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Treasurable Love


Today my life is good.  The heart ache is gone and has been replaced with pure, treasurable love.  My life once again has purpose and meaning.  I finally feel like I have been placed on the right path which will propel me into my destiny.  Life has not always been easy and even now there are steps I still am hesitant to take.  I have come to this place where I trust God and I go where He says to go.  Like Jesus mirrored in His ministry, he only did what He saw the Father doing, anything else would have been man’s doing,

How did I get from point A to point B without losing myself?  I am not sure except there came this one day when my life was crashing all around me and I chose to stop running.  It’s hard to wrap my mind around some of the things God calls us to do, and often they make absolutely no sense to the human thought process, yet I know beyond the shadow of a doubt it’s the way of God working in my life.

What caused me to write today about treasure? My husband.  He left yesterday for a 2 day road trip.  For most married couples that is no big deal, in fact often welcomed.  Not me.  Within the hour of him leaving I felt a loss.  Not that I can’t be without him, I didn’t WANT to be without him.  My husband is not what I asked for at all.  I really had no choice when he dropped onto the radar of my life.  For you see, I had this in-depth conversation with God in which I clearly stated that I did not want another man in my life after my divorce.  Sometimes I am glad God does not listen to our pleas only because He has something so much better to offer us.

When John came in to my life I was broken.  My heart had been shattered into a bazillion pieces and I had no desire to put them back together or be loved again, BUT God softened my heart.  He renewed my thinking.  As He did this, John became a true treasure in my life.  The more I tried to say I did not deserve his love, the more God moved.  Now, I would not trade my husband for anything in the world because I know how much he means to me and I know beyond the shadow of a doubt this is God’s plan for my life.

So what is your treasure?  Is there something God has given to you that perhaps you did not understand?  I encourage you to seek God for what your treausrable love is.  Sometimes His ways do not make sense to us, but He is our loving Father and He desires to give us the best of everything.  My best gift was love.  The love of my children.  The love of my husband.  The love of dear friends.  And most importantly the love of God which He has poured into my life even in the moments where I felt less than deserving of anything.  Be still right now and KNOW that God is at work on your behalf and He will never leave you or forsake you.



Hot Feet, Thirsting for Peace

Psalm 65:9-13

Oh, visit the earth, ask her to join the dance! Deck her out in spring showers, fill the God-River with living water. Paint the wheat fields golden. Creation was made for this! Drench the plowed fields, soak the dirt clods With rainfall as harrow and rake bring her to blossom and fruit. Snow-crown the peaks with splendor, scatter rose petals down your paths, All through the wild meadows, rose petals. Set the hills to dancing, Dress the canyon walls with live sheep, a drape of flax across the valleys. Let them shout, and shout, and shout! Oh, oh, let them sing!
How many of us are lost? Even though we accepted Jesus, we are still feeling as if we are traveling the desert.  Our feet are hot. Our throats are dry. Our skin is scorched. There is pain in every step. There is this desire to just sit down and give up.  What if that’s what it takes?  What if we just sat down in the midst of our struggle and really give it up?  Maybe if we would stop searching for all of the answers, peace would just come to us.  We would see a bridge in the distance and finally have a vision of which way to go.
My life was like this for awhile.  I was tired. Felt beaten by the things of this world.  I was thirsty but had no idea how to quench it. AND I had Jesus.  While my life was looking like dry, hot sand everywhere I looked, I could see glimpses of a way out, but my eyes were so squinted I could not tell what was reality.  My mind was like a drone day in and day out.  I just kept going through the motions without ever getting anywhere.
What changed me?  What gave me the vision of my bridge?  Quiet, soaking times.  Yes, moments where I sat in His Presence for 6 hours at a time.  Times where the outside world could not get to me. When I finally sat down, surrendered my life and said, “I have had enough, Lord! Mess up my life!”, that’s when my desert began to be drenched in Living Water.  My thirst was quenched! My feet were relaxed.  I could see the bridge in the distance.  The more I soaked Him in, the closer the bridge got. The closer the bridge was, the more freedom I found.  Finally there was a way out of my situation and all I had to do was rest.
I feel like so many of us Christians have this lifestyle of being a Christian out of whack.  We have it all backwards.  We feel we have to be on the go 24/7.  We think nothing will change unless we stay busy with the things of God.  In the NIV Bible the word rest is mentioned 496 times…..that should cause some of us to think. God wants us to rest.  He wants us to allow Him to take our burden.  Not to become lazy, but to become well rested in Him so that we can walk out our Christian walk with full power.  Can you see your bridge?  Come. Sit. Rest.

