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Just Be You—It Makes Satan Mad

Jeremiah 1:5
“I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.”

Be this.  Do that.  Wear this.  Pick that.  Conform. Conform Conform.  Fit in.  Grow up.  Why can’t you be like your brother?  You are nothing like your dad.  Do this to look like a rockstar.  Have this surgery to make you feel better.  Demand after demand for us to change who we are.  Do we not believe in the Bible?  God knew us before we were even formed in the wombs of our mothers.  He designed us just as we are.  He loves us for who He created us to be, so why are we so determined to change what He set in motion?  Why do we have this drive to change who we are?

Well, my theory on this issue is simple, Satan.  Does it not make sense that he would want us to change so that we get off our path to our destiny? Satan will do everything in his power to change our course.  He will feed us lie after lie about who we are until we fall into trap after trap. We go on diets and dye our hair to make ourselves feel better.  We sometimes drink to fit into certain crowds even when its not really who we are.  Sometimes we start smoking to look cool and it ends up staying with us for years.  So many different aspects of life we fall into that really are not of God.

So my point in this all is easy, how do you keep Satan away from your life?  Just be you.  Just accept who you are in Christ and go with the flow of the river of life.  Color you hair if you choose, but do it because it makes you happy, not to appease someone else.  Laugh out loud in public even if Satan does not want you to be happy.  Fall head over heels in love with your mate, no matter what it looks like to the world around you.  There is no such thing as “too happy” when you are residing in Christ.  I urge you now to shake off the things of this world and begin to discover the real you.  The more you become yourself, the madder Satan will get, and that’s a good thing.

Be who you were designed to be by our Creator.  Choose right now to become the child of God you have always dreamed of being.  Be real.  Be free.  Today just choose to be who you are.  Start you day by making this statement out loud (filling in your name in the blank):  “Today I am choosing to be just ____________.”  The more days I choose to be just Brenda, the smoother things seem to go. Try it, see what God can do where you are seeking after His desires for your life.


Love That is Meant to Be

Job 40: 10-14

10 All right, put on your glory and splendor,
your honor and majesty.
11 Give vent to your anger.
Let it overflow against the proud.
12 Humiliate the proud with a glance;
walk on the wicked where they stand.
13 Bury them in the dust.
Imprison them in the world of the dead.
14 Then even I would praise you,
for your own strength would save you.

(Before or after reading this blog, seek the Bible for the whole truth God set before me today….Read Job Chapters 38 through 41 and Proverbs 31: 10-31)

Today God chose to reveal to me the most awesome of scriptures.  Man always talks about desiring a Proverbs 31 woman for their lives, but I have never heard anything for a woman except that she needs a Man of God.  A man who seeks God before  he seeks her. A man straight from heaven who will treat her like a  princess.  One who tell her she is beautiful every morning and respect her as though she is a daughter of the King. Well, today while on a retreat with God, He showed me exactly what His desire for woman is.  Job, a man after God’s own heart.  A man who chose not to deny the reality of God in his life.

As I sat in the woods gazing into the eyes of Jesus, He showed me where to begin reading in the book of Job and did my eyes stay glued to every word on the page.  The more I read the more mesmerized I became by what God was revealing to me.  Right before my eyes was exactly how God wanted women to seek out a man for their lives.  First He had me read Job 38 through Job 40:9 where He asks all sorts of questions which boiled down to this very point:

 What can you do apart from Me?  I have set all things in motion and you had not a part in it so why do you think you play a role in dictating your very own life?  Before you were formed in your mothers womb (Jeremiah 1:5) I had your life already planned out.

As He unfolded to me this revelation I was set up for the next part He wanted me to read, the description of what a real man of God actually was: Job.  If you read through the rest of the scripture I posted above, you will see a detailed outline of what a real man is suppose to be if they CHOOSE to take upon what God is offering them.   All right, put on your glory and splendor, your honor and majesty.  This is a direct quote for the book of Job, instructing man to take on the splendor of God and He will protect and provide for them.

