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Smashing the Remote Control


How many times in our lives have when been faced with things that we just did not plan on happening?  Sometimes it’s a car accident.  Maybe the loss of a job.  A loved one passes on.  A sickness comes out of nowhere. Something happens that just stops life as we know it.  Our day to day activities are either altered or come to a complete halt all together and it is out of our control.  Often we have no say in the situation and this rocks our boat to the point of capsizing.  When we are faced with the moment of understanding that we have no control we kinda freak out.

We have been holding on to the remote so tightly that our hands are tired and white knuckled.  We have shaken and moved this remote in every direction possible and it seems to have stopped working altogether.  When the frustration of the situation sets in we are ready to throw the remote as far as we can away from us begging God to take it.  This is the moment when the light bulb pops on suddenly and you have come to the realization you were never in control in the first place.  Never. Not from the time of your very conception.  When we come to our senses and see that we were created for His purposes and we did not birth ourselves we can finally rest.

This is where I reside right now.  I have come to a complete stop.  I have refused to look past today.  How long did it take me to get here?  A very long time.  Now, I am not one to  plan out every detail of my life ahead of time, however I do like to figure things out and sometimes that can be very overwhelming and tiring.  Let me show you what I am talking about.

Back in April I injured my back at work.  I tried to fix it by ignoring it and the pain just worsened.  Finally went to the doctor and that started a downward slide of medications and physical therapy only to arrive at the point where I needed surgery.  In November the surgery took place and I began the slow process of healing.  I was told I would be off work for 4 to 6 weeks and now its almost February and here I am still not back to work.  Why?  Because I am not the one in control.  It’s not easy for me to take time to rest and in these past several weeks I have spent a great deal of time resting and seeking God.  Every time I get myself prepared to go back to work, something else happens to delay it, not my choice, God’s.

So let’s throw a monkey wrench into this drama just for a bit of fun.  The plan 5 weeks ago was that I would return to work on February 8th after my 6 weeks of physical therapy but after a recent visit to my OBGYN I discovered I was in need of another surgery to remove come polyps on my cervix so I have to have a D & C.  Guess what day it’s scheduled for? The very day I was planning on returning to work..What???  God what are you doing?  I now have to call my boss and tell her that I will not be back as planned until the 9th. (provided I even could)  So for the last two weeks I have been dreading going back to work the day after a second surgery.

At church on Sunday night I shared my heart with the people who have been on this journey of recovery with me.  We have watched God move time and time again.  I had finally submitted that this was out of my hands.  As I had spent a solid week trying to figure out how I was going to feel and playing out the what-ifs and getting all worked up I prayed.  I surrendered.  I let it go.  I finally chose to live one day at a time without fear.  I began to believe that God would not leave me hanging or stranded without a plan.  A close friend confided in me that when she first heard I was having surgery she saw it like I was never going to give myself a rest and so God was going to put everything into motion for me, hence the surgery and the multiple extensions of my healing.

What happens when you give it up?  He moves.  He removes doubt.  He moves mountains.  He takes care of everything along the way.  He squashes fears.  He shows up and shows off.  Yesterday as I was preparing for our team meeting making a dish to pass I received a phone call from my doctors office and they were canceling my appointment for Wednesday and could not reschedule until February 15.  My first reaction was: WHAT? What are you doing God?  Now I have to call my employer and once again explain that I will not be returning until a later day.

Then, as if being covered in a blanket of peace, I hear Him saying, “Be Still and Know that I am God.  I am taking care of all things.  All of this is out of your control.”  And with that being said all of my anxiety left.  I no longer have to fear going back to work the day after surgery, God took care of it.  I don’t need to worry about my job, I am only following the doctors and I have no control over that.  God took all of the decision making out of my weary hands.  All I have to do is what is right in front of me.  I don’t need to figure out how my boss will react.  I don’t have to be consumed with figuring all of this out, I just need to be consumed with Him.

Dear Lord:

Thank You for being in control.  Thank You for filling me with peace.  I stand here surrendered to whatever Your  plan is knowing You will always make a way. Help me to stay here on Your promises.  Help me to accept that I am not in control.  I choose now to render whatever control I think I still have powerless.  Thank You for figuring out this life for me so that I can just rest in Your Presence.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.



Got Hangers?

1 Peter 5:7

        Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.



