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Lose the Ugly

James 1:19

Listening and Doing ] Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry.
Can we all agree that life is not all about smooth sailing?  There are storms which arise and sometimes we lose our direction.  We lose sight of where we were going and get lost in the destruction of the storm.  We feel like the purpose of our voyage has changed a bit and we are unclear of how to get back on track or change directions.  I have been feeling lately like things are just being tossed about in my life.  I am happy and secure in my life at the moment yet there is this constant storm off in the distance.  I feel at times that in any given moment of time my boat might just tip over and I will be left on my own to swim.
Now, I, not being a swimmer am fearful of this word “swim”.  This thought process puts me in a place of unease at times.  Where am I at this point if I know God is in control?  How is there any shred of doubt within me?  I really don’t have an answer at this point.  God has moved so swiftly lately in my life it is almost like when the disciples were in the midst of their storm at sea and God just calmed everything down and they were at their destination in the blink of an eye.
I look back past the last huge storm in my life and I wonder how I ever survived.  Now I am on dry land and safe, yet there are aspects to my life that just don’t make any sense.  I know who I am in Christ and I cling tight to that mentality.  I push away the lies of the enemy but how do I deal with the losses which came from leaving the storm behind?  Was what was lost for a reason?  Were the people that once were good friends just for a season?  All of this brings me to one major question:  Who am I to question what God is doing right now?”
So here I am, swimming in uncharted waters.  I am leaving my boat right now and diving into the waters that I know are safe because He has me right were I need to be.  No matter what others around me are thinking, I am secure in my relationship with God and nothing is going to shake that foundation.  God loves each of us individually and He knows our every struggle. He will give us daily the strength we need to refocus and push forward.  Within all of this, we still have to follow after Jesus and adhere to the principles He has set forth in the Bible…sometimes that is really hard to do.
It feels good to know God is in control even when my flesh is concerned with so many different struggles.  I don’t want to go through the changes sometimes that it takes to make me into the woman of God He has destined for me, yet I know I need to lose the ugly before the beauty of God can break through.

Weathering the Storm

Proverbs 10:25

When the storms of life come, the wicked are whirled away, but the godly have a lasting foundation.
As snow storm after snow storm hits Michigan this winter, I am paused for a moment to reflect on personal storms in my life.  Sometimes they are predictable and we know in advance what to expect while other times the storms just invade without notice of their arrival until we are sucked in and tossed about.  So many times I do not even realize there is a storm until I am drenched is some ugly situation that has gotten out of my control, well that’s the way it used to be before I decided to let God direct my path.
I could get myself in so much trouble before I let God have control of my life that I could make my own head spin.  Now that I allow God to protect me from the storms that He can already see, life seems so much more easier to withstand.  Why had I not let Him be in control before?  Simple, I thought I could handle everything on my own.  I wanted to fight my own battles since usually I was the one who had gotten myself into trouble in the first place.
How many times do we fight unnecessary battles  How many times do we scream at God because the storm in too big when if we would have let go right at the first sign of any clouds we would not have had to endure so much pain.  How do we get to the place where the storms seem to be nothing but a cloud or two passing by in the night?  Surrender.  Total, complete surrender.  Being secure in the knowledge that God follows through on His promises.  He wants us to be at peace.  He wants us to prosper.  Because of the death of His Only Son, we are covered by grace and God can’t even see our sin because of the continual flow of blood.
I think that perhaps I have gotten to this place of peace in my life because I am secure in my God.  I trust Him.  I follow His lead.  I surrender with my eyes focused on Jesus so that I will not be drawn to the storm.  I am at rest in my soul.  I look to Jesus for provision, acceptance, love and peace.  Without Him I would be tossed like a boat in a stormy sea with no direction, wondering why on earth God was even keeping me here..
Are you in a storm right now?  Having trouble finding your way?  Then look up, give up and let God show you the peace He has for you even in the middle of the storm.  Be willing to surrender any issues going on in your life right now.  Be confident in His love for you, after all He did give up His Son so that you could have life and life more abundant!

What Now?

