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This Is My Song

Psalm 28:7
The LORD is my strength and shield. I trust him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving.

Ever think that your life is a song?  A series of notes strung together making a melody others can witness to that God is Mighty and strong in your life? A verse after verse, line upon line version of a melody God made over you even before you were formed in your mothers womb.  Perhaps a tune that everyone else found catchy worthy of learning to sing over the pain in their own lives. Does your life your “sing” to others? Do your actions portray a walk with God worthy of others wanting to follow?

My song began when I was born, as did yours.  We were given life and air to breathe.  We are given but one chance at this earthly life and it is our choices which dictated the tune of our song.  Sometimes the song is angry and bitter while other times it is happy and carefree.  We get to choose the lyrics as we go depending on our life circumstances and how we react to situations which arise.  Yes, we are the songwriters if we choose to be.  Perhaps you would rather have someone else write your lyrics, but what does that say about who you are in Christ?

I have chosen in recent days to follow my own heart melody and write my own lyrics, ad God as my only guide.  As I find myself divorcing my husband of 20 years and entering into a new phase of my life, I feel like I am giving more life to my song than ever before.  When I was in the middle of my marriage, I was letting my husband write my lyrics.  I allowed him to dictate what the next part of the my song would be and I pushed God, the Creator of my life-song, as far from me as I could.  I was ashamed of the choices I had made in my life and I felt I had to fix my “tune” before I could even let God finish my song.

As I am finding more freedom every day to express who I really am, my song is beginning to have ryhme and reason.  It now has a beat and rythm all its’ own because I am becoming the song God intended me to be.  I can be expressive and entertaining now that I no longer have to hide behind my fears.  The words I string together now speak life rather than death.  The lyrics can now push through the darkness that shrouded my life for awhile, allowing others to see the Light like never before.

In less than two months I will be divorced and beginning a new adventure in my life.  Some like my new song and others are covering thier ears and choosing to turn the other way, however, I am secure in my God, knowing this path I am on is the right one.  I am in a right relationship with God and I am trusting Him fully in the direction He is taking me.  As each new day begins to unfold, I am finding new joy and wonderful happiness, things I had been lacking for so long.

I know things will seem strange to those who are not walking as deep as I am, just know that if God is for me, then who shall be against me?  I am choosing to live life finally and I am ready for God to take me by the hand and give me the words and the lyrics to finish out my life song.  Whether you agree or disagree is irrelevant because this is between God and I, therefore, no regrets to the past and I am moving forward into the destiny God has ALREADY planned out for my life.

“My life song is made up of joys and sorrows, but most of all, its about what God has done for me and what He has created.”


All of You

Matthew 10:39
If you cling to your life, you will lose it; but if you give up your life for me, you will find it.

Today, the ministry is beginning.  I do not have the website just yet up and running but things are in the works.  The books are at the publishers, awaiting the final touches and the last bit of money to get them published.  I assure you all matters are in God’s hands and He will be faithful to provide ALL of my needs.  Today I reflect on what I have given up in surrender and I am wondering who else among God’s people are ready to push forward and allow God to be their all and all?

There once was a moment when I knew God was there for me, but I did not allow Him to take care of me like I do now.  I was a big girl and I was going to raise my kids and change my husband and do all this things I thought I needed to do, until I realized it had nothing to do with me but everything to do with God.  Just like everyone else I faced challenges (still do) and I took each one on as a walk in the valley or a grueling climb up the mountain getting stressed out and feeling as if I was getting nowhere.  Just the same cycle over and over again, never really making a difference in my life to have a better relationship with God.

When my life stopped three years ago and I surrendered it all to God, the amazing things began to happen.  I was separated from my husband so as not to go through the motions anymore, doing things I just did not want to be a part of.  I received my new smile, only after I surrendered it all to God in a moment of despair.  Both my kids have graduated from school and beginning their own lives.  I was promoted at work.  My books are about to be published, my ministry is starting and I am more free than I have ever been! Why?  Because I have finally put God first in my life above all else.

This means I have given God my life, my family, my job and my ministry.  I have allowed Him to work on behalf and do all the things I thought I had to have control over.  WHAT A RELIEF!!  Now I am happy and free.  My attitude has changed and I feel He is using me in ways I never thought would be possible.  I spent 18 years running around in circles and now that I have let go and let God, He has done more in 3 years time then I ever thought possible.  Now instead of the valleys and the mountain climbing, He has set me upon the mountain top and I get to soar with the eagles while He is moving and working through me, How Awesome is That?

I encourage you to choose to give it all to God right now.  Stop trying to do it all and getting frustrated, instead choose to give Him everything you have, focus your eyes on Jesus and rise above your current circumstances knowing that the God who loves you is in control!