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A Safe Hiding Spot


Some days I just want to play a good game of hide and seek and never be found.  The demands of life sometimes can weigh a person down to the point when everything seems to be like a tornado rather than victorious living.  Day after day of work going the wrong direction or employees who just don’t understand the value of what we do.  Everyday normalcies like eating and sleeping and bathing.  Checking in on family and friends.  Reorganizing the house.  Mowing the grass.  Going to the store for supplies.  Sigh!  The list is ginormous!!!

Can I just rest?  Can I just lay here and breathe?  Perhaps I can just be like a chameleon, so that I can just blend in and no one sees me for a minute.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love life, but there are times when disconnecting is the best thing I can do:  no phone, no computer…no point of contact.  Just a moment or two with no commitments. Just enough time to rest and re-energize.

These are the times when I know I can climb in my Daddy’s lap and rest.  Times when He is calling me to Him.  Moments of my day when I can just stop and appreciate that He loves me no matter what and He is taking care of all the things of my day.  I remember as a kid climbing up on the couch next to my dad and feeling so safe, so loved, so comfortable…it is the same with God.

Tonight as I was driving home from a meeting I was being wooed by God Himself.  I live within minutes of beautiful Lake Michigan and I was driving the opposite direction to go home and first the cloud structures caught my eye in my mirrors.  Then I began to see streams of color.  For a minute I was going to turn around but it has been a long day and home was calling my name, then the whole view in my mirror got so intense I could no longer ignore it.

As I found a place to change directions I was thinking several things:  I am tired, its getting dark, I am low on gas.  I will miss the sunset anyways.  These thoughts were quietly interrupted by these simple words, “But I just want to show you something.  I long to spend time with you.”  I knew in that moment God was calling me into His lap, so I turned up my worship music and headed towards the lake in search of my surprise.

I did not get far when a deer appeared on the side of the road just as if it was waiting for me to see it before he ran off.  God knows how excited I get when I see deer.  I turn into a five year old on their first visit to the zoo!  As I continued on my journey I saw five more deer who were just standing there long enough for my to take a few photos.  I was pretty excited at what God was showing me.

I arrived at the shores of Lake Michigan just in time to see a thin red line spread across the top of the water, I had missed the sunset, but what I got to see was so much better!  I got to spend some quality quiet time with my Daddy and it was amazing.

 As I drove past the lake the waves were violently crashing as a storm had just gone through and God said, “I will protect you from the crashing of waves and so much more.  Stay with Me here and nothing will touch you.”

Prayer:  Dear Lord, Thank you for the time we get to spend together.  Help me to seek you more rather than hiding from You.  Allow me to feel Your peace all around me.  Allow me to we wooed by You.  Let me be content in the small things you show me.  I love you Lord and the attention to detail You provide in my life.  Thank You for loving me.  Thank You for keeping me safe.  In Jesus Name  AMEN.


Daddy’s Girl Faith

Luke 11:10

For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened.
Child like faith is so hard sometimes.  We sometimes have the knowledge that we have not because we ask not, yet we never ask.  I love deer and my Father in Heaven knows this fact about me, as He created a love in me for deer.  I always get so excited to see them out and about.  Today John and I were driving to take a hike and a I asked God if I could see a deer today, meaning perhaps on our walk, and I am not kidding you a deer appeared on a side road within like 30 seconds to a minute.
I turned the car around and followed this dirt road only to discover to my amazement, 3 deer standing in a row along the roadside.  I paused to take some pictures, drove right up to them and discovered a fourth one.  The one stayed behind as if instructed to do so and the others ran off.  I was so excited that Daddy gave His little girl such a wonderful sight within moments of asking.
So we continued on down the road only to find 3 more deer hidden in the landscape around us and this is where I got the photo for this blog.  He just stood there in all of his majesty staring at me.  I was so filled with God’s love I hardly knew what to do with myself!  The Lord loves His children and loves to delight in them.  If we would only open up our faith to a greater level and ask, He could show us so many more things.
I get so “jealous” of John sometimes because it seemed for awhile that he got everything in asked God for.  One thing after another.  I have to admit that it was pretty awesome watching how excited he would get.  Just recently we sowed an extra $20 into the offering knowing that it was a stretch to the budget, yet John asked in faith for a $80 return.  Do you know that within a weeks time, it happened from 4 random sources?
What stops us from asking God for things?  Now I do not mean start asking for unbelievable things but for things that we really desire in our hearts, like I asked for the deer today.  God wants to prosper us.  He wants us to live a life of comfort.  Let Him dote  on you for a season.  Start out small, asking for little things and see what He will show you.  Begin to trust Him in your life.  Believe that He will give you the desires of your heart.

Ridge Walking

Psalm 43:3
Send out your light and your truth; let them guide me. Let them lead me to your holy mountain, to the place where you live.