If a man would just surrender and take on the splendor of God, he will flourish and become the Man of God everyone woman desires.

In this same sense, a woman should choose to become like the woman described in Proverbs 31 so that she can begin to let God have favor in her life as well.  It is so simple, it seems crazy!  God has this already figured out and all we have to do is follow the Bible and believe it to be true.  I was so filled with joy after God revealed this truth to me.  I now understand why God desires us to be in the Word daily.  There is so much to learn and  so many new things God wants to show us.  God rewards those who diligently seek Him, today was proof of that very thing.


Do You Know Where Your Bible Is?

 Psalm 119:11
I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.


One would think, a professing Christian as myself would have no dust accumulated on my Bible, however, this is my lacking place in my walk.  As I began to examine my life these past few weeks as I am walking out this valley, I soon realized I have some lacks in my life and daily reading of the Word is one of them. Sure, I read verses here and there and I read on Saturdays at church and Wednesdays at youth group and then again on Sundays, but a daily dousing of the Word? Nope not so much.  I have tried and tried an tried to start devotional times in my life, I always blame my out of whack work schedule for not having a decent one on one time for seeking God as far as reading the Bible.  I work at McDonalds as a manager and my schedule has no consistency to it.  One day I work at 4:30am another 4pm and still there are 8 to 5s and 11 to 8s.  Sure I could get up an hour before and set that as the time, but I find myself not motivated and too tired with the multitude of things I have to do every day.  Then again I could read last thing before I go to bed, yet I lack the discipline to do so.

This world we live in just keeps us busier and busier and who may I ask is the ruler of earth currently?  Satan’s desire is to keep us from receiving God in our daily lives and keeping us busy is his biggest ploy in today’s society.  I have tried to say “No” to things but I still find myself filling the space of time I should be reading the Bible with other things.  I don’t want to say I have ADD but I do get distracted.  Quiet time is a definite challenge for me!  Recently I had decided I was going to redo the Purpose Driven Life because I found a copy of it with a blank journal to go with it at a local Goodwill.  I had it all ready to go and even though I don’t really follow Lent as closely as I used to, I was going to start with day 1 on Wednesday and work my way through so I would end up finishing it on Easter.  Guess what?  It’s Saturday….um, I have yet to open the book!  On the same note, I found the devotional book from a long time ago in a thrift store, Be Still and Know.  Now I have read a few of these, but only when I think about it.  What am I going to do?

What if tomorrow there was this breaking news story and it was made law that we could no longer have Bibles in our possession. People came door to door collecting them.  Websites disappeared which had Bible references on them.  Facebook pages were banned from posting verses.  I Pods no longer had Bibles in them.  Just what if this all took place?  Would we have enough of the Word hidden our hearts to keep on the right track with God?  I think we would have a struggle in today’s society and its’ lack of respect for God.  I feel it would be easy to fall into the traps laid before us if we did not have such verses hidden in our heart like Philippians 4:13 and Psalm 46:10 or John 3:16.  How about the 23rd Psalm?  Would we be able to still speak life into others on what we do have hidden in our hearts?  Now don’t perceive this as judging because this is all about me and the lack of focus I have in my reading of the Word.

My point in sharing this devotion today is that I am asking for accountability and thus the reason for starting the Facebook Page:  Hiding the Word in Our Hearts.  It’s not a “read the Bible in a year plan” but more so a way of Christians reading together a certain chapter each week and memorizing one Bible verse per month to increase the Word in our hearts so that if some such disaster were to happen and we no longer had access to our Bibles we could still sustain our Christian walk and be confident in our knowledge of what the Lord is speaking.  We need to stay in tune with God so that when the war begins to get furious, we can walk in peace.  So, in short, who is with me?  I need this accountability and I would like to share this journey with the others in my life who need to also step up their game as far as hiding the Word in their hearts.  If you are ready to read through one, yes just one chapter a week and learn a new verse to have hidden for future reference, then look up Hiding the Word in Our Hearts on Facebook and let’s get started on this journey and begin to uplift each other!

