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Treasurable Love


Today my life is good.  The heart ache is gone and has been replaced with pure, treasurable love.  My life once again has purpose and meaning.  I finally feel like I have been placed on the right path which will propel me into my destiny.  Life has not always been easy and even now there are steps I still am hesitant to take.  I have come to this place where I trust God and I go where He says to go.  Like Jesus mirrored in His ministry, he only did what He saw the Father doing, anything else would have been man’s doing,

How did I get from point A to point B without losing myself?  I am not sure except there came this one day when my life was crashing all around me and I chose to stop running.  It’s hard to wrap my mind around some of the things God calls us to do, and often they make absolutely no sense to the human thought process, yet I know beyond the shadow of a doubt it’s the way of God working in my life.

What caused me to write today about treasure? My husband.  He left yesterday for a 2 day road trip.  For most married couples that is no big deal, in fact often welcomed.  Not me.  Within the hour of him leaving I felt a loss.  Not that I can’t be without him, I didn’t WANT to be without him.  My husband is not what I asked for at all.  I really had no choice when he dropped onto the radar of my life.  For you see, I had this in-depth conversation with God in which I clearly stated that I did not want another man in my life after my divorce.  Sometimes I am glad God does not listen to our pleas only because He has something so much better to offer us.

When John came in to my life I was broken.  My heart had been shattered into a bazillion pieces and I had no desire to put them back together or be loved again, BUT God softened my heart.  He renewed my thinking.  As He did this, John became a true treasure in my life.  The more I tried to say I did not deserve his love, the more God moved.  Now, I would not trade my husband for anything in the world because I know how much he means to me and I know beyond the shadow of a doubt this is God’s plan for my life.

So what is your treasure?  Is there something God has given to you that perhaps you did not understand?  I encourage you to seek God for what your treausrable love is.  Sometimes His ways do not make sense to us, but He is our loving Father and He desires to give us the best of everything.  My best gift was love.  The love of my children.  The love of my husband.  The love of dear friends.  And most importantly the love of God which He has poured into my life even in the moments where I felt less than deserving of anything.  Be still right now and KNOW that God is at work on your behalf and He will never leave you or forsake you.


Mole Hill Syndrome 101

1 Corinthians 13:2

If I had the gift of prophecy, and if I understood all of God’s secret plans and possessed all knowledge, and if I had such faith that I could move mountains, but didn’t love others, I would be nothing.
Ever found yourself building your own mountain?  Piece by piece, layer upon layer.  Might start out as a small bump in the road of our adventure and then suddenly it is this big unmovable mountain.  We get ourselves so worked up about whatever situation it might be that we can no longer see anything but this huge mound of not moving disaster.  There upon moves in the guilt and self doubt along with failure and disbelief.  A flood of emotions soon follow and before you know it you are having a panic attack of sorts and you revert to survival mode, no longer finding hope.
I know we have all been there, matter of fact some of us have named our mountains because they have been there for so long.  Sometimes we just begin to accept these masses of rumble as permanent fixtures in our lives.  We find it almost impossible to see past the dark shadow it casts on our walkway.  We begin to doubt any promise that has ever been spoken to us.  We begin to have thoughts not of God for the situation and if we allow these things to fester we can find ourselves way off in left field without an ounce of energy to finish the race.
So how do we move these mountains?  Simple, trust and obey.  First you have to trust in the Jeremiah 29:11, knowing that God has this already planned out.  Next you have to make yourself be still in the presence of God and listen for His still small voice (1 Kings 19:11-13).  Lastly, we have to obey what God says to do.  Sounds so stupid simple, yet complicated when you try to apply it to your mountain.  Why?  Because we still have the mentality that we have to move the mountain.
Sigh!  I just love it when God reveals to me the simple things.  Today I made a mountain and after I faced it, God showed me just how in control He still was.  I got myself worked up into a near fatal tizzy over something that I already knew God was in charge of.  I called my husband and I told him never to buy me a gun because I would probably shoot myself in the foot with it.  When I walked away from the non-existent mountain and thanked God for His grace I felt as if three months of needless worry was lifted.
So, how are your mountains?  Are you ready to get them out of the way and continue forward?  Well it is as easy as saying, “Mountain, Move.”  How is this possible?  Because God is bigger than any mole hill we make into a mountain.  He knows the path He has set out for us and He gives us the grace for any situation even if we are in panic mode.  The steps are simple…..Surrender, be still, listen and obey.