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Daddy’s Girl Faith

Luke 11:10

For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened.
Child like faith is so hard sometimes.  We sometimes have the knowledge that we have not because we ask not, yet we never ask.  I love deer and my Father in Heaven knows this fact about me, as He created a love in me for deer.  I always get so excited to see them out and about.  Today John and I were driving to take a hike and a I asked God if I could see a deer today, meaning perhaps on our walk, and I am not kidding you a deer appeared on a side road within like 30 seconds to a minute.
I turned the car around and followed this dirt road only to discover to my amazement, 3 deer standing in a row along the roadside.  I paused to take some pictures, drove right up to them and discovered a fourth one.  The one stayed behind as if instructed to do so and the others ran off.  I was so excited that Daddy gave His little girl such a wonderful sight within moments of asking.
So we continued on down the road only to find 3 more deer hidden in the landscape around us and this is where I got the photo for this blog.  He just stood there in all of his majesty staring at me.  I was so filled with God’s love I hardly knew what to do with myself!  The Lord loves His children and loves to delight in them.  If we would only open up our faith to a greater level and ask, He could show us so many more things.
I get so “jealous” of John sometimes because it seemed for awhile that he got everything in asked God for.  One thing after another.  I have to admit that it was pretty awesome watching how excited he would get.  Just recently we sowed an extra $20 into the offering knowing that it was a stretch to the budget, yet John asked in faith for a $80 return.  Do you know that within a weeks time, it happened from 4 random sources?
What stops us from asking God for things?  Now I do not mean start asking for unbelievable things but for things that we really desire in our hearts, like I asked for the deer today.  God wants to prosper us.  He wants us to live a life of comfort.  Let Him dote  on you for a season.  Start out small, asking for little things and see what He will show you.  Begin to trust Him in your life.  Believe that He will give you the desires of your heart.

Do Not Disturb

Psalm 78:23

But He commanded the skies to open; He opened the doors of heaven.
How many of us are waiting for God to do something?  How often do we just plunder through doors thinking we have the right way to go when in reality God has something better waiting for us if we just become patient in His presence and wait on Him.  Of course we have all heard at some point or another, “Are you waiting on God or is He waiting on you?”  It’s the age old question and here is the answer I found in the Bible:  Isaiah 30:18

[ Blessings for the Lord’s People ] So the Lord must wait for you to come to Him so He can show you His love and compassion. For the Lord is a faithful God. Blessed are those who wait for His help.  We have to seek God out for our desires but then we must wait on Him before we move.
Wow! What a fresh revelation to see as I am writing this very blog.  The reason I wrote on the subject of doors and patience is because tonight I was given a prayer about 5 doors being set in front of me and I am just waiting.  I know what is behind each door and I have the freedom to choose which one I will open.  They are all good and will lead to God, however, I am patiently waiting for God to choose just the right door for me.  He is honored by my patience.  It was a pretty cool word to have spoken to me and I knew right away what it pertained to, my books.
I have been at a standstill for quite some time concerning the publishing of my books and I could probably come up with a hundred schemes on how to get them published by now, but I am waiting on God. In my standing and waiting, $800 has been provided and I know there is more provision to come.  I know that I cannot rush this.  I am also secure in God enough to know He has a much better plan behind whatever door He opens than I do.
I know it never seems easy to wait.  I personally never considered myself to be a patient person, however, looking back at my life, I guess I have been.  I have stood in places of my life where others would have ran far away.  I have chosen not to move when I easily could have made my own choices and gone off the deep end.  I see a pattern now looking back, the more I just waited for God in my circumstances, the greater the reward.
Now here I am standing with these five doors set before me and I will continue to lay it all down in surrender and allow God to open the perfect door for me.  I am placing Do Not Disturb signs on each of the doors so as not to be tempted to open them up just to see what the possibilities are.  What are you waiting on God for?  Have you even brought it to His attention and sought out His grace?  What would you do if you had the choice to open the doors?  Waiting on the Lord is never easy, especially with this free will of ours, yet the reward is so much greater when we allow the Creator of our life to move us in the direction of our destiny.

Knock, Knock

Matthew 7:8
For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened.

Why are we so afraid to knock on doors?  Further more, why are we so fearful of opening doors?  God says for us to knock and ask so we may receive, why do we not?  I know in my situation, I felt as though I did not deserve more than what I already had.  I made the choices I did and well, where I was in any particular moment in time was where I was meant to end up.  So many times we just accept what we have in life instead of searching and opening doors to see what is behind them.  How many times are we missing out of what God might have for us?  He tells us to knock which means it is an invitation of sorts.  Let’s look at this for a moment longer, shall we?

We get to choose our houses, cars, food, furniture and clothes.  There are so many options for lifestyles, however, are we choosing by what we want or what God has for us?  Now I know God knows the desires of our hearts, but sometimes I think it is His protecting nature which prevents us from receiving what would be harmful to us.  How often do we go to God before we purchase major things in our lives?  Do we take the time to be sure it is affordable or what we really want?  Here again is an example of buying just because we want it only to put it in a yard sale later or have to downsize because we really cannot afford it.  What if we let God lead us to our desires?