Thinking Like an Elephant

Luke 17:4

Even if that person wrongs you seven times a day and each time turns again and asks forgiveness, you must forgive.”
So, we have been wronged over and over and over in our live times and we are called to forgiveness.  Sometimes we grow weary in the process yet we know in our hearts that it is the right path to take.  Do you know that when you are forgiving someone, you are in actuality releasing yourself more than anything else?  Forgiveness allows you to no longer be bound to any issue you have with another person even if that person is continuing on in sin.  Now, this of course does not give the other person permission to run amuck  all over your life by doing the same offense over and over and over, however each time it happens, we are called to forgive.  But do we have to forget is the million dollar question.
In my opinion no, we do not have to forget.  We may become like the memory of an elephant and never forget what offense was committed against us.  In doing so we forgive and store away in our minds the incident so if it arises again we may use wisdom not to react perhaps in the same way we did the first time.  Take for example you have an argument with your spouse.  You get upset by something they was said about your past.  You talk things over and both come to the point of forgiveness and you go about your day knowing that all is well.  Then a week later the same issue arises and because you remember what the reaction was last time, you can respond in a different manner resulting in a different outcome.  This is using wisdom to avoid insanity.  This stops the issue from being on a merry-go-round and happening again.
Forgiveness sometimes can be the hardest thing to do in our Christian walk.  So many of us have been hurt by past relationships or abused in some way or another.  Sometimes forgiveness is the last thing we want to do because we feel the other person does not deserve to be forgiven and this leads to bitterness which will eventually come to destroy parts of you.  It is better to quickly forgive than to stand in sinking sand and suffer in the end.  Forgiveness allows us to lean on God to a deeper level especially when we feel no urge in us to let some people know they are forgiven.  For me personally I would rather get the hard part over so that I could be open to the next level in God.  I don’t have any desire in me to hold on to things which will hinder my walk with Jesus.  I want to be free from bondage.  Jesus came to set us free and I want to stay that way.
Do you have persons in your life you need to forgive?  I encourage you to stop for a moment and search your heart.  It does not matter if you think the other person deserves it or not, don’t you want to enjoy the freedom?  Sometimes the forgiveness is just a simply act of obedience while other times it may take all that is within us to let it go.  Just know that we are called to forgive and it is by this one act that we continue to stay free.

Ignore, Ignore, Ignore

Deuteronomy 5:24

They said, ‘Look, the Lord our God has shown us his glory and greatness, and we have heard His voice from the heart of the fire. Today we have seen that God can speak to us humans, and yet we live!
Ignore! Ignore!  Ignore!  was often the chant I heard as my children were growing up.  They would have this disagreement and since they did not want to listen to what the other one was saying they would repeat this until the other person left or saw things their way.  How often do we do this in our walk with God?  Sometimes we think we have the better answer and we begin to ignore the voice of God trying to lead us in a different direction.  I know I have ignored God a few times yet He always seems to win so if only I would follow that still small voice in the first place, I might just get somewhere in this Christian walk the first time around instead of trudging around the mountain.
I think sometimes we just don’t like what God has to say and we go off doing our own thing.  Even when in our heads we know we are not in the will of God, we still seem to think we have the better idea for the situation.  Then, God has to take us through the lesson of disobedience and we have to stop and learn something before we can go any further in our walk.  When will we learn to stop and listen first and then move in what God has for us?
Sometimes in our rebellion we really make a wrong choice and it can set us back for years while other times it is a simple mistake and we can quickly get back to where we started from.  Thank goodness our God is a gracious and loving Father who only seeks to set us in the right direction so that we may achieve what He as for us.  All God wants is to see us flourish and go in the path He already designed for us, however our freewill often prevents us from hearing directly from God and can hinder our walk.
Have you ever ignored God?  Ever found yourself in the wrong direction only having to admit He was right all along?  Yup, that’s a tricky spot to be, yet our God is still there, waiting for our response to His calling.  I urge you to seek His face in prayer and begin to really listen for His still small voice to guide you back to His plan.  I am so glad I have learned to hear more clearly.  It as enabled me to stay on track and headed in the right direction, ultimately His goal for all of us.

Skip the Chapter!

1 Corinthians 11:25

In the same way, he took the cup of wine after supper, saying, “This cup is the new covenant between God and his people—an agreement confirmed with my blood. Do this to remember me as often as you drink it.”
When one is writing a book, they usually go chapter by chapter, connecting words into sentences and paragraphs all the while telling a story.  A story perhaps about their life or a how to book or maybe a documentary, but the main point is to tell a complete story chapter by chapter.  This too is how we often live our life, we say we are going to start a new chapter and I am here merely today to suggest, why don’t we start a new book instead?
Chapters are good but it means you are still in the same story, nothing really has changed in your life is what you are saying.  If you start a new book then it will be more exciting.  Let’s take a person who has stopped drinking.  The said person has now closed the book on a life of alcohol abuse and is now starting  a whole new era in life instead of just adding a chapter to the past.  Does that make sense?  As interested as a person could be in seeing how the story ends, sometimes they are even more excited about opening a new book!
Jesus did the same thing for us when He died for us on the cross.  When He crucified His flesh the ways of the Old Testament were made new with the covenant of Grace, no longer are we bound by the past commandments.  We have been given grace and it is sufficient for all things.  Yes, if we are following after Jesus and aspiring to become more Christlike, we should have not desire to swear, dishonor our parents, lie, murder, have false Gods and all those other temptations.  We have been given a whole new book to read, the New Testament.
So are you ready to start a new chapter or does your heart desire to start a new book?  Are you tired of the same old same old?  Is it time to really seek God and say you are done with the old way of thinking?  I encourage all of us to begin a new book in our Christian walk, take a new approach to our old thinking, press further into the things God has planned for us.  Go ahead, close the book on the past and begin writing a new story today!