Psalm 34:4

I prayed to the Lord, and He answered me. He freed me from all my fears.
Okay Lord, what now?  Got out of the boat.  Rocked the boat.  Tipped it over.  Yet I still feel like nothing has happened.  I know I am suppose to be still and know that You are God, however, I still feel in my spirit as though You are waiting on me somehow.  I have placed all the faith I have into Your will for my life.  I have prayed.  I have surrendered.  I have not quit but I have given up.  I have given up my will to control the things in my life.  So now……..
Ever have one of those conversations with God?  I did today.  Matter of fact I got kind of frustrated.  I didn’t feel unworthy but unused.  I wasn’t angry just ready for something to change. Ever notice how right before a storm is broken all hell breaks loose?  Things get heated and frustrating.  Tempers may flare and surely insecurities are flashing about like lightening.  Things just seem to be getting stressful and you start mumbling to God when all of a sudden you reach a point where the only answer for the situation is…..breakthrough.
Perhaps this is where I am with my ministry at this point.  I know provision for the books is right around the corner.  I know God has already got this all planned out and all I have to do is follow the plan set before me.  How do we do this?  Conversations with God.  Reading the Word.  Seeking Him in all of the circumstances surrounding the storm.  Whether it be work related, relationship issues, personal battles or just stuck in a rut, the storm always gets worse before it gets better.  The intensity of the issues gets hotter and hotter until you reach a breaking point and you either deal with it or push it away.
If you choose to push it away, it will come back at some point, however if you choose to deal with it, a victory will arise.  Then you will be better prepared for the next storm.  When we just close our eyes to the issues at hand we enter the next battle unprepared and possibly in a worse situation.  God brings things to us so that we may become stronger and more dependent on Him.  As we go through the storms we learn how to put God right in front of us instead of looking back to see what He is going to do.

Are you in a storm right now?  How are you handling it?  Are your eyes closed hoping it will go away or are you facing the storm like your God is big enough to cover it?  Choose right now to go head on into your storm with your eyes fixed on Jesus.

Looking For My Yacht

 Matthew 14:29
“Yes, come,” Jesus said. So Peter went over the side of the boat and walked on the water toward Jesus.

First, I must apologize for the length of days between my blogs lately, it has been difficult adjusting to my new position at work and I have been very busy.  I am hoping as I get a handle on things I will be able to focus once again on my blogging.  As for today, this will be short and sweet as I am headed to revival meetings and I am seeking God for some answers.  As many of you know, I am in the process of publishing a book.  The process is slower than I want to go, yet I know it is all according to God’s perfect plan for my life.  Today I want to share some joy and I hope you will rejoice as well for if you too choose to surrender, God is waiting to work a masterpiece in your life as well.

I am an ordinary person.  I live an ordinary life for the most part.  I am different than everyone else as we all are.  I have hopes and dreams.  I have tragedies and triumphs.  The only difference between me and the unbeliever is God.  It is this God Factor which orchestrates my life and gives me the desires of heart.  It is this peace and understanding which gets me through my days.  The key to all of this was surrender.  I am in the process of putting together a little book about surrender and soon it will be available.  Surrender was the key to writing my first book, if I had not given it all to God, I would still be in my rut and not growing with the Lord.

This morning, I spoke with a possible book representative.  She gave me insights and pointers, sharing a part of her ministry with me.   We talked about an hour and I hung up the phone happier than I have been in days.  She spoke things into my life and confirmed many things.  This book my friends is truly only the beginning.  There will be more.  God is calling me to a ministry position and I am looking for my yacht.  I must get up and get out of my comfortable boat and seek greatness.  I have to step out on to the water and trust God to take me to the next big thing.  No longer will I dwell in the simple fishing boat, I will live in the yacht where ministering to the broken can begin.

I am so excited to see where God is taking me. I am ready for training and I am seeking those whom God will send into my life to grow me up in the ministry aspect of my life.  I am searching for those who will invest time into my book.  I am ready to be amazed by God and I want to take you on the journey with me.  Ahead of me lay great possibilities and uncharted waters.  Just beyond the next harbor there are people who need to hear God loves them and that He desires to heal their brokenness.  Lots to do and pray about.  Are you ready to go sailing with me?  I will not leave you behind, Jesus did not leave me.