For me this is a new home.  I feel the last step in over coming my past is a new home, a fresh start and new beginning.  A second chance to prove I can be organized and careful about the things I have been given.  My daddy pretty much bought this trailer I live in.  We have been here for 20 years and it has taken a beating.  Holes in walls.  Missing wall between the kitchen and bathroom.  Smoke stains from the kerosene and 20 years of smoking.  Rips in the carpet.  Broken doors.  Cracked windows.  In need of painting and new floors.  Missing skirting on the outside.  It is just not where I want to be anymore.  I know it may seem selfish but I feel I was left with this mess and do not feel I deserve to be left with the clean up.

I have tried several times to make this place a home again and it just breaks me every time.  I want to just go buy a home and move, leaving this place far behind me, however I know God has a plan.  I have not the finances to move on my own and because of terible credit a loan would be out of the question.  My true desire is to sell my dad’s house and together buy a home where we both can live as my dad is almost 80 and lives in too big of a home for him; yet not large enough for my daughter and I to move into.  If dad was to sell his home we could use it towards a new place.  Not sure if this is God’s plan as well for me, but it sounds good!  I know I need to be patient as God is bringing great order to my life.

As I have grown in my relationship with God I can look back and see all of the doors He has pointed out to me to open.  I also have witnessed the ones He has shut to keep me from harm.  I often wonder where some of these doors will lead me.  Here again I get to choose, yet God is leading me in a particular direction and will certainly open doors where and when necessary.  Do you have doors in front of you which you are hesitant to knock upon?  You want to change careers but feel stuck where you are at because it is what you have chosen? Are you afraid to knock because you are afraid of the changes you may have to make?  If God leads you to a door, knock and open up the possibilities God has for you.  Sometimes God can not move you to the next avenue in your life until you are willing to open some strange doors.  God is knocking with an opportunity, will you open it?


How Many Locks?

Revelation 3:20-22

The Message (MSG)

 20-21“Look at me. I stand at the door. I knock. If you hear me call and open the door, I’ll come right in and sit down to supper with you. Conquerors will sit alongside me at the head table, just as I, having conquered, took the place of honor at the side of my Father. That’s my gift to the conquerors!

 22“Are your ears awake? Listen. Listen to the Wind Words, the Spirit blowing through the churches.”

Are you aware of how close Jesus really is?  Do you know that a mere “door” separates you and Him?  Have you not heard Him knocking?  Are you afraid to let Him in?  What is hindering you from having a relationship with the One who died for you to save you from sin?  Is is shame?  Is is fear?  Is is the feeling of being unworthy?  Maybe it’s self-esteem or is it pride?  Perhaps it is simply wrong-minded thinking and we just need to ask God “erase”  all the wrong equations in our lives.  Is the simple solution to our questions just hidden  by layers of wrong teachings and misunderstanding?

As we read the above scripture tonight at Bible Study, I never read the part about conquerors before like I did tonight.  I had read the part about Jesus knocking at the door and about ears being open, but some how I must have missed the part about being an overcomer and conqueror.  Hmmm wonder how that happens?  We are all called to be overcomers, yet few choose to actually do just that.  We get comfortable where we are and never get the thirst for the heavy-duty things of God.  What stops us?  Does it get to hard?  Is the pain of the past stabbing us so we can not move forward with the things of God?

Partly for me was not believing God enough to provide for me.  I know that writing is what I was designed to do, yet I was too “scared” to step out in faith and actually show the world how God works in my life.  I would  write journals and share a thing or two with others but to write a blog and actually SHARE!  God had to show me that I was helping Him make a difference and the more He did the more I let Him in and the more revelation He shared.  This brings me back to the door.  How many of us have put locks or bolts on that door?  Are we so afraid of the things God is going to change in us we want to keep Him on the other side of the door?  Goes back to the are you JUST saved aspect of Christianity.  God has so many awesome things planned for our lives, why would we want to miss out?

Fear.  Fear of the unknown.  Fear of rejection.  Fear of not fitting it.  When we are scared we want to put ourselves in a safe place and just hope the world goes away.  How are we going to conquer anything that way?  I want that special seat in Heaven with Jesus at the head table.  God wants His children to have all that He has destined for them.  He wants us to run the race and along the way grow stronger in the things of Him.  If we just accept our saving grace and then sit back and live life, what have we conquered?  We should press into the things God has for us and seek His will in our lives.  We are called to be doers of the word not just readers.

I urge us all to start removing the locks and bolts from our Jesus doors and begin to let Him in.  Let Him teach us right thinking, letting go of that which hinders us and make room for His love to fill us with love.  We cannot receive the things we have from Him when we are close minded or refuse to yield to Him.  Open your eyes to see Him standing at the door and knocking.  Now open the door and receive Him.  Look into His eyes and feel peace, love and joy wash over you.  Let Him do a mighty work in your life so the Father can be glorified.  Be the overcomer you were called to become.  See yourself as the Father does, seated at the head table with His Only Begotten Son!