You are in a bad mood.  Your dog just ate your favorite shoes.  Your boss is demanding.  Your best friend is having a crisis.  Your last unemployment check came today.  You failed a major test.  You bounced a check.  Your mom is being tested for cancer.  A million and one things can be hitting you all at one time and as you begin to wrap your mind around all of the outcomes which could occur you go into freak out mode. You begin to doubt your ability to cope with anything.  You start to feel sorry for yourself and think thoughts that are not anywhere near the truth.  Ever have days like this when you feel nothing you do for anybody is good enough to meet any of their standards?


Today, I went to church for a prayer meeting and I gave God all of the things that were bothering from my day and the recent past.  I wrote Him a letter and released it all to Him and then I sat in silence as I listened for His answer.  At first I was frustrated, it seemed as if I had been sitting there for a long time with no reply.  So those not so good thoughts start flooding in.  Gee, I’m not even good enough for God.  This isn’t even worth it.  He is too busy tonight to talk to me.  All those negative non-truths just kept invading until finally when I had had enough of the voices, He began to speak to me.


As I wrote out what He spoke I felt this peace invade.  I felt my self-worth returning and I could clearly see that God was not too busy for me.  He answered every question I had asked and more.  It was like He pushed my reset button.  As I was leaving the church, He said take a picture of the hangers.  What? That seemed so silly to me and I asked Him why.  He simply reminded me of the verse about cast your cares upon me and He was using the hangers as an illustration to get His point across.  For you see, if we would just put our frustrations and failures on “hangers” and allow God to take them, we could be free to do what He asks of us.


So tonight, I hang up all of my worries, concerns, disappointments and regrets on spiritual hangers and I allow God to take care of them.  He has the plans for me that I cannot see.  He knows I am exactly where He needs me to be in this moment of time and I can rest and remain calm knowing He will take care of all things concerning me.  One other thing He mentioned to me was that He just wanted me to dance with Him and let Him lead.  Of course He knows it’s hard for me when I dance not to want to lead and it was His way of saying….just let me guide your steps.

Second Time Around

“And it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to him must believe that God exists and that he rewards those who sincerely seek him.”Hebrews 11:6 NLT

Ever asked God why you were going through something a second time?  Pondering what possible lesson you could relearn?  Confused as to why you were repeating something surely you already knew?  I as a matter of fact am doing just that right now.  I am attending classes for work which I already took one some 12 years ago or so.  At first I was a bit baffled as to how my record of taking this class was lost, then it dawned on me like a sunrise, God had a plan!

As I sit here in a luxury hotel some three hours from home with access to a pool, hot tub and two buffet style meals a day and a room which is almost a mini apartment, I am thankful for where God has retaken me.  When I took this particular class years ago, I learned some valuable things, however I did not grasp the reality of it all.  I did not think at that time I would be in the position of running a restaurant so some things I just laid aside.  Silly me!  God had other plans for me and so now I am paying full attention and hoping to  glean what I can from this second time around so as to aspire to be successful!

There are two things in particular in this class which are not just related to my job, but to my life they can be applied.  The first thing is the seven good habits.  Habits which from the first time I took this class I should have had in place already for my life. The seven steps are easy and can be applied to everyday life: Be proactive, begin with the end in mind, put first things first, think win/win, seek to understand then seek to be understood, synergize  and sharpen the saw.  Then the last day of class we will be going over ordering our personal life and work to find a balance.

When I took this class last time as well, I was not in a place emotionally where I could apply the principals of a planned out,organized day.  I was in the middle of a battle with a husband addicted to medications and two small children.  I did not see the point in structuring my days so that I could have time to rest and re-energize myself.  My days were up to whatever my husband or kids required of me, not what I needed.

As I have had a great deal of time to reflect and grow just in these last two days, I am more aware of how God designed us to be.  We need to be prepared and proactive.  We have to visualize the big picture so we have something to work towards.  We have to put God first and foremost.  We need to participate with others so that winners will rise among us and we are accepting of others.  We need listen first and act second.  We have to be willing to work together and become like a glue which holds things together.  And lastly, we need to refuel and have a purpose in life.

I plan to take this seriously this time as I am not so sure there could be a third time for this lesson.  I am thankful for this opportunity given to me by my current boss.  I know that I will surely bring back this valuable lesson to the store and begin to implement some of these things so that others can begin to order their lives as well.  We all need balance and forming good habits is a good way to start.