Blowing In the Wind

Matthew 8:26
Jesus responded, “Why are you afraid? You have so little faith!” Then he got up and rebuked the wind and waves, and suddenly there was a great calm.

It has gotten very windy here in Michigan as a winter storm looms ahead of us and as I saw this tree rolling in the wind down the street it gave me pause to reflect upon how I was feeling last night as I looked through all the news-feed statuses on Facebook. I saw every range of emotion from happy to sad, ecstatic to depressed and laughter to pure anger at the world.  So many different views of the year ahead of us and of the one left behind.  For those of who are dwelling in Christ, we know that a new year brings new challenges but also new blessings.  As I look forward to moving into a new home, I know the only way I will obtain it is through faith in God.  Nothing is too big for God and even though I cannot see a way right at the moment, surely Daddy has a plan.  The main thing I felt as I read through some of the statements and knowing who had written them, I sighed, knowing how much more God has for them if they would only lay it all down and call out to Him in faith.

As in the last two things I needed to move through in my life, getting my smile remodeled and getting a new home, I had to go through a period of letting God know how I felt and then letting it go.  Yes I screamed into the darkness.  I lost my temper and just let it all out.  I begged and pleaded.  I did everything but bargain with God (I know that is not how it works) and now in the moment where I am just letting things go and my focus in only on God in my life, things are happening.  Know how I did it?  Once I stopped complaining, God could hear my true pleas.  I was living under my circumstances and not above,  I seemed to have just assumed my position as the victim and accepted my surroundings.  Um, excuse me?  Who was I fooling?  I am a child of the King and He wants the best for me but if I keep SPEAKING myself into this pit, this is where I will stay.

I am not sure where I am going with this blog at the moment, as it has taken a turn from where I thought I was going, must be a God thing.  We have all lost hope at some point or another and allowed ourselves to just blow along with the wind.  We play the “woe is me” game everyday and begin to speak “unlife” into our situations.  Gee, every time I go to get gas they raise the prices.” Every time I check my bank account there is less money than I think.”  “The gas bill will be too much to pay.”  “Every time I go to the store I don’t have enough money.”  “I get sick every time I go to that restaurant.”  ON and ON, day after day, we speak life right out of our lives.  Aren’t you tired of that?  Am I speaking to anyone?

Okay, true example of a lesson I learned about speaking the “every time” phrase, well actually two of them.  One was at work concerning the computer.  When our boss would go out of town the first thing out of our mouths would be, “there goes our computer” and I am not kidding, something major would happen.  As soon as I learned the principal of not speaking such things, our computer has been fine. My other life example concerned our cars.  The first time my husband totaled one of our cars was just after we had filled the tank completely full.  Not having a lot of money we never filled the tank to full. Well, the next time he crashed, guess what?  It was just after we filled the tank to full.  After that we NEVER filled any of our cars to full.  I lived under this “curse” until I separated from my husband when I had run out of gas because I was too afraid to put a full tank in. I learned to rise above this and have since been filling my gas tanks without hesitation because I have learned how not to speak such things into existence.

I am praying for a change of some minds in 2012.  Nothing is impossible even though the world would like you to believe so.  I challenge you this year to speak LIFE where once you were cursing your life.  Stop yourself the next time you begin to say, “Every time…..” and evaluate what you are about to speak into your life.  As for me and my family, we ARE moving this year.  We WILL be turning our finances around.  We WILL be healthy.  We WILL have enough of everything because God will provide just as He promises in the Bible.  Will you choose to live above your circumstances or stay blowing in the wind?  Now I am not promising you a bed of rose or an easy road, but I know for sure God wants you to have abundant life in Him and the only way it will happen is if you start to speak life not death in your very existence.

