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Chasing My Tail

Isaiah 30:15
This is what the Sovereign LORD, the Holy One of Israel, says: “Only in returning to me and resting in me will you be saved. In quietness and confidence is your strength. But you would have none of it.

Ever just want to throw in the towel?  Just give up.  Forget about it!  Just close your eyes and hope it goes away?  Praying to move on to something else before you feel any more insanity creeping in?  Sometimes waiting on God can be like that, yet you know deep down that it is for a purpose.  We has humans by nature are wanting to rush through everything, never taking time to stop and settle with the dust to see what is right in front of us.  We race through life as if we are not a vapor of the wind ourselves.  We want to go from birth to driving a Mercedes because we have earned it along the way.  Tell me we have never looked at the older generation and drooled over the fancy house they have or the sports car they get to drive.  We want everything handed to us like the Jetson’s, not realizing that instant gratification just leads us to want more and more. Perhaps God is trying to slow us down for a reason; He does not want us to become spoiled, not just by the things of the world but in our spirit as well.

What if we slowed down?  Just what if we said “no” to a couple of things in our lives?  Believe me there are enough people on this planet at any given time to accomplish everything that needs to be done and the things that don’t, well God has a plan for it.  We often find ourselves chasing our tails so to speak trying to get everything done that we think we are responsible for.  Where does it get us?  Still chasing our tail in a panic to accomplish something while just running in a circle.  If God has our lives planned out even while we are forming in the tummies of our moms, than who are we to add more to that then we are capable of?  If we would just take things to prayer in a quiet moment of our day, just maybe, we would develop this ability to say “no” where it is necessary.  How often we get roped into situations because we feel guilty and are positive that if we don’t do it, it will not get done by anyone else.  I assure you, just like God when He tries to pick people for assignments and they say “no”, He goes on to find someone else.  Trust me, humans can do that too.  If there is a position to be filled, I assure you there will be someone to fill it.

What does it take to slow down?  Not really sure on that one yet. Shhhh…..don’t tell anyone but I have not learned how to say no yet.  It is hard to write on something I have yet to overcome, yet God has me writing in this direction today.  Perhaps it because He is trying to get my attention.  I know one of my biggest failures in my Christian walk is quiet time and slowing my life down long enough to really listen to God’s voice and directions.  I like to think I am a work in progress; however, how many times has God to start over in the clay process with me?  Sometimes I just try and try and it does not happen. I set aside time and then “something comes up” and off I go.  Now don’t read me wrong, I pray on the go and read things from here to there, but to really sit down and have a designated time frame to be quiet with God ….not happening.  I wish I knew how to make this happen, yet I have found no answer.  It’s kind of like the diet and exercise plan I will start, right after I have this last glass of Cherry Pepsi or Baby Ruth bar.

Now, I am not beating myself up over these things, not worth the time I don’t seem to have already, but I am yearning for a routine in my life.  I have come to the realization with my weird schedule at work, trying to start my Mary Kay business, publishing a book, preparing for a daughter who is graduating and being a youth leader, I have myself  painted into a painting looking like a bunch of paint splattered on a canvas.  Yet, I feel I am okay, not over stressed out or running in too many directions, just not taking enough time out for God and me time.  I was attending church every Saturday night for a soaking and prayer time but with work schedules and events, I am finding myself not having time to do that either.  So as I progress onward, I have to find a balance.  Hmmm…balance, what an interesting thought.  Balance my self-planned life with the one God has destined for me.