Today was one of those days when loneliness crept into my spirit.  It is a nasty little bug that begins to bug you.  You see couples everywhere and families doing family things and here you are, alone.  No husband to hang out with while the kids are all grown and doing their own thing.  I am I this position because of my own choices, however, sometimes it just get s to me.  As I attempted to make plans for my first day of vacation, I came up empty and soon I would see that it was for a purpose.  A purpose God had set up for me already.  A deep calling to deep.  A moment in today that God wanted to spend just with me and even though I was close to tears at some points, God was calling to His quiet place.

So, I set out on a journey at the edge of the woods.  Fourteen minutes into the adventure my body was asking all sorts of questions.  What are we doing?  I am not stepping another foot.  It’s too hot.  Did you see the steepness of the dunes?  But another voice was whispering in my ear to come deeper and my spirit man was already way ahead of my flesh; so I pressed into God.  I began to cry out questions to what may have seemed to anyone else empty air, but I was talking to my Daddy.  Why are you calling me Lord? What do you want to show me today?  Is there a lesson in all of this?

Yes, He answered me, be still, be quiet and wait on Me. As I stood I silence and in surrender I heard a small noise just ahead of me.  I lifted my head and what appeared in front of me was a fawn.  One little fawn. We were both startled in the moment and as I tried to contain my excitement, she ran back to momma and her brother.  What joy as I fumbled to get my phone out to take a picture.  I was able to take 2 pictures and they ran off up the dune.  I stalked them for a few minutes and then I saw what I was lured into the woods to see, the daddy deer appeared, protecting his family.  It was such an awesome sight and in that instant, I saw loneliness dissipate and be replaced with a promise of restoration.

How often does one get to stand 30 feet from an entire family of deer?  I was so filled with joy I could hardly contain it.  As the family ran off into the woods, I knew I would not find them again, yet I felt God was not finished with me yet; so I traveled farther.  As I climbed dunes and tripped over roots, I listened for God’s voice.  Finally as I reached a ridge like area, God had me turn and take in the view.  To my right were treetops and a beautiful landscape of blue sky and just perfectness.


On my left was a ravine.

He spoke this to me as I stood there in perfect peace:  I have raised you, shown you the Light.  You have climbed the mountains and now you reside with Me in a place of peace.  From this moment on you will walk along the ridge, not fearing the drop below you, but eyes focused on Me.  No longer will you feel lonely for you are more near Me than ever.  I will keep you from falling again if you just focus on Me and seek My joy that I have for you. 

And now I know why everyone in my life was busy today…God wanted me all to Himself for just a little while, and I am so happy that He did!

Breaking Darkness

I usually only post poetry in the Poetry Cloud, however this one is of major importance for me right now.  I have been feeling out of sorts lately and just all around struggling with things.  I am frustrated with my situation, yet I know God is speaking life into it.  I just have not been myself lately so tonight I began to follow the sun rays.  Sun rays were for me I was once told during a prayer time shortly after separating from my husband.  Every time I see them I am just filled with love.  Another sign of God’s love for me is deer.  Whenever I see deer, I am filled with hope and I know things are headed in the right direction.  Well as I was following the sun rays trying to capture a good picture in the freezing wind, I was led to the shore of Lake Michigan where I was lured to the Lighthouse rocks trying to capture shots of the waves crashing against them.  In a sudden moment I was swept up in a moment of release and in a split second as I decided to give it all to God I was freed from my chains I was currently wearing.  In an instant I felt the darkness leave and hope return.  In that one moment of time my joy was replenished and I could see straight again, breathe better and begin to see there was still hope.  As I left the lake I encountered two deer on a ridge.  One male, one female and to me they spoke unity and restoration in that moment of time!  Praise God for His continued goodness!

Psalm 107:14 He led them from the darkness and deepest gloom; he snapped their chains.

Breaking Darkness

 I followed the rays

light raining from the clouds

I sought You

I searched for You

wanting escape from this

darkness surrounding me

Wandering in a fog

not seeing the good

only dwelling on the disaster

feeling lost and alone

unable to shake the shroud of

darkness surrounding me

For days turning into weeks

it bound me to despair

encasing me in a fog

trapped in a sea of doubt, this

darkness surrounding me

Longing for release

I entered a searching journey

I sought after the rays

knowing they were for me

having been designed to bring me from this

darkness surrounding me

I followed them diligently

I went after in delight

the rays led me to the wind

which showed me the waves

telling me it was okay to leave the

darkness surrounding me

I stood at the edge

the water crashing waves at me

the wind whipping my hair

beckoning me to let go

to give it all in this moment, freeing me from the

darkness surrounding me

In a moment

I was swept away

caught in the fury of the wind

flooded by the waves of water

renewed by His presence

releasing me from the

darkness surrounding me

God swooped down

grabbed the chains

snapped them and carried them away

taking my breath away

freeing me from the extended

darkness surrounding me

I stood at the edge

the freezing waters receding

the sand ceased its’ movement

suddenly through the clouds

the sun came through in a haze of red

R E D E M P T I O N!