Start today.  Don’t know how to start? A friend of mine had a very good idea of starting a Thanksgiving Journal.  Begin to write down the things you are thankful for.  Be basic.  Your car, your house, your wife, your clothes, your food….anything God has provided for you.  Do this everyday.  Today the pastors wife shared she is writing on the calendar each day “Today is a Good Day”, this is a great way to start claiming life!  Whatever you choose to do, do it with prayer.  Begin to rebuild your relationship with God.  I know you will see a difference in your life in a very short period of time.  Just keep in mind it will take discipline to accomplish this and that’s where it all begins.  Faith leads to renewed hope and I have enough faith that those who need to read this blog are reading it right now and God is stirring up some emotions and desires to change.  I pray each of you find something in every moment of life to be thankful for.


Are You Attatched?

Luke 8:23
But as they were sailing along He fell asleep; and a fierce gale of wind descended on the lake, and they began to be swamped and to be in danger.

Not quite sure of where you are headed?  Storms raging all around you and you are griped by fear?  Thought maybe you were sailing along just fine only to discover you are alone?  Often we are plagued by so many uncharted waters, we can not make heads or tail of any of the things we encounter.  Questioning why we chose the way we did and doubting God in the process.  How do we get so turned around?  Why do we not choose to “anchor” ourselves in Jesus, allowing Him to “steer” us in the right direction, so that we may enjoy smooth sailing”?  Let me paint a picture for you:

We are born.  We survive childhood, hopefully intact, and begin to have a sense about the world.  From the time we are little, we know we are seeking something greater than just what is in front of us.  Sometimes we grab the anchor at an early age and hold steadfast to the things of God.  Others do not find anchor until years later.  Now the true question to ask at this point, concerning the anchor:  Are you anchored to Jesus or is He anchored to you?  I am not sure I know how to correctly answer this, but let me give it a shot!  If you attach yourself to the anchor, you are then destined to go where it goes.  Picking up and moving at the will of the anchor.  If you attach the anchor to your life, then you are still in control and get to make all the choices without even thinking.  Now of course when we apply this to Godly thinking we have to take into consideration we have a free will, however lets just look at the big picture, not the tiny details!

So now, which anchoring would you choose?  A life where you are led by God or one where you decide how you are going to live, pulling God along with you? Tough thing to actually think about, huh? It was a wake up call to me just as I am writing this.  Our free will actually allows us to choose how to be anchored, I certainly am choosing to by anchored to Jesus!  By choosing to be anchored to Jesus, we can then allow Him to take the wheel and steer us into the right direction for our lives.  When we do our own steering (thinking) that is when we end up in so much trouble!  God knows the direction we need to go and will lead us into His charted waters for our own safety.  When we are left alone in the water, not following the map (ie Bible) we certainly will end up in deeper waters where the dangerous stuff lurks.

If we are wise in our choice (to be anchored not anchoring) then surely the goodness and favor of the Lord will be upon us and we will suffer less shipwrecks and hardships.  How many times do we find ourselves in a storm all panicked out only to realize it was our choices which led us down that path?  During my marriage, I was not anchored to God, I most definitely just dragged Him along.  And then as the storm raged, I bit my nails, cried out in anger and pointed fingers at God for where I ended up.  Boy was I in for a rude awakening when I made the realization I had not followed God at all to get where I was, I had been doing my own  “steering” into the wrong direction.  I had no one to blame but me!  I chose not use Godly wisdom in choosing the direction I wanted to go.  I thought my ship was ready to sail and nobody was stopping me.

So how do we turn the situation around so that we become calm in the storms?  Let go of the anchor, surrender your life to Jesus and let Him grab a hold of you, anchor you into Him, restore your ship, take the wheel and sail into a life of victory!  Sweet is sailing when the waters are calmed by the One who calms the raging seas!  How awesome is the feeling as you are birthed into the favor and blessings of God.  I love the breeze that comes when you are right with God.  The feeling of things being under control (peace).  The unexplainable things you pass on the way.  The joys which come from smooth sailing.  I never want to go back to anchoring God to my life, I want Him to have full control over my life so I may walk in peace 24/7.  No more freaking out.  No more cries of desperation for even in the trials which come, I am no longer uncertain of where I am headed.

