazement the water flowed right into the plastic pan I had to catch the water.
Now, water still is going on the floor but much less than before, 90% of the water is going into the pan.  Praise God!   I knew where there is a will there would be a way and it was because I waited on God.  Everyday we have to have this same faith.  We have to believe that God has a plan for every situation.  Yes, EVERY situation.  I may be battling this mess for awhile but God has made it easier to manage. What in your life would be easier to manage if you allowed God to fix the problem?

Label Me Abnormal

Romans 12:2
And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.

What is normal? Is it what society thinks is the right thing?  Is it what the Bible says? Or…is there really a normal?  Webster defines such word as conforming to the standard or the common type, usual, not abnormal, regular and natural.  So many different avenues for this word making it difficult not to fit into who we are, yet this word is used to judge so many people.  Someone who is blind is judged as not normal.  Someone who was born with appendages not correctly formed is considered abnormal. Persons with disabilities, shy people, those with personality disorders, those who are too short or too tall.  What can we possibly call normal?

If normal is defined as conforming, then we are going against the Biblical principal of not conforming to this world.  If normal is natural, then why are we trying so hard to fit in to the “norm” of society?  As I pondered on this issue today I came to the realization I have no desire to be normal.  I want to be different.  I want to stand out and not blend or fit into anything.  I am unique in the way God made me, just like He made us all so different from each other.  Why do we try so hard just to be normal?

I often wonder what it would be like if we tried hard not to be normal?  Would we begin to see ourselves in a better light?  Perhaps we would begin to accept ourselves for who we were made to be.  Maybe once we stopped trying to be normal we could begin to see how we fit into God’s plan and we would care a little less about all the other people around us who are trying to draw us away from what we are to become.

Once we stop being normal, what would happen to our outlook and personality?  If we could just relax and wear what we like to wear or fix our hair to our liking not the latest fashion magazine we could begin to find freedom.  True freedom in who we were created to be.  We would stop listening to the people around us who seem to always bring us down with just a few choice words.  We would stop accepting the negativity in our lives.  We could actually blossom into this beautiful person we were designed to be.  The person God needs us to be so that we can fulfill our destiny.

I know, being abnormal means getting out of your box.  To step out away from the norm.  To be different.  To stand out from the crowd.  To be a beacon in the distance because we chose to rise above the norm of the world.  When we decide not to be normal we open ourselves up to a realm of possibilities we never saw possible.  We give ourselves the opportunity to be promoted by God into places we thought we would ever get to.  When we choose the “not normal” life we become more true to ourselves.  We arise from the crowd as truthful and trustworthy.

A very wise person once told me, “Normal is just a setting on a dryer.”  Is this all we want to become?  A person in society that can be set in a certain parameter for the rest of our lives, leading a boring life of just fitting into the spot we think “belong”?  Not me, I choose to press into the things of God so that I may be the most abnormal person you know.  I want to rise above the normal crowd and be a beacon of light that will help lead God’s people out of their boxes.  I long to be different than all the rest so that God can begin to use me in places I never dreamed I could be used.  I refuse to be categorized as a setting on a dryer!  Who is with me?