Gone was the

Darkness surrounding me

replaced by glory

Light flooded my being

freedom had returned

joy was replacing the

darkness that surrounded me!

I could walk again

I could breathe once more

Hope returned to me

we walked together

hand in hand

breaking darkness!

Deer in the Front Yard

“I am the Lord, who opened a way through the waters, making a dry path through the sea. “But forget all that— it is nothing compared to what I am going to do. For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.” Isaiah 43:16, 18-19 NLT

I just knew the story of my new home would be just this amazing God thing. Now nothing is set in stone, however all the workings of a pure God moment are in the making.  Like every good story, there is much to discover along the way and lining up all the clues is the fun part.  As I am beginning to see myself for who I am and overcoming many things in my life, I feel my last hurdle is this trailer I am currently living in.  During my marriage we neglected this trailer greatly.  My husband was good at stating projects and not finishing them and we were neither good housekeepers.  There are walls missing, cracked windows, ripped carpet and so many other things wrong with this place, not to mention the memories which go with it.  I want so badly a fresh start in a new home and God is beginning to answer my pleas.

To start from the beginning about a year ago my daughter and I were taking a drive and I saw deer in someones front yard.  Now anybody who knows me, knows deer are very special to me.  They seem to appear in my life when things are going in the right direction so I get very excited when I see them.  As we drove by I prayed out loud to God, “Lord, it would be so awesome to have a home where I could have deer in my front yard.”  Silly it may seem, but indeed a true prayer from my heart.  It was then I began to wonder if getting a new home was going to be me taking on the adventure or waiting on God.  I began to look a little bit here and there at houses.  We visited one that I thought surely was the one because we walked into the living room and there was this painting on the wall of two deer in the forest and it literally took up the entire wall from floor to ceiling.  Nope not the one.

We looked at another house near where I live, but by the time I had prayed and called, it was sold.  Then another one showed up on the market, yet again gone before I made a move.  I have been in prayer about this house as I have no extra money and my credit is not so good.  I also have a near 80 year old dad who really needs to move in with me, we thought about moving into his house but it is on the wrong side of town and not nearly big enough.  About six months ago, the church secretary, Penny stated as we were praying that she sees me in my new home by the end of the year, and this is where things get really interesting to say the least.

I have just begun a dream book as we are making them for our Mary Kay business.  I literally just began the cover and have yet to put anything in it, yet I knew the first thing would be a house.  To set the stage, about a month ago old friends of mine and I stood in the rain at 11pm at night just outside a local grocery store.  We discussed God and some other things and then parted ways.  Now we have been friends on Facebook but have not really caught up with each other in awhile. Two days ago I was beginning to give up on my dream of being in a new home before the end of the year, that was until a “wasted trip to Meijers” changed my view.

As we were exiting the grocery store, here comes my friend to return some boots which did not fit one of her kids.  We stopped and chatted again and she began to share with me her struggle of keeping up a farm some 20 minutes away every day and driving home again.  Mind you she has six kids to take care of to boot!  I clarified with her that she lived here but was keeping up a farm and she said yes, they want to move and build a house on the farmland they have but cannot sell their house because the housing market it so bad.  Long story short, she began to tell me they want to sell it for what they owe and nothing more.  My heart was beating when I asked her this simple question, “Do ever see deer at your place?”  She said they visit her garden from time to time.  Yup!  Made a point to see the house today.

One minor detail I need also mention, my son has left my home and will not return because the memories of the bad stuff is just too much for him to handle and plans to move with me if I get a house.  This means in order to move my dad in with me and my kids I need the minimum:  4 bedrooms, 2 baths and a basement.  God knew what I liked because I had begun to tell Him my dreams even though I had not quite started the book.  We walked into this house….4 bedrooms, 3 baths, full basement, fireplace, oak floors, all the appliances come with it, wooded acre of land behind the house, 2 stall garage and a vacant garage out front that could be turned into a studio for my daughter’s photography.  This house was built by the couple and is only a few years old.  It is also built with a handicap person in mind with wider door frames and hallways.  My dad having surgery on both knees has trouble getting around.

Three things in particular stood out to me.  First the master bedroom has a bathroom which as an old style tub with feet, this is something which was on my list that only God knew I wanted.  Second, their little dog’s name was Penny.  And lastly, guess where her garden is located?  Yup!  In the front yard!  I am telling you, God is good and even though the price seems to be out of my range, God will make a way.  The couple is already looking for a place to move into which will be closer to the farm until they can build a home on it and we have agreed I want the house and there is no rush to anything.  The home owner has just as great of a God story on her side because she had been crying out to God for a solution to their situation and she said today, “Who would have thought that someone would just come out of the blue and make an offer on a house that’s not even up for sale?”  God provides.  God is good.  And when you think you have had enough and are about to give up, He shows up and shows you who He really is.