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Guilty Without Charges

1 John 3:20

Even if we feel guilty, God is greater than our feelings, and He knows everything.
Yup!  Guilty! I messed up for sure this time.  Never going to get forgiveness this time.  Just can’t seem to do anything right.  I might as well just quit while I am ahead.  No use trying to move forward, never going to make it.  Ever have any of these thoughts running through your head?  What about creating a war in your mind that does not even exist.  Or, what about having this fear well up inside of you and you begin to play out the worst actions over in your mind over something that is nothing.  Gotten yourself all ready for a punishment that is not even coming?  If so then you do the same thing I do, charge myself guilty when there is no crime.
Sometimes in life for a number of reasons, low self-esteem, childhood issues, self-doubt and many more dysfunctions, we find ourselves sentencing ourselves to our own personal jail.  We begin from the moment our mind tells us we might be in the wrong, and we run with the lies it begins to tell us until it eats away at us..  Little by little as you begin to accept the lies as truth, you have yourself so worked up you either want to run away or no longer live.  These little nuggets of untruth become the very boulders we attach ourselves to, leaving us helpless to see the truth so that we can find freedom.
Sometimes those untruths start when we are very young. You are not good enough.  You will never amount to anything.  No one else in the family went to college.  You will be lucky to find a job.  No one is going to hire you.  You are a failure at life, nothing good will ever happen to you.  Lie after lie whispered into our ears for years.  It’s no wonder we are afraid of God and everything He has to offer us.  How can He ever want us, we are not good enough to be in His presence.  Let me be real with you for a moment.  Satan lurks around looking to kill, steal and destroy God’s people and we have fallen into some deep traps of untruths.  We need to at some point realize we no longer want to be chained to our insecurities and untruths and find this desire to change our position.
For God, failure is not an option.  He sent His son to die on a cross to cover ALL of our sins…past, present and future.  Anyone who believes in Jesus will be saved and spend eternity in heaven.  It is by His grace that we are able to breathe.  It is by His grace that we have been given a second, third, fourth, fiftieth chance at life.  It is by His grace that we are saved from the enemies lies.  When will we learn to just surrender and listen for His still small voice to guide us?  When will we stop sentencing ourselves with our own condemnation?
I just want to speak grace to anyone who might be reading this.  I want to speak life into your being.  Stop listening to the lies.  Stop making the boulder bigger and the chains stronger.  Believe in God and He will take care of you.  His Word is truth from cover to cover and His grace is enough to cover any sin.  His grace is enough to free you from your chains.  His grace is enough to allow you to be loved.  May you right now in this moment be filled with peace as you surrender everything to Jesus and allow Him to move in your life.

Tellin’ It Like It Is

John 8:32

New Living Translation (NLT)

32 And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”


Ever have anybody in your life that just needs to hear the truth so that they can be set free from the chains they have put on themselves?  Someone who has pity parties every weekend only because they have chosen to place themselves where they are.  Persons who no matter how much you love them and try to protect them, you know in your heart of hearts you need to show them the truth.  I have several persons in my life I wish I could just sit them down and tell them like it is without hurting them, but that is easier said than done.

There are so many broken people wandering around this planet it’s hard to comprehend how any of us ever function properly.  The idea of love is so warped by society that it is hard to figure out how to approach people on a one to one basis to offer any kind of help.  Many people were severely hurt in their childhood and have placed themselves in chains of bondage because of a lack of trust in people.  Other people wear chains because they are hiding their true identities as protection from the danger of actually being who they really are.

Today, I just blurted out to someone exactly how I felt about a certain situation and it was not easy.  The love I have for this person is great and out of love and a desire to see this person happy, I unleashed it all.  Since I was driving I did not have to face this person so the unleashing went pretty well on my part.  As I turned to see this persons face I saw a clarity I had not seen in awhile, my “lecturing of the truth” had set them free from some chains.  What I said was not meant to be hurtful, however, it was for the truth to be told so that they would no longer be held back by lies the enemy had been whispering.

When things are in need of being said to someone, the first step is to come from a place of love.  If you operate out of love you are more apt to be careful not to use hurtful words or force your beliefs on the person you are trying to free.  Furthermore, when things are done in love, truth can be seen and freedom comes much quicker.  When one begins to expose the lies of the enemy and bring them to light, there is no room for the person to argue because when you have the truth, there is no need for argumentation.

Are there people in your life in need of some chain breaking?  Are you willing to set this person free by telling them the truth about something you see in their life?  It will take some prayer and courage in some cases, however, when the urge to see someone set free from pain or unneeded destruction in their life, somehow a force not your own often takes over.  Choose today to seek God in this matter.  Begin to pray about a certain situation to see if a good dose of the truth would set a person free.  Sometimes the truth will set you free as well when you are no longer bound with the burden you carried for that person.  Two freedoms for the price of one truth, priceless!