So choose today to let go, surrender and let God take you where He wants you to go.  You may not understand some of the changes of direction at first, but you can be certain He is taking you to charted waters and He wants to bless you abundantly.  Trust me, I know.  Once I learned to let go, I have not stopped receiving blessings.  My life is being restored and God is just placing things into my life.  For instance, having someone paying for the restoration of my teeth.  I am confident God has a house already in the works for me.  He has placed another career opportunity to fill in some of the gaps with a Godly company.  He surrounds me with good friends who have wisdom concerning the things of God.  I could go on, however my simple point is:  Let Go,let God and sail in freedom and without fear for God is calming the waters, steering the wheel and taking your ship exactly where He has you destined to be.

Follow His Voice

Matthew 10:42
And whoever gives to one of these little ones [in rank or influence] even a cup of cold water because he is My disciple, surely I declare to you, he shall not lose his reward.

Ever just done something  knowing it was God?  Maybe just bless someone and wonder why?  Ever felt lead to do something out of the ordinary knowing God was using you?  This happens almost every for me at a local music festival, Unity, that we have here in Muskegon, Michigan in August.  This was me fifth year to attend and four of them I have volunteered in the inflatable games.  Mostly teens run the games and being a youth leader I feel right at home.  Every year God sends me a child of some significance that just touches my heart.  Usually it is a child who is having difficulty with the climbing wall and I share Philippians 4:13 with them for encouragement.  One year it took this little girl all three days of the event to finally get to the top.  I rewarded her with some happy meal toys and by the end her mom, myself and the child had tears of joy.

This year was no exception but this one was really specially.  This little boy, approximately age seven, came through the line for the climbing wall and as I was putting his harness on, he said this was his first time here and he was staying with his uncle.  He came through the line again and explained his parents were divorced and it was sad.  Then once again he goes through and tells me his mom is in Italy on her honeymoon.  By the time he had finished for the day, I knew enough about him to feel his pain of divorce and the uncertainty of the new marriage.  Tears fill my eyes now as I remember his little voice crying out for peace even if he did not say it directly.  The last time he came through the line, he reminded me he did not go to church and wondered what I was telling the girl ahead of him about.

I had been sharing Philippians 4:13 with her because she was nervous.  I told him about this and he was still confused, and finally he asked, “What is a Bible and these verses?”  I took a moment and explained this to him and and I could see he was really interested.  My night as a volunteer ended and I went on to enjoy the concerts not giving another thought of this little one until I was at work the next day and I kept hearing that still small voice, “Buy a Bible today.”  I was suddenly filled with excitement!  God wanted me to bless this child!  So after work I bought one all excited to give it to the little boy later that day.  I searched for him during my four hour shift and after asking several little boys if they were the one I was looking for, I was pretty sad to discover he had not returned.

Saturday arrives and the weather is ify.  It had stormed earlier and more were on the way.  We opened the inflatables for a few minutes only to end up standing in the pouring rain.  Bummed again I wondered if I was going to be able to give this Bible to the person it was intended for.  The storms passed and we were able to reopen the inflatables and I began my searching again.  Finally I saw a teenager whom I thought I had seen chaperoning the little boy two days before and I approached him asking if a particular boy was with him and if the boys mother was in Italy at the moment.  The teen looked at me wide eyed and asked how I could possibly know this, I laughed and said the boy had shared with me the last time he was in line for the wall climb.

I instructed them not to move while I retrieved my gift.  I presented the Bible to him and wrote his name on the inside.  I had highlighted Philippians 4:13 for him and showed him how he could find it.  He was so excited I was fighting back tears.  He promised me he would read it and tell me all about it next Unity if he could come.  God is so awesome!  Who knows, that little guy could be the next Billy Graham!  My friend asked me later if I realized that I had just placed a lethal weapon in the hands of a seven year old!  I said give me some more!  I am always honored to volunteer at Unity.  For me it’s not about the music, as awesome as it is, but it is about serving and being obedient to the things of God.  I look forward to next year, wondering what